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Random game altering proposal : required?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by imported_mr.blackmage, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. So I was just reading some posts, mostly about the new dragon pet, and all I could really think of is that most of the pvp inbalances have to do with the fact that there are 3 speeds in UO. On foot, on a mount, and walking while mounted. As we all know, there is really only one speed that everyone uses, and that is mounted speed. Now, in the past (7+ years ago) this worked fine, due to the limited connection available. Hardly anyone was at the speedcap. Nowadays, EVERYTHING can be avoided by running. I feel for people that don't have the dsl/cable, but I can outrun paragons while on foot, it's silly. Now, besides some random other adjustments that would have to be made to accomodate the change I am about to suggest, I feel that this would have the single biggest impact on the "easy" gameplay of today.

    Now, I am not sure if this can be done due to UO's 10+ year old code and how it works in terms of "ticks", but I think it should be able to be handled fairly easily. I propose that there should be ~ 5 or 6 different speeds in UO.

    1) I think that running speed should be based on control slots (say decreased running speed cap by 5%, however still allowing a mount without a penalty). Yes, this would give tamers with 5 control slots a 25% reduction in movement speed... However, I propose that a mount would take zero slots (exception being "dangerous" mounts, heh.)
    2) Bandage/confidence: I feel that while a bandage is being used, the mounted running speed cap should drop by 15%. For confidence (besides the fact that you are supposed to stand still for it to work, heh), I think it should be 10%. The two used at the same time would be 20% (a little bonus, I guess).
    3) The use of a special move will reduce your mounted speed by 5%. This will stack up to 5 times, with 1 decaying every 5-10 seconds of no special move used.
    4) The use of any offensively oriented spell will reduce your running speed by a
    % based on what circle spell was cast, for say 2 seconds per spell. If this would cause some lag issues, then just make it a flat 10% for 5 seconds. A different method could be devised for the other spell casting schools.
    5) Animal form will always be 95% of full mounted speed.

    6) In addition to all of this, I would say to cap the reduction in speed to maybe 60% of full mounted speed.

    optional 7) If flagging bugs were to be fixed, I would then say that any agressor should maybe get a 5% reduction in speed.

    8) The use of healing potions will also reduce speed by 10%. Decays after 15 (5 for lesser heals?) seconds. Either all heal potions, or potions in general.

    Basically my bottom line is that WAY too much running is done in PvM AND PvP. Barring speedhacks, a mage should NEVER be able to kill an equally skilled opponent who is using confidence or bandages. The .5 (minimum) seconds it takes before you can even get a level 1 spell casted and start moving is an eternity in a fast paced game. The same can be said for dexers that have to chase mages down that use confidence or potions. I dunno, I only put about 5 minutes of thought into this, but I really do think that it would definitely, at the very least, highlight actual imbalances.

    Thoughts, suggestions, flames? Whichever, I just would like to know if anyone feels the same way at all.

    To people who don't like reading : People move too fast.