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Random ideas for some skill implementation activities in game....

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Prince Caspian, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Item ID -- Have a quest like the Book of Truth(?) quests. Let's say some schmuck in the Lycaceum wants a scroll penned by Nystul or something, and apparently there are a lot of duplicates. Item ID will show you if you have the real deal or a duplicate when it does drop.

    Cooking -- BODs. The King is having a banquet, etc. This one is long overdue.

    Fletching -- Let's have some +1 arrows if you craft the arrows out of both Reaper boards and harpy feathers. Also, you can create bane arrows that do lots of extra damage if you hit the monster with it... to make the arrow, you need to kill a paragon of that creature and steep the arrow in blood.

    Tinkering -- Slot machines. Anachronistic and tacky, but hey, so are the dumb lottery boxes on vendors.

    Anatomy -- If you have higher than 90 and a shapely member of the opposite sex goes by, you wolfwhistle. (j/k)

    Chivalry -- How about Crusades? Just like a quest, kill X number of demons for a reward at the Healers.

    Necromancy -- Or Dark Crusades. A lich king wants you to raise an army of 100 assorted undead, and you get a better bounty for each level of power.

    Inscription -- Bulk Order Deeds, and possibly a recipe for Codex of Wisdom.

    Ninjitsu/Bushido -- We REALLY need some storylines to come out of Tokuno... it has such potential and the devs do so little with it (other than ToT). Here's what I propose -- have a pagoda set up, and on scheduled nights, we have a free for all -- one half charged to protect the Diamyo, the other half charged to assassinate him. The players have to slug it out... ghosts not readmitted -- when the defenders are all dead the diamyo appears as a champ boss... when the attackers are all dead the defenders all get a reward item. Needs work, but you get the idea.

    Carpentry -- When can we make boats? I figure we'd need tons of wood, natch -- some cloth, some tinker parts... or hey how about a community collection to build a giant galleon in Britannia Harbor?
  2. Actually some good ideas here.

    Tinkered slot machines: Costs 50 gold to play 2 "pulls". triple reels or whatever, payout is same as RL slots. Where RL might have cherries or something, these have UO creatures - Mongbat, Orc, GD, etc.

    Shipbuilding: I gotta see if my old Ideas Den workup is around. I'd suggest handling this as a subset to Tinkering - like Glassblowing is to Alchemy; Stonecrafting to Carpentry.

    I do wanna see if that "Shipwright" article is still around tho ... I remember setting it up so it would dovetail into NPC craft sizes.

    This is a "keeper", PC.
  3. walter_mitty

    walter_mitty Guest

    i still have about 15 of those books of truth i never handed them in