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Random little memento from the past - EAUK and UK GMs/IGM

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Trevelyan, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Trevelyan

    Trevelyan Guest

    Whilst looking for information on Scenarios, and comments from Calandryll, I found these UK jobs from 2000:

    Job Opening at EA UK(Webmaster)
    UO Jobs - EA UK Interest Game Master (became IGM Talos)
    UO Jobs - Game Master, EA UK (I think Sol/Darkness/Xena were already GMs, so GM Philanthropist?)
    Comments from the United Kingdom (Cordicat)

    Its interesting to see the actual job adverts. Additionally, as a reminder, EU and DF had *four* GMs between them, and an IGM. Added to that, there was a website; UO-Europe.com - still owned by EA - was an official site used by the European EA team specifically for European players (even in German as well as English). The European team (Xena, Philanthropist, Darkness, Sol, Cordicat and Talos).

    It is just sad to be reminded of how there is nothing outside of the US now, and how consideration for European players seems to have been declining for years (LBR in the UK was just a DVD case, AOS promotions weren't available to everyone, SE didn't come with soulstones initially, UO: Gold wasn't released here at all and how things such as July 4th celebrations "all" weekend" across "all shards" aren't inclusive of shards outside of North America, to name just a few things).

    So that semi-rant is over, but the point remains; I miss UK/European love and it just seems such a shame that Japanese shards still have their own things, including a (seemingly) more updated/up-to-date UO homepage (IE when they have news posted before the NA UO Herald). If the arguement is that they have more players, I would say that perhaps this could be attributed to having had their own interest team for the last 7 years (what if Europe had more support, releases and dedicated staff, perhaps we would even need more shards, such as a French, German, Latin, Russian or Nordic one).

    Its only a hope, and I don't know if UO would ever get big enough again to have this sort of commitment as being a financial possibility, but back to the original point; I thought it was nice to see something on the UO website about the hiring of local staff (and hence the recognised importance of EU players). Pity its 2000 and not 2010 :(