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Random question of the moment

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Nadia of_Sonoma, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. In this supposed age of items and at the dawn of a new expansion with another client hanging at the edge of the horizon, I find myself wondering a random UO-related question. "What do you consider the best in-game gift another player has ever given you?"

    Feel free to answer in any way that you interpret the question, whether it be for purely sentimental reasons or monetary value or some other interpretation of "best." And, as always, please refrain from any extra-curricular disputes. [​IMG]

    Personally, I found it hard to choose one but at the moment it would have to have been a bonnet crafted by Pluffina if for no other reason than I had always wanted one.

    What about you?
  2. Cymeraen

    Cymeraen Guest

    I still have the jesters hat from the first Barracoon defeated on Sonoma during a NUB outing, with much help from a few of the Ordo Sylvanus.

    Deathrage gave it to me when he retired from UO.
  3. Calell

    Calell Guest

    I've had sooo many 'special' gifts in game I couldn't begin to pick just one! [​IMG]

    A friend treated me to a surprise picnic once...That was just really sweet and pretty awesomely arranged.

    Echo gave me a very thoughtful Christmas present last year when I was drooling over her immaculately tended Aquariums.

    A couple of weeks ago a friend was wandering around shopping and knows how much I miss Pluffy and the 'old crew', and bought a fancy shirt for me made by Pluffina and blessed it.

    Words can't begin to express all the thoughtful things so many people have done...far too many people to name off individually...

    I have to say tho, I think one of the best 'gifts' I've ever gotten from playing UO is the great friendships I've made that extend into RL in many instances. Poor Nami gets the strangest phone calls sometimes hehe

    gotta love UO [​IMG]
  4. When I had just come back into the game after a long hiatus, Rotte gifted me with a full set of nifty armor. Danke boychik!!
  5. Miri

    Miri Guest

    *smiles* Nadia! *hugs* Miss you.

    This will probably sound corny but the best in game gift I have received over the years is friends and some wonderful memories.

    That aside, I have a chest filled with many "treasures" including the chest itself which was made by Morg Smithson. Among my treasures I have runebooks made by Lady Nadia, DonnaDanger and Devil Himself, a set of snow globes from Pluffy and Bob McForge. a pair of goblets from the wedding of Lord Escaari and Dame Judi, Matt Cauthon's robe, a floppy hat made by Servent Hecubus, a cresent blade made by Daemon Drool, platemail legs by Ascension, a firehorn in memory of Lord Torquemada (who had a habit of zapping us when we were in party *laughs*) and other memories of my best gift.

    I think my most prized posession is a library that was started by Lord Atlas and passed to me for safekeeping by Tess Soaringeagle. It contains stories and adventures about and by my best in game gift.

    Strength and Honour
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think of one item first, and it wasn't that long ago. Met this fellow IDOC camper gal a year ago on Baja. We became fast friends, I dunno why it just clicked.after a few months, there was a place with a silver igot pile, which I was dying for. Wouldn't ya know it, I slept IN and missed the fall! This girl camped the place, actually got the silver ingots, and...gave it to me!

    Sarsmi, you are a true UO spirit.

    Kittykat and I have been friends in the game for years and years now, still exchanging bday and xmas gifts online [​IMG] Anything that gal gives to me is treasured. Thou I still question her sanity when it comes to vines and seeds. [​IMG]
  7. The best gift anyone ever gave me in UO was..

    After Myself and Immortal Flow got married in UO.. he placed a book in my house with directions.. this book brought me on a little scavenger hunt from place to place with different runes and hints..

    It all ended in his castle, in a room totally dedicated to me.. it had pieces of our years together in UO, the gifts peple gave us at the wedding.. it was the greatest thing ever..

    Yeah.. we live togther in real life now.. so I guess he was the greatest gift [​IMG]

    Yeah Yeah.. I got all sappy on you guys.. hehe
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    So...no little Immoldies or Goldmortals yet?
  9. Rhianyn

    Rhianyn Guest

    Last year I had just returned to the game from my longest hiatus to date and I was out taming unis in the Spirituality grove when a character named LdyHawk whom I knew only from admiring her houses stopped me and gave me the whispering rose from my own main character, The Lady Silk. I know for a fact that the rose had been lost some time back in the fall of my ex bf's house. I'd always kinda regretted that I hadn't been able to give it to my (now) RL husband whom I met in game. LdyHawk said that she had come across the rose on a vendor, recognized my name as a player from 'backi in the day' and bought it and kept it. I can't tell you how much it meant to get that rose back and in such a kind manner. I still don't really know LdyHawk, but she must be a really wonderful person in RL [​IMG]
  10. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] I hope you didn't go and jinx me!
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

  12. Of course I would have to answer this in several different fashions.

    I would hava to say the greatest (non-item based) gift anyone has ever given me was their commitment and time. I would have to say that anyone who ever sported a Draelon (this is the Ordo Sylvanus tag) has given not only me, but Sonoma and the game itself the very treasure of allowing the rest of us to come to know and appreciate you.

    Nothing ever given to me in game ever compared to the night I logged back in several weeks ago to find Miri's house, and the library she has meticuolously cared for over the years. After years of our group being gone, all of their voices could be read and heard in Miri's house. It was not only a gift from her- it was from all my friends.

    I'll always cherish the book I claimed from an ancient GM quest when the Pirate Captain Neb took over Skara Brae one night.

    Also- the special honor bestowed upon me from TB, and the ceremonial gifts from KmR. The awesome RP-based Khaldun brawl that GTH and AOE setup- I consider that a gift too.

    I am Jack's post not really going anywhere.

    - Hec
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I dont know if this counts cuz he didnt really give it to me...but one nice fello dropped me a jackels
  14. Philos

    Philos Guest



    [/ QUOTE ]

    Hahahaha, go study some more, nerd! [​IMG]

    1. Kwuteg Ulot, before leaving game (when I was a noobie), gave me his house designed by Pluffy, including his invul blue AoS apron (which is now... in a museum? kat? dor? I forget who I gave it to.) (I wish I never gave that house away, but I moved to Fel to PvP)

    2. Callel gave me a dragon latern thingy for my dragon throne, RAAAAAWWWWWWRRRRRRRR! (I'm a dragon)

    3. I can't tell you about because I am planning on writing a story about it.
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <font color="purple"> The first dragon I ever owned.. given to me by a wonderful lady when my taming reached 60.. which I still own

    The spot that my keep sits on.. was a lg tower given to me by GK... one of my best friends....

    Pax, Silk... aka DD.. aka DF... </font>
  16. Lady Vixen

    Lady Vixen Guest

    In game there would be so many people that it would take a day to list all, so many are gone now but others are still here in game, a special thank you to you all.

    Outside this world I can list few that went that extra step, Lav for the pearls she sent me for my Birthday one year. I love them and also love her as much as my real mom for all she has done to help me.

    Spyder for the game code when times were hard here. And that extra large t shirt. [​IMG]

    Masara for her special gift when I was in ICU. Thank you hun, I shall always remember you for that even if you are on Siege now.

    SoccerMom on UOForums for the charger code, [EA mess up and I failed to get a code]

    Jett for the very first soul stone code. Its people like you and those above that make my UO life really special. thank you all!
  17. Radakast

    Radakast Guest

    My favorite gift was a book that was made like a Xmas card last year. It has a special place in my house, sitting right on my desk, and it is the one thing that i own that i will NEVER get rid of. It was given to me by one of my best friends in game, who is now a friend IRL, and it just shows how much the small things in life are sometimes the most important.