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Rants and Raves ...

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by MissLilyFuzzyfoot, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. So I was doing the Coin Mint today and got on the elevator with three other toons. Woot! At the first battle it was just myself and another toon at about the same laff and gags as myself.

    The other two, a Pink Cat and a Yellow Dog, hung back and didn't get into the battle until we had almost killed the last cog. Pink Cat was the ringleader telling her friend to "Stay."

    Then I saw why: Pink Cat had 25 laff and Yellow Dog had 16 laff. Nobody had speedchat plus, but I tried to communicate with them old school and just for the sake of it, warned them that I would report them (is this kosher? I dunno, I had NEVER met toons this rude before).

    At the second battle, they repeated their behavior. After this it was clear that they were free riding, so I reported them as promised. I tried asking nicely for help, then I tried getting mad. Mostly I was furious. (I've been going sad lately because of new toons and their unintentional-or maybe intentional-ignorance).

    At the third battle my awesome counterpart decided to use drop, so I used a very low squirt gag in hopes that coggie woggie would survive and maybe take one of them out (yeah, I kinda had a mean streak there, hehe). He lived, and attacked my counterpart, true to form, so I healed her while she lured him. Silly 16 laff Yellow Dog used a squirt gag on Mr. Level 11 Skelecog. He survived and hit her with -19 laff.

    She died.

    I was tempted to say "Rats" or "Oh, No!" or something in sarcasm, but figured that might be ... well ... their standards, not mine.

    Yes, I did this intentionally. After reporting them. Probably a bit much, but maybe she learned her lesson?

    On top of that, they went from cheering when a cog died to cheering when the cogs HIT US!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Miss 25 laff Pink Cat survived ... all the way through the end, though I did try kill her too by passing my while partner lured and hoping she might try to attack him because I wasn't.

    I felt bad for my partner, it could've gone faster, but ... we lived (no thanks to you, Pink Cat and Yellow Dog!!!).

    And here's the Kicker: At the end Pink Cat didn't get in in time to dance with us, and then said "Sorry."


    At least I didn't lose my gags or go sad.

    When we got back to headquarters she ran right back over to the Mint to do it to somebody else. (I tried to warn them about her freeloading tendencies, but to no avail).

    Here's to you Awesome Bunny In Arms who helped me survive that mayhem! :)

    Except for the free riders it was a blast!

    And to you punks who try this ... You'll never level up and get to play with the Big Toons acting like that. *Grumbles nasty things under breath.*
  2. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Just curious.. why did you do a second round of cogs in the same mint? I would've left after finishing the first set and found a new group.
  3. andy1796

    andy1796 Guest

    I did a mint one time. Except my partners were all 80-100 laffers so it was a breeze. I also did my first Front Three at Bossbot HQ. It was really fun! I would've reported them too, and I always wonder my people with 16 laff are in Donald's Dreamland unless they're ubers. Good thing you still won!
  4. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Bravo for holding it together! While I probably would've bailed and started again, I can understand sometimes you can just get a stubborn streak and plow on even with a thorn in your side like that. Just to see how far they'll take it. As log as you have the laff and gags and a good partner, a coin mint is almost too short to bail from.
  5. Well, my partner didn't want to bail and at first I thought maybe she was with them, so at that point, yeah, I was going to run.

    Then she made it clear that she wasn't with them and didn't want to run, either; said "we can do this" and I figured what the heck, I still get experience from this and so we kept going ...

    She tried to friend me later, but my list was full and then she left :(

    I've learned a valuable lesson though ... NEVER take a task calling for level 12 cogs ... Oy.

    Oh, and yes, I do have quite the stubborn streak ... typical red headed Irish woman. :) *even if the red has help during the winter, LOL* ;)