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RAoV - A Simple Concept

Discussion in 'Warhammer Guild Recruitment' started by Anathesius, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. Anathesius

    Anathesius Guest

    RAoV. Random Acts of Violence. July 2008. A small group of PKs, PvPers, and Nae-Do-Gooders gather at http://pixelcrack.net , http://anathesius.com , and a run-of-the-mill ventrilo channel. The result: A gaming group similar to the tens of thousands of other gaming groups out there except for ONE thing...

    ::tense filled pause::

    An All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet! You know, down there...

    As they revelled in the glory of their Down There'ness, they composed The Charter of All Charters. It read, and still reads, as follows:

    On this day, the day you are reading this, RAoV doth give it's members these here guidelines for mass online gameplay -

    -RAoV Members shall be over the age of 18 in real life.

    -RAoV Members shall register @ http://pixelcrack.net

    -RAoV members shall use ventrilo when grouped with other RAoV members.

    -RAoV members shall be competent at playing their respective character.

    -RAoV members shall be aggressive in their PvP style and shall never utter the words "I Can't".

    -RAoV members shall defend their mates in battle until they are victorious or every last RAoVer is dead, dead, dead.

    -RAoV members shall be an asset to RAoV, not a liability.

    -RAoV members shall be team oriented and be able to learn from their mistakes.

    -RAoV members shall be prepared to take up the PK lifestyle again once Darkfall is released.

    -RAoV members shall not cry, pancake, moan, or complain about getting rolled in PvP.

    -RAoV members shall not engage in public displays of retardedness...unless, of course, it's funny.

    -RAoV members shall not engage in /tell wars or forum wars...unless, of course, it's funny.

    -RAoV members shall not scream in The Sacred Ventrilo Channels. Ever.

    In summary, RAoV members are expected to be competent pvpers, team players, and all-around swell people.

    Take pride in your skills, for thou hast just read The Charter of All Charters. If thou doth want membership in RAoV, thou shast posteth thou's wish on the http://pixelcrack.net 's forumeths.

    Oh, what really sets us apart from other gaming groups is that we're just WAY ****ing cooler than they are. Seriously. No joke.

    Author's note: RAoV is currently playing Warhammer Online on the Monolith Server. RAoV is the premiere Order guild in WAR, tbh.
  2. Anathesius

    Anathesius Guest

    Thou shalt not dwell on page 2.
  3. Anathesius

    Anathesius Guest

    I think it's become very apparent that RAoV is the only guild that actually matters in the world of online gaming.

    Seriously, have you seen this? -----------> http://anathesius.com and http://pixelcrack.net

    It's like the greatest union between two entities since Luke married Laura.

    +5 to anyone that gets the above reference.
  4. Anathesius

    Anathesius Guest

    We're currently active on the Order side of Monolith server.
  5. Anathesius

    Anathesius Guest

    Checking this thread for headlice. Carry on.
  6. Anathesius

    Anathesius Guest

    We've opened up recruitment again on the Order side of the Monolith Server.

    All classes are welcome, but the following are at the top of our 'get s'more' list:

    Bright Wizard
    Shadow Warrior