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Rare Home For Sale Near Moonglow! (Picture)

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic Trade' started by Richtor Darkbane, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. 8x8 Moonglow Graveyard Home (ONLY HOUSE INSIDE THE GRAVEYARD!)


    What makes the home special?
    -Pet training: Train pets from the comfort of home, using way less resources.
    -Bone collection: Lots of bones to collect here!
    -New Character Training: Train your newby, about to die? run inside!
    -Gold: while training a new warrior here I collected over 100K in gold!
    -Shop Location: As long as vendors are on the east side of the home people will shop from outside the fence.
    -Rare Location: Gives you bragging rights, cool place for a themed shop, or even a nice spot to have an event if your into the RP aspect of the game. This also makes a great guild house and it's a short run from the Moonglow gate!

    Some Other Cool Info:
    Last year during Halloween they had the reapers that gave out the pumpkins and orange and grey lanterns, they were sighted daily in the Moonglow graveyard and spawned on the mausoleums right behind the house! Also with all the current events happening in Moonglow, you never know what might make it out to the graveyard.

    Spawn Includes:

    If your interested please contact me today via ICQ: 564266
    or reply to this post!

    Thanks For Looking!