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[Auction] Rare Server Birth Silent Auction ENDS Saturday February 23rd, 2013 at 7PM EST

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by Nails Warstein, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Nails Warstein

    Nails Warstein Rares Festival Silent Auctioneer
    Professional Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Patron Ultima Broker

    May 28, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Atlantic Silent Auction Information and Rules:

    At 7PM EST (19:00 Hours) on every Saturday this month, I will host a silent auction on the Atlantic shard at my Zento house. I will only be auctiong off 24 items/packages (LOTS) per week. There will be no Buy Outs or Reserved Prices. Bidders can only contact me here on Stratics, ICQ – 150528775 andhttp://www.facebook.com/nailswarstein

    This month’s auction ends Saturday February 23rd, 2013 at 7PM ET / 1AM CET / Midnight GMT / 6PM CT / 5PM MT / 4PM PT / 9AM JST / 11AM AEDT

    I selected this end date and time so it did not interfere with EM hosted Events, traditional work schedules, and traditional sleeping hours. If you are unable to attend, please ask a friend to be your proxy bidder.

    Instructions for bidders are as follows:

    All bidding will be done via Bulletin Board. All bidders and proxy bidders must include their prominent name (not unknown alias) and contact information (ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, or Stratics Name) in addition to their bid. There will be a 10 minute cool down period starting with the last bid placed on items between 6:50PM – 7PM EST. Players can choose to continue bidding past 7PM EST only on items that received bids during the last 10 minutes period, and can continue bidding for another 10 minutes until no more bids have been received for a full 10 minutes.

    Receiving Your Winnings:

    Gold will be acceptable on Atlantic or Europa only. Players will have 72 hours to pay for their items, or be banned from further participation. I will broker the sale of all the items presented in the silent auction. I might be able to personal provide limited gold swapping for a few select shards. Please contact me for additional optional payment methods.

    Server Births!

    First Floor
    Lot 1 – Server Birth - Nest With Eggs
    Lot 2 – Server Birth - Marble Table Center Piece (Faces East)
    Lot 3 – Server Birth - Marble Table Center Piece (Faces East)
    Lot 4 – Server Birth - Chicken On A Spit
    Lot 5 – Server Birth - Marble Table End Piece (Faces East)
    Lot 6 – Server Birth - Marble Table End Piece (Faces East)

    Second Floor
    Lot 7 – Server Birth - Deck of Tarot
    Lot 8 – Server Birth - Tarot (Artifact Graphic)
    Lot 9 – Server Birth - Tarot (Circlular Pattern)
    Lot 10 – Server Birth - Four Connected (Empty) Jars
    Lot 11 – Server Birth - Empty Jar
    Lot 12 – Server Births - 2 x Full Jars (One Faces Rare Direction, Cannot Be Turned)

    Third Floor
    Lot 13 – Server Birth - Frypan
    Lot 14 – Server Births - 3 Different Types of Clean Pots
    Lot 15 – Server Births - 4 Different Types of Dirty Pots
    Lot 16 – Server Birth - Silverware (Faces South)
    Lot 17 – Server Birth - Tray (Faces South)
    Lot 18 – Server Birth - Spittoon

    Fourth Floor
    Lot 19 – Server Birth - Pullies
    Lot 20 – Server Birth - Pile of Iron Ingots
    Lot 21 – Server Birth - Blood (very rare)
    Lot 22 – Server Birth - Spellbook
    Lot 23 – Server Births - Flask & Flask Stand
    Lot 24 – Server Births - 5 Different Bottles