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Rares Fest Hokuto 2013 January 11,12,13

Discussion in 'UO Events' started by blend, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. blend

    blend Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Campaign Supporter

    Aug 16, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Hello ALL

    Rares Fest Hokuto 2013
    This festival we make some adjustments for held in January 2013
    We do not have a festival this fall
    It is to show that it does not mean Film Festival twice a year we would have weakened

    I hope That many people have visited,
    I hope to see you there !

    Pre-opening January 8
    held in January 11, 12,13
    (Japan Time Zone12,13,14 January)

    -Location -
    Hokuto shard
    moongate from Luna to the rare fest location.
    We have Under review two proposed site in malas

    - Silent Auction House-
    we would use the two house
    The rules are the same as those of the past
    We will put a seperate post on the silent auction rules and dates
    Lady Mesanna gives us special name gear To prevent counterfeiting.

    -Rare item Vendor House-
    (Two Vendor House Vendors 100+)
    vendor Reservations will begin from mid-December
    Rares Collector Forum Reservations Only
    If someone has a recommendation to allow booking. I would be flexible Consider
    I hate to see Artifacts and replicas,
    If your vendor have a commodity sold by a vendor that does not belong in this forum.
    may be hidden your vendor to black goza
    [Discussion] - What belongs on this forum! | Stratics: A Career Path in Gaming

    -Mini Event-
    Backpack Art Contest
    Reception location : vendor house
    Reception start time : 8th January 2013
    Reception end time : 12th January 2013 10pm EST
    http://stratics.com/community/threads/hokuto-rares-fest backpack-art-contest.289917/

    Prizes may be subject to change. Please note.

    - New Year Lottery-
    We will distribute Lottery book. In January 8-11 some mini event
    Lottery book winning presentation is done in Rare Festival Opening Ceremony
    Please do not lose and change a Lottery book.
    The lottery number and the exchange keyword when you are elected are written to your book.


    -Down time announce -
    We will do announced Before going down Shard
    The Hokuto Shard is going down time 8:00 am JST
    (PST3PM ,EST6PM, CST5PM,UK11PM,CET midnight )

    take care the supplement of a vendor, important dealings, etc.
    We may have a little pleasure around downtime.
    You will find something great around the venue.

    -The purpose of this festival-
    Assuming that there is holiday Item
    in real time for holiday Items Collect.

    Purchasing power of people in Asia in recent auctions have shown Huge power
    but many of them have never seen Rares Fest ..
    Necessity Market development in Asia.
    We have a Ingenious cultural Asian Player event.
    Aims to promote cultural exchange at the same time holding them

    -Broker Services-
    Nails Warstein

    In order to prevent fraud festival
    Double checking Recommend with PM and ICQ for Safety
    [Trading] - Guidelines for safer trading | Stratics: A Career Path in Gaming

    I will post more info. Coming Soon
    Feel free question etc
    ICQ=491537457 blend
    Thank you
    #1 blend, Dec 22, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2012