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(Player Event) Rares Fest List of Events

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Fraggles, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Fraggles

    Fraggles Guest

    Here is our schedule of Events

    Theme: Spring
    Days: 8th to 10th April, 2011
    Opening Ceremony: 10 am central,11 eastern,8 pacific
    Closing Ceremony: sunday 8estrn, 7 central, 5 pacific

    Relay Race
    Host:Smokey Of Ls
    Day/Time: Friday 7pm central,6pacific,8 estn
    From brit to skara, will consist of teams of 4 (will ajust depending on participation) wearing colored robes. there will be baton pass points along the way and the trail will be marked. Prizes will be awarded to 1st 2nd and 3rd place prizes are:
    20m for first (each member of the team is awarded 20m)
    10m for secand (each team member)
    5m for 3rd (each team memeber)
    rules: no pets,no recalling,must stay on marked route must hold baton til they hand it off,

    Wabbit Race
    Host:Mokey fraggle/Venus
    Day/Time: Saturday 2pm central,1pm pacific,3pm est
    They can be bought the day of the event from npc provided at the fest location or we will provide them. The race will be held at the Yew track in trammel. 3 laps around the track and first to cross finish line wins.
    Prizes: rare Item goodie bags to 1st 2nd and 3rd places

    Antique Roadshow

    Day/Time: Sunday 12pm Central/1 eastern/11 Pacific
    knowledgeable staff will be avaliable for aprox 1 hour to apprasie and give history on items brought to them
    Hosts: Jinx, Diablo and possibly manticore

    Vendor Giveways
    Sticking with the theme for this fest, on sunday we ask that you dress your vendors in spring colors/decor and we will award a prize for the best theme vendor.
    Time/date: Sunday 3 estrn,2 central, 1 pacific
    Prizes: Engraved statue, one winner for each house

    Random Vendor Drawing
    There will also be a random giveaway at each vendor house (there are 3) for one lucky vendor. the vendor places will be numbered and when all places are filled or on sunday what ever comes first, we will draw a number and that vendor owner will be awarded a prize
    Day/Time:When Vendors are all claimed
    Prizes: 10m gold, one winner for each house

    Item Raffle
    There will be 3 raffle items. The raffle tickets will be 1m each
    Singing Ball
    Ruby encrusted Ratman wand
    Mercenary Breatplate
    Time/DateSunday or when all tickets are gone, do not need to be present to win

    Time/Date:End Time is 11:50 Estrn,10:50 central,9:50 pacific on saterday April 10th
    Items will be accepted starting April 2nd
    Any item bid on after 11:50 PM Saturday will extend auction 10 minutes. Item will close out after it hasn't received a bid for ten consecutive minutes. This will eliminate people losing a item in the last seconds and will also provide time for everyone to post contact info, be it icq or Statics name. If you win a item and we cant get in touch with you before 9pm Sunday, we will ask the next highest bidder if they want the item for there high bid.
    Also if a item is listed with no buyout and it receives a bid we will not be able to add a buyout from that point on, so make sure you think about whether or not you want a buyout before you hand us a item. Also if a item is listed and someone has met the reserve we will not be able to remove item if seller requests. So basically the rules are gonna be a little tougher on the seller,s this time around. Once all bidding ends on all the items we will be making house private. Please be patient after that point and we will do our best to get in touch with everyone as quickly as possible.
    Remember to only give items to Demon Slayer at icq# 102388892, Sundina at icq# 95509325 or lineman at 459-176-283. If you have suggestions or any questions please icq one of us thxs.

    Special Item Giveaway Event!! We will be holding a very special contest for everyone to participate in...the winner will recieve a very very nice rare!!! Details will be announced the weekend before the fest to allow everyone a fair opertunity to participate

    Vendors will be given out April 2nd
    We will have Several giveaways and trivia on all days of the fest.Prizes for these will be gold and items.
    There are 3 vendor houses to house aprox 150 vendors, and auction house and a stage house for awards all at the same location with easy accsess to each. We are working on a guard for harbs and will have a wondering healer just incase.The Ems have been great in helping us make this the best fest ever!
    We are also working with local auction houses to have some auctions going on during the week. There will be a usable stable at the location as well as teleporters/gates to luna and some amazeing museums. We hope you are all as excited about this as we are!!!
    CONTACTS Fraggles/Luna:369214966
    Smokey of LS:243010716
    Demon Slayer:102388892
  2. Fraggles

    Fraggles Guest


    Make sure you check back here on Saterday April 2nd to see how you can win a A Petal From The Golden Lotus Of Heaven! we will be announcing the details of this contest on saterday to give everyone a fair chance at winning this amazing gift only at Lake Superior Rares Fest 2011!!!