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[Discussion] rares festival vendor list

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by RaistlinNowhere, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. RaistlinNowhere

    RaistlinNowhere Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 23, 2009
    Likes Received:
    VENDOR ALREADY SET, called rares-rubble-ubber

    Well , i asked in a previous post about doing this, nobody told me thats wrong so ill put it. Of course i wont put any price here, is only an info list of what ill offer at festival.

    If any member of the festival staff read this and think isnt a good idea, tell me and ill edit it.

    I have tried to divided it at 3 sections, and same ill do it at the vendor. (it will wear a yellow robe and a red cloak)

    Due to the nimber of items , is imposible to put all at vendor at once, so ill be restokcing it everyday.


    Em event books (japan event)
    old hair dye (spring cleaning 2009)
    spell chan - fc 1 - dci 12 - 13 resists (verite imbued)
    spell chan - fc 1 - dci 13 - 13 resists (verite imbued)
    spell chan - fc 1 - dci 14 - 13 resists (verite imbued)
    leg of lamb (purple)
    2 x bread of loaf (light blue)
    egg case web
    HORN tile
    2 x easter egg [europa 2009]
    interior house key (not fake hehe)
    paladin sword
    2 x HCI 15 - DCI 15 - FC 1 - 13 RESIST (verite imbued)
    titan costume
    shadow wyrm costume
    dream wraith costume
    magical lockbox
    sorceress set
    knight set
    scout set
    etoile bleue set
    deed to a guildstone (named deed)
    2 x blood
    2 x beehive
    3 x academic bookcase
    magic lock scroll (old looking)
    pink parrot (rare one)
    archery butte
    a sewn robe
    6 x blue-pink neon boxes christmas 2009
    nest with eggs
    neon fire ingots
    zoo leather leggings armor
    white blessed candle
    scout set
    quill of justice
    IMBUED jade armband (unused)
    IMBUED burning amber (unused)
    A copper robe
    A gold robe
    A valorite robe ( extra rare - no 3% resist)
    rare viking sword (still have to check if is rare or not)
    17 x green cloth ( several pieces so i wont make a list of them :p )
    animated rocks with water (rare deco drop)
    3 x yellow crystal essence (harbinger)

    (still some more but need to check them first)


    2 x blood
    end tent part
    end display case
    end bench
    tent part
    iron sign
    big floor plant (hard to describe, but same at those of lost lands)
    4 x tall wall
    5 x small bench
    small bench ( purple color)
    5 x palm plant
    9 x small plants (uncommon)
    9 x trunk
    6 x square table parts
    6 x picnic bench
    2 x picnic small bench part
    black trunk
    2 x middle tent part
    1 x bed piece ( of 2 piece set)
    grey oneĀ“hii tree
    small bed piece
    2 x healer bed piece
    picnic bench set
    4 x display case


    primer on arms (owned no one)
    birds of britannia (owned no one)
    totem of void (owned no one)
    2 x conjurer trinket (owned no one)
    conjurer garb (no luck)
    2 x fire pit
    spider web deed
    2 x alacrity taming
    2 x alacrity provo
    smugler edge
    ridable polar bear
    2 x stygian dragon statue
    jade statue maker
    2 x slahser of veils statue
    night eyes
    detective boots +4 int
    4 x vollem
    2 x scrapper recipe
    tongue of the beast
    mark of travesty ( magery)
    2 x mark of travesty ( stealth)
    mark of travesty (necro)
    chieftain orc helm [replica]
    cow statue
    black hair dye
    white hair dye
    pink gum hair dye
    some other colours hair dye
    vampiric essence
    verite runic hammer
    some SSI rings
    berserker breastplate
  2. RaistlinNowhere

    RaistlinNowhere Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 23, 2009
    Likes Received: