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Rares Thief Template

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by Cyric_SP, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Cyric_SP

    Cyric_SP Guest

    Been debating on getting back into the rares game myself so I logged onto my old faction thief to see what I would need to do to convert him. After sitting for a few hours, I realized I am like completely blank trying to put together a template for him. The only things I didn't stone off him was: Stealing/Hiding/Stealth.

    What is everyone else using for running around SA, Doom, Tokuno, and Wrong these days? I really am having a brain fart on this template for whatever reason.
  2. I've just builded a thief for arties...
    I've begun with these three skills you have, Hiding, Stealth, Stealing.
    Then I added magery...and it saved my life in dungeons very often because you can not hide again for 8 seconds when used stealing, but you can cast invis and stealth away without waiting...
    i think magery you don't more then GM for the Thief...
    so we are at 440 skillpoints at the moment...or in my case at 320 skillpoints because of adding 60 stealth and stealing over items...
    and i'm planning to add 120 focus 120 mysticism and 100 meditation to the tamplate so you can do a lot of mobs with casted colossus...
    and then i still have points left for whatever, lockpicking for doors in wrong maybe :)

    but only for stealing arties in dungeons i think the combination of stealth, stealing, hiding and magery is enough and you can steal every item you wish to without dying to much.
  3. Cyric_SP

    Cyric_SP Guest

    Finally came up with a template for my thief and been having fun with him too. It goes like this:

    100 Stealing - 120 PS used - 110 with Bandana and 120 in Ferret Form
    110 Ninja - Have yet to find a higher scroll in my price range, 120 would be nice
    100 Hiding
    100 Spellweaving - Scrolled it to 110 if I decide to go higher. Fury's, Pixies, and Fiends ... OH MY!!
    100 Med
    85 Chiv - Sacred Journey, Cure, Heal, Remove Curses, etc
    75 Stealth - 85 with Burglar's Bandana (dont need anything higher)

    The extra points I have in focus just for the mana regen for when I feel like throwing some Fury's, Pixies, or Fiends around. The only issue I run into is stealing in a group of creatures with the skill delay to hide again. I thought about imbuing an LRC suit and changing up Chiv for Magery.

    Swap off Med for Snooping and he should make a decent scroll thief if I decide to go that route. It's nice that guilds actually yell over gen chat when they are spawning ..... too funny.
  4. Blueice_99

    Blueice_99 Guest

    can you steal in ferret form? I don't recall being able to. A better option for gear might be the shadow dancer legs...
  5. Cyric_SP

    Cyric_SP Guest

    Yes you can steal in ferret form, though you move at normal walking speed. The form gives you +10 stealing. If you couldn't steal in form, you would never get the +10 bonus from it.

    As for the legs, would love to have a pair but I have not seen a pair for sale and I couldn't afford them anyway even if I did find a pair. I think I might be close to the 1 mil gold mark now.
  6. Blueice_99

    Blueice_99 Guest

    my skills break down with 100 mining and Ninjitsu ss'd
    120 Eval Int
    100 Hiding
    100 Lockpick (I like to do tmaps and open cell doors in wrong)
    110 Magery (at least until I find a 120 PS)
    120 Med
    120 Stealing
    105 Stealth (PS to 120)

    Jewelry and gear give me the extra points I have
    shadow dancer legs and tangle are only named parts of gear... rest is all imbued
    plus running with a full 70's LRC suit with Protection and Reactive Armor on.

    I mostly like ninjitsu for shadow jumping about the only useful thing I found on it for a thief, since I don't need the animal forms for extral skill.
    My question for anyone is 120 steath can you run and restealth?
  7. DJAd

    DJAd Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 17, 2007
    Likes Received:
    No, if you are running it will fail the check whatever. You can run for a bit, but must be walking for the check/restealth.
  8. Blueice_99

    Blueice_99 Guest

    yeah I think running cuts down on your steps, like half, but I was hoping maybe 120 might be something useful. lol otherwise the 105 I have is plenty