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Rares Vendors/High End/Newbie Vendors Wanted

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by RavenWinterHawk, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. The Crystal Portal is up and active. I have a few free vendors left. Right across the path, I also own Three Jacks Tavern and Supplies. I also be turning that into a merchant site.

    I drop runes if not daily every other day. The vendors are free. I dont want funky hair, skin or clothing colors. No bright garbage. Aside from that set up an elf, gargoyle or human vendor. Its free. I do 1 week at a time with RENEW on.

    The more people that join, the more it will proliferate its success. The more we drop runes, tell the guilds and just keep a decent place... the more success we will have. Its a game effort. All free.

    The merchants that have joined are making gold. Lots of it.

    I would like some high end vendors. If you fit the mold and offer fair prices, you will do well there.

    If youre just cleaning house, you are welcomed.
    If youre new and have no clue, you are welcomed and Ill teach you.

    Send me a message here in the thread or mail.

  2. Added 1 vendor.
    3 more spots available.

    All players are welcome.

    We dont have alchemists, scrolls, resources represented.

    We dont have repair deeds, craftables etc really represented.

    No need to think you need rares or hot items. Just interest.

  3. quig

    quig Guest

    Were is your store?
  4. Ter Mur
    Go through moon gate and follow road east. Its named the crystal portal. Its like 3 or 4 screens down the road.
  5. Megadeth76

    Megadeth76 Guest

    I would love to set up a vendor at your place. You will have to help guide me a bit - I don't know where to start :) Just let me know what to do.

    I've been playing for 3 weeks or so, but played back in 97/98.
  6. If there are still spots available i would love to get one