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rate my 3 dragons on stats and resist

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Guest, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Dragon 1

    HP 764
    Stam 118
    Mana 598
    Str 683
    Dex 125
    Int 598

    Resist 76 86 54 56 71

    Dragon 2
    Hp 838
    Stam 119
    Mana 578
    Str 637
    Dex 125
    Int 578

    Resist 75 87 45 57 56

    Dragon 3
    Hp 923
    Stam 125
    Str 608
    Dex 125
    Mana 496
    Int 496

    Resist 63 70 51 60 71

    So based on stats and resist rank them.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I looked at the skills to and this is what i come up whit.

    Dragon 1 wrestling around 110 tac around 110 magery 116,9

    Dragon 2 wrestling 108 tac 114 magery 109,2

    Dragon 3 wrestling 120-22 tac 122-23 magery 104,6

    This is the info i can come whit so far.
  3. I'd keep trying. Phys resist is very important.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    that's tough. i'd keep #1 because STR and resists arent bad. he should be your main tank out of the three.

    dragon #2 is sort of undefined as having strength in any one place

    dragon #3 has awesome wrestling and tact, but low STR and INT, and, low resists

    I'd try and sell #3 if possible (and full trained?) and spawn for a new 900 hp guy. I don't know what to say about #2, really, but I'd hold onto #1. if you want to keep all three, I'd rank them as

    #1 -- first, #3 -- second, #2 -- third, with #1 your main tank, and #3 your hit chance guy if someone else is tanking w/ pet
  5. Kurgan

    Kurgan Guest

    **Dragon 1
    HP 764
    Resist 76

    take 100-76=24
    turn into .24
    take 764\.24=3183

    **Dragon 2
    Hp 838
    Resist 75

    take 100-75=25
    turn into .25
    take 838\.25=3352

    **Dragon 3
    Hp 923
    Resist 63

    take 100-63=37
    turn into .37
    take 923\.37=2494

    3000-3800 Dump it
    3801-4800 Keep
    4801-5800 OMG!!!!!!
    5801-6000+ SWEET!!!!! (I am God Here)

    I would maybe keep
    **Dragon 2
    Depends on Magery Skill
  6. uomlplayer

    uomlplayer Guest

    rate these two drags for me please!
  7. Kurgan

    Kurgan Guest

    958\.16= 5987 -- 5801-6000+ SWEET!!!!! (I am God Here)
    725\.15= 4833 -- 4801-5800 OMG!!!!!!

    3000-3800 Dump it
    3801-4800 Keep
    4801-5800 OMG!!!!!!
    5801-6000+ SWEET!!!!! (I am God Here)
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    You're rating is simply based off physical resist and hps?

  9. Kurgan

    Kurgan Guest

    Yes, the making of a good meat shield.. [​IMG]
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    funny how the one I like the least is the one you like the most ;P. that low cold and energy on #2 is going to hurt when it comes to tanking.

    I mean, say Lady M can do an 120 damage wither:
    Dragon 1 receives 55.2 damage
    Dragon 2 receives 66 damage


    Say an Effusion can do an 120 damage ebolt:
    Dragon 1 receives 34.8 damage
    Dragon 2 receives 52.8 damage

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lol

    I definitely can't go by your formula of HP alone
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    both of those are insane. however, if you don't include skills, there is no reason why anyone would understand why you kept #2, because the first one is basically better in all stats (especially HP), and just slighly less in resistance areas. unless #2 has amazing skills, i'd toss or sell it or give it to a cousin.
  12. uomlplayer

    uomlplayer Guest

    i forgot hehe first one has 130+tacts and resist/140 wrestling
    second one has 140 tacts/resist/142.2 wrestling
    both have low magery like 104 and 114 but magery is not that important(those numbers are before tame)
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    :O sweeet [​IMG] yeah, i'd still keep that 900 (fairly perfect) and ditch the second if you need ;P but wow, if you can keep them both, both are nice [​IMG]. i think you will only use the 900 though [​IMG]
  14. Hit points alone is pointless without comparison, yes, there are 790 hp dragons that could eat up and spit out a max hp dragon with max phys if it say, ended up trained up max to minimum wrestle/tac and the lower hp one had say 84/90 phys/fire and had max possible wrestle tactics. getting hit LESS and taking Less damage outdoes almost any hp difference in and of itself. You want one with high hp, but ranking the dragon on hit points alone or even any one resist is not going to do it. Also, at some point magery relates to the ability to cast a spell, eval relates to the effect it has. Dragons don't generally cast earthquakes and energy vortexes so the ability to cast flamestrike unfailingly is the most it really needs if you were comparing a max resist/wrestle dragon to a max resist/mage dragon i know which one i would suggest.
  15. yeah your formulae which I have easily figured out is bunk, bub. And you name yourself after the heartless soulless monster who killed ramirez and (can't say it here) connor's girlfriend, what do you bloody expect people to think of you? That you are an evil monster? Maybe perhaps? Plus your formulae, that you use, completely disregard about 75% of what the dragon needs. So, um, friend, think harder and come up with a better formula. I am sure you can do it. And I never want you rating my dragons If I post them here, nothing personal, other than that you are the Kurgan and who has any liking for that character, a taker of women and murderer of innocents? Pick a better bloody name to represent yourself unless you are actually an evil sob. In which case, nobody should listen to you anyway if you are, right?