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RBG, Britain Regiment... message to our recruits

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by CatLord, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. CatLord

    CatLord Guest

    The mission of the Royal Britannian Guard is to preserve the dignity of the individual, to protect the rights of the citizen and visitor, and to gain public compliance of laws and ordinances to insure a safe, secure and tranquil environment.
    Members of this Order seek to be actively involved in the process of community building and forging a true partnership with the citizens to eliminate or mitigate situations adverse to the public well-being.

    Britain Regiment Promotion System

    "We've began a new system of rank and promotion for those who wish to participate, by serving as a member of the Royal Guard. With this we hope to begin the creation of a functional Guard...One that may eventually find itself led by some of the very recruits enlisting today." EM Autolycus, LS

    "I noticed a lot of people wondering about the guard system. Now I will be the first to admit it isn’t perfect. I blame auto for this. Because he wants me to make sure he gets a copy and have back up and everything. What a crazy person….

    Anyways, It isn’t just hack and slash that gets the “ranking points”(Attention of the guard), we have stated that healers are also being watched. It isn’t just combat we pay attention to.

    The people who are:
    reporting to a guard when they seem them,
    finding clues,
    following the orders,
    showing leadership,
    Participating in whatever the event is and not disturbing the group.
    Completing the hidden side missions that are often overlooked
    Being first to discover the new part (although not abandoning your fellow guards)
    Going back and making sure everyone is still with the group.
    Following your sections orders (will relate more when there are more guards of pvt. rank or higher.)
    Completing the event successfully, (Defending the town, without being overrun/Keeping the transport horse alive/etc)
    Showing “guard Spirit”

    The list goes on, but a lot of it does depend on what the event is about. Not every event is counted as a “Guard event” although it is easy to tell when one is, because we have a royal guard talk with you all before hand." EM Aname, LS

    After reading every RBG promotion system I decided to adapt this one to the Britain Regiment. The EMs in LS are doing an amazing job... and participation equals promotion... no special treatment. The Equality I was looking for.

    So, my friends, we all start together... myself included, by being recruits.
    The following is a list of current assignments... I hope you have fun exploring and getting immersed in the Catskills History of Ultima Online.

    Current Britain RBG Assignments:
    - Locate Ventryn's Hideout.
    - Locate Conversion Crystals.
    - Locate Peculiar Crystals.
    - Locate Laboratories.

    *1 point each... 2 extra points if all are found.
    (reports can be posted, sent to icq,email or ingame)

    Kall , Britain Captain of RBG