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RC vs. GD

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by [JD], Apr 14, 2010.

  1. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    i'd post this in the mage boards but i don't think many have been exploring mysticism, or have used bonded, trained greater dragons...

    i'm wondering if anyone here has used a 120 myst/focus RC, AND has used a bonded, trained greater dragon.

    if so, what you think of the two of them when it comes to clearing champs and peerless?

    is one better for certain bosses, is the RC better overall or is the GD better?

    i really like my GD but it does low damage, it is more of a "tank" and "meatshield"

    the RC is attractive because it does a lot of damage, yet as a meat shield even if its not as good you can still summon another one if it dies...

    the GD is controllable, but you can "lure" creatures to within the RC's attack range.

    right now i made a change to my tamer mage just to play with it but i can't afford the spec pts to get to 120 myst/focus to test the rc out vs my GD.

    im rolling with:

    120 magery
    110+ eval
    100 myst
    100 focus (mana is a slight issue here, i find myself equipping my scrappers more often)
    120 taming
    110 lore
    100 vet

    this will not be my final spec, it is for testing only...

    so far i like the spec for pvm, should i decide i dont want to lug out the gd but need something more powerful than a cu i can pop out my RC. also cleansing winds is awesome, miasma is a pathetic whelp now. i have not had a chance to test the AOEs. i am really excited to try the vortex AOE spell but my myst at 100 is not reliable enough to use it. i really like the fact there is a higher level AOE. im not using hail storm; just using magery meteor swarm since my eval is higher i can do more dmg. the healing stone and spell triggers are cool also. sleep is also fun.

    i'm trying to decide if i should turn my tamer into a full mage since she's eaten a 120 eval, and i have a 120 magery. and can pickup the 120 myst/focus easy. i'd stone off taming onto a new toon, probably a gargie.
  2. A Rev

    A Rev Guest

    The big issue with spawning and using just a RC is...it will be dispelled.

    Even by low level creatures such as an imp...who in theory couldnt even cast mass dispel!!!

    Plus, certain bosses will auto dispel. making the RC essentially useless.
  3. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    unless something has changed, i tested just a month ago on test and rc did not get dispelled as easily as EVs. EVs are dispelled like crazy.

    i tested on an ancient dragon, lvl 3 destard. took around 5-6 RCs to kill it, and it only got dispelled a couple times.