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[Read Before Posting] Chesapeake Forum EM Policy

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Lord Gareth, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Lord Gareth

    Lord Gareth UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
    Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Alumni

    Dec 17, 2006
    Likes Received:

    [​IMG]Chesapeake Forum EM Policy[​IMG]

    Here are some Policy guidelines for you. I have rolled all the information into one
    policy. You will find almost all the information you will need. The following people
    have assisted in putting this together.

    (Dev Team Member/EM Boss)

    EM Vladimere
    (Chesapeake EM)

    EM Dudley
    (Chesapeake EM)

    Petra Fyde
    (My Boss)

    Players are allowed to say they are not happy about this or that imo, we will
    not learn if something is off unless we are told. The problem I have is being
    civil in the manner its done. If they think its easy to be an EM they are
    mistaken it takes a special person to do their job, they have to be creative,
    patient, and love UO. As long as the players understand we want their
    feedback but no one likes to be belittled.

    Suggestions about events, email to the EM's
    EM Dudley: [email protected]
    EM Vladimere: [email protected]

    Complaints about an EM email Mesanna
    Dev Mesanna: [email protected]

    Discussing the event, post it for all
    They're like the GMs, They can't defend themselves from attack. They can't
    come post and say "I couldn't do it the way you wanted because I wasn't
    allowed" or "It had to be that way because EA said so" or "This is the way I
    like to run this event" and so on. Saying they enjoyed an event, or that
    they didn't enjoy an event, but they should do so without attacking the
    EMs on a personal level.

    How you get information
    The event announcers and stratics will be the primary means of
    communication. There are also secondary means of communication.

    Event Announcer:
    You can find Reuben in Luna bank. If you forget the EMs email,
    the green lanterns next to the announcer have them.


    You can find Marcey at the EM Hall in Britain. Located next to Lord
    Blackthrones Castle. She has a scroll in front of her to say "news"


    Stratics Chesapeake EM Information:
    Releases from the EMs will have a [EM News] in front of the
    posting. That way you know that it's coming directly from the EMs.

    The Hall Of Commons is every Sunday Night at 9:00pm EST:
    The meeting is normally run by EM Dudley. This is unique to Chesapeake and
    another way for you to gain information, ask questions and give feedback.
    From what I have seen this is how it runs. Might not be the exact order.

    This will contain upcoming Events, New Storyline, Updates
    to a storyline and Conclusion notes for a storyline.

    Bulletin Board:
    On the wall of the House of Commons is a bulletin Board. If you cannot make
    the House Of Commons you can write your questions or comments there.

    Open Floor:
    EM Dudley will ask for Questions, Comments, Concerns or Announcements.
    EM Dudley and EM Vladimere will do the best they can to address these.
    However if the response is to Email them or Mesanna it is not to "Silence"
    you. It could be done for many different reasons. So please show them
    respect when they ask this of you.

    Tram Brit Moongate, follow the arrow.

    Chesapeake Directory
    Inside the Chesapeake Directory you will find: Directions to EM buildings,
    RP Character Bios, EM News stories and more. Directory Link