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Read me before posting! Atlantic forum Rules & Announcements

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by imported_Ishtar, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. -A word about this thread-

    The purpose of this thread is to combine several stickies and allow a place for our mods/reporters to post things pertaining to this forum in specific, without making a mess of stickies or losing their announcements.

    <u>Also note that this sticky was agreed upon by all Atlantic moderators, and was approved by the forum administrators. As such it is an amendment to the RoC for the Atlantic board only.</u>

    <font color="blue"> The RoC </font>
    A reminder of the Rules of Conduct By signing up for an account and posting here, you must abide by our rules. Please read over them if you have not already, then read over them again [​IMG]

    <font color="blue">The Buy/Sell/Trade and Price Check threads </font>

    You may post threads to price check items however, this is not a free for all to advertise items for sale. You may <u>ONLY</u> post to inquire about the price of an item or items. There is a separate board for the trading/buying/selling of merchandise, for solicitation of goods. Any violators of this shall be handled accordingly.

    <font color="blue">Posting news </font>

    Users are more than welcome to post news of events themselves, but please do not type out [News] to imitate the reporter news tag. Also, I highly recommend you send announcements of events to our reporter team at [email protected] so they may post it officially. It'll get more views that way via being posted to the boards as well as the main news page, so there isn't any reason not to [​IMG]

    <font color="blue">Comments, Questions, Concerns and Suggestions? </font>

    We are most definatley not automated robot moderators and reporters; we listen. If you've got comments whether they are good or bad, questions we might be able to answer, concerns about something you've seen, or a suggestion you have for us about the Atlantic board, main page, etc, talk to us! My PM box is always open if you've got any of the above.

    The old 'Things to remember...' thread

    It doesn't say much that I didn't, but you can find a link to that post Here.

    <font color="blue">Replies to this thread </font color=blue>

    This thread will have replies now and then of important information pertaining to these boards or the main page. Keep an eye on the reply count, as this thread will only be unlocked for only a second to add in important information, then re-locked, so you can rest assured that any replies are important ones.

    The Atlantic FAQ sticky was updated October 2007.


    As you all know, the Atlantic Page has not been kept updated for about three years or so.

    Thanks to CrazyJoe, we got all the old stuff archived nicely, and me and the reporter team will begin work on starting it up and keeping it updated. Atlantic has tons of stuff that should be 'officialized' like that, it keeps us connected and updated.

    So, this is me letting you guys know what we are up to. What I would love right now from you guys is, reply to this post with what you think we should have listed up there.

    What we will have for sure:

    Establishments: There is already an establishments thread stickied, but I'd rather redo it, so I locked it. It is stickied so when I replace it, I can link to it from the new thread without having to track it down :p

    Links: Like the old doodad, we will host the links to Atlantic guilds, Atlantic communities, and Atlantic vendors that have their own webpages.

    Interviews: The team is working their arses off with these player/guild interviews, and it would be great to immortalize them with their own pages in the Interviews section.

    Other things I thought of just now we might like, give your feedback on these:

    EM quest history: I like the idea of this one, but, does anyone have a complete history of Atlantic quests, screenshots or no? If yes, we can keep it updated.

    Atlantic items &amp; artifacts: Here is a link to the old page if you are confused. Basically, artifacts, quest items, seer gifts, anything rare that is Atlantic specific would go here. This is unfortunatley hard to do because of xsharding, but I think with quizzing people 'Hey, was this origional given on Atlantic?' we can work it out and keep a good list.

    So once again, give me feedback on what sections you'd like to see! But please, do not submit your establishments/links yet! We will get to those after a meeting, I just wanted to give you a heads up so far, and a place to give us your ideas on what you'd like to see.

    Thank you!

    Your Atlantic Moderator Staff!
  2. This Screen Shot Rule is here for users to post Screen Shots that are not part of any current topic or other discussion.

    1) Ok, the rules are simple. Keep it clean and neat, obviously follow the ROC.
    2) This isn't a signature testing thread, or an avatar testing thread. Stratics has taken care of that for you here.
    3) Now this is the "not a rule, just a suggestion" part. But I like it a lot, and I would really appreciate it if you all followed it. Keep the width between 600-800.

    And I do believe that is all. Its not a book of rules, or anything like that. Quite simple and easy to follow.

    (PS. Don't forget if there is lots of cussing, the 'write' function in paint works great!)
    Thank you the Atlantic Stratics Moderator Staff!
  3. Ishtar

    Ishtar Guest

    Hello everyone!

    Even thought these forums may be deemed as "temporary", the original Rules and Regulations are still in place. Keep this in mind when you are posting in this forum.

    Price Checks:

    These are allowable on these forums, however as stated by Tazar the buying/selling/trading of items etc. is not. These posts will be modded and relocated to the proper forum.


    The [News] tag is for those staff members only! Impersonating or using this tag is a violation of UO Stratics and may result in moderator action.

    Mod Action:

    The moderators of this forum will follow the guidelines for moderating posts. Please, familiarize yourselves with the Rules of Conduct before posting. Moderator action, depending upon the offence can lead up to permanent ban/termination of your account.
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