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*** REAL COLLECTABLE *** EA Land game disk

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by imported_eyeseenoone, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Yes its me again, whenever I am on, its usually to get your mind to brewing, or hit a nerve by "scratching the fingernails across a nice hard slate chalkboard" but today a nice gesture if you will.

    for the Founders and early game players of The Sims Online (TSO), When the beta edition and the original version of the "retail" game was released to the public, there were two distinct version of the same game, 1, The regular game on a cd with a black and white game manual plus one month of free game play. And a "Charter" member game disk which included: A game disk, Three months of gameplay for free (well, actually you already paid for it in advanced), a COLOR game manual, a certificate of authencity (actually numbered), a magnet for you to place where you wanted, a TSO music cd, and the feeling of knowing that YOU were in amoung the rarest of company for The Sims Online, that could NOT be sold, copied, nor traded.

    So, why the post in the first place? Well, 1: to take those of us who actually purchased our game and all of its parts; without cheating (yeah I said it so what of it!! hey remember this is how I talk lol)

    2: To send out a suggestion to Maxis/Ea Games to compile two items that true sim players can purchase and keep as real life momento's:

    The first I would call "The best of the sims online: this would be used as an offline game and NOT an online game. the reason you ask, because it would have gameplay of some of the great moments of The Sims Online (good and bad). as a "read only" cd/dvd that could NOT be installed into your current EA Land game.

    So that means all of the Anniversary objects would be displayed, including all objects from simmies to pink poodles. with this "best of" you can play to your hearts content offline and do whatever you wanted because ALL OF THE RARES would be a part of the cd/dvd, all objects, ect. again, for OFFLINE gameplay only.

    2. Once EA Land has a good "solid" working game, then create another game dvd for basic subscribers and or a charter dvd with a color manual and other 'goodies' that would only be placed on the charter dvd.

    [​IMG]Also, any and all objects would be available to play online once you install this game disk, place an extras cd/dvd and place items like current number directX files (various os), monitor and video card drivers (for current computer) to insure the maximum of gameplay "windowed" or "full screen".

    and yes I would maybe add some other "goodies" that could ONLY be found on the "extra" cd/dvd but could NOT be installed into the current EA Land game. again the purpose would be for true die hard Maxis/EA game players to "choose" if they would want to purchase then as Real Life collectables. now pro's and cons' i'm flameproof lets talk about it...

    --Enjoy Your Game--
  2. I have 3 TSO discs and still use the DL when necessary.

    Expansions and goodies sound nice. But first let's get the initial game running.
  3. You talk about your rare collectibles, I own an actual ADVERTISEMENT for The Sims Online. It is the only one I have ever heard of.

    CherryBomb (#1880/16000 whoohoo!)

    And yes, I still listen to that CD occasionally, and I still have the button with my Sim's face on it. (I may have got that from Tigger, tho. Not sure it came with the Charter Edition.)
  4. HoTDeViL

    HoTDeViL Guest

    after i registered all my sims 1 game and expantion packs at the ea-website. i got a mail about 1 month later back 2002.
    this mail was an invite for testing the sims online in betatest. since i live in austria i didnt think it was meant for me personally. but i replied to the mail and accepted. gave them my adress.
    a while later i got sent the Bate test CD to install the sims online on my pc.
    oh dang thats really long time ago heheh.
    I still have this CD. its a small green booklet with the sims online logo and Play Test Disc letters.
    I never will give it away. for me this is a real "collectable"
    and many great memories come in my mind if i think back to the beta test 2002

    edit: I just saw the backside of the CD. it says:
    ".... one of the most addictive games ever made." - Brad Shoemaker, GameSpot.com
    OMG how i have to agree to Brad. we have 2008 now and i am still in TSO lol
  5. Monkeybear

    Monkeybear Guest

    My niece dropped my TSO disc case the other day now it's in half lol
  6. PB Three

    PB Three Guest

    I agree, I started in October 2002 and while I did take boredom breaks, I'm still here! [​IMG]

    PB Three
  7. Laverne

    Laverne Guest

    I have a picture of myself with out white hairs (right before I started playing TSO lol).
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest


    My niece dropped my TSO disc case the other day now it's in half lol

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Am I alone in seeing some symbolism in that? [​IMG]
    Out with the old...
  9. Ditto to that! [​IMG]

    The Charter Edition was awesome, I think this would do well with the right publicity. [​IMG]