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Recent Event(s) in KR client are lacking for me...

Discussion in 'UHall' started by imported_Loquacious Wrath, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. I only use the KR client.

    My Aprils Fools gift is a gift box and scroll that just says "Missing String". There is no crater around the moongate. The actual moongate entrance is several tiles northwest of the moongate. If I forget and cast a spell near the rift, I get stuck in the ground requiring an exit and reload of the game to fix. I lose Gift of Life on my character everytime a log out or client crash. My pet keeps Gift of Life, why don't I??

    Everyones tamed dragon is SO HUGE, I have a hard time making sense of the large mobs of players and monsters. Their pets' wings have blocked my targeting more than once. My Gift of Life has failed numerous times on both myself and pet. Also, strangly, we both have died and come back to life twice on our own for no reason (loosing insurance money and pet stats twice).

    When I press Crtl-Shift using the Dynamic object filter, over 100 “grass” and “cobblestone” objects handles appear. This is very very annoying when trying to pick up an object, or access your corpse. Also “blood” is for some reason in the way. I have to enter into User Settings just to switch between Dynamic and Corpse view to ever find my corpse near the rift while using Crtl-Shift.

    Also, I have collected about 20 Shields and Swords but not 1 Thread of Anything. I think the KR client doesn’t show the item at all. I even have been using the “list” view a lot, and nothing. Has anyone using KR gotten a Thread as monster loot??

    I strongly feel that this event was rolled out and tested mainly using the 2d client. KR got neglected a bit during the QA.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Sounds like you didn't download the last patch because most of it is there for me... the only problem being the threads (which is NOT a small problem in the least).

    And I agree that the lack of preparation of the event for KR is VERY disheartening and concerning for me (as well as the lack of a substantive KR patch when the client still needs attention if they ever plan for it to be the future of the game like they intended).

    The apparent start of the backpedaling (much the same that was done to the 3d client) is beginning to show IMO. I'm sure that will make some of the less mature anti-anything-but-2d posters on this board, but to me it means the difference between a future for UO and leaving UO to wither on the vine and fade into MMOG obscurity which would be a shame because that would simply leave the level/raid clone style of game as the standard for MMOGs thus completely eliminating real choice in the market for persistent world gaming.
  3. He is what I am talking about. Please look at this picture of the rift and tent here in Moonglow on Origin. Notice the ground around the rift is normal and standing inside the tent looks wierd. Only 1/2 of the inside of the tent is visible.

    Also notice I cannot see ANYTHING in my backpack using freeform mode just because I logged out/in once. I have to completly exit the game just to get the objects to come back.

  4. Ah so I need to download the patch? Just noticed my updater doesn't automatically load anymore? What gives? I will run it manually and see what happens.

    Yes. Thanks Dermott. That fixed it. I wonder if the client with perform better in the rift now?

    Now if we could only fix this:

  5. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Hmm I have a shot ready to upload, but my provider is being a pain at the moment.

    Anyway, the tent does the same thing for me, although I do have the hole and moongate/rift visible.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    That's KR for you. Only thing i use KR for is filling bods or Heartwood Quests, and even then only sometimes, when it's not a complete lagfest, i have no lag on 2D.

    Like i said right before the event started on Napa, i wouldn't be surprised if everyone in KR crashed as soon as they were teleported to the Alternate Moonglow, which they did. Was using my Stealther in 2D on one comp to hold a Fence Block, and my Necro/Mage in KR on another comp to EQ Berserkers, and i crashed at least 7 times on the KR client, not once in 2D. Couldn't see jack [censored] because of all the *A Daemon Berserkers appears extremely ill*, on all 30 Berserkers, was laggy as hell, crashed whenever i did a All Names macro in KR, etc.

    I don't even really see why they made KR, instead of incorporating some of it's functions (Like Make Quantity) into 2D, and fixing age old bugs. It's not like it's graphics are gonna razzle dazzle anyone today, they're still very outdated and EA won't even show them on store shelves.
  7. Ok notice the ground is fixed since the patch. There is a dragon next to me. Imagine 5 dragons, all beating their wings. This is all I see some times. Dragons are VERY animated in KR and a bit distracting when clustered. My Cu Sidhe or any pet should always remain on top of other graphics.

    PlayerFTW: KR didn't lag one bit for me. Only crashed for me about 5 times over 3 days of solid play. I think the client shouldn't crash at all. I think you crashed so many times because of the same reason I would crash...Too much info all at once in KR = crash.

  8. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I was there for both nights and did not crash when the teleport occurred. I DID crash a few times in the midst of trying to run around (and the extra characters with names above them didn't help any).

    KR is a needed upgrade to the game, but they simply cannot stop where it is now if they expect it to be said upgrade.

    Much of my inability to work with the 2d client except in very limited circumstances are due to what the 3d client gave us in terms of technical enhancements... a bigger game window, larger containers, smooth animation. That follows through into KR with support for larger resolutions, Zoom functionality (better than 3d's was for certain), container organization (grid mode), Hotbar functionalities, crafting functionality and so on.

    But like I said, they CANNOT stop production on the KR client at this point. There are simply too many more features that need to be added or tweaked, too many non-crash-based bugs that still need attention and a few crash bugs left as well.

    2d isn't going to help UO grow. The technology involved with the client is simply too limited. The fact that people use OUTSIDE programs to add in functionality that should already exist (and in KR for the most part does), the lack of resolution support beyond 1024x768 and the graphics, however endearing they are to people who have played for 6+ years, aren't going to push boxes off the shelf were they available and into the hands of new UO players.

    KR has the potential to do this... but it's a potential that must be worked toward and support for events such as this are a big part of it.
  9. _Uriah Heep_

    _Uriah Heep_ Guest

    well, you were told up front that this event was optimized for 2d. That means it will look better and work better in 2d. [​IMG]

    A backpedal to 2d? Or a last hurrah for 2d, who knows...but either way, this event (and hopefully the ones to come) will continue to be optimized for the majority of players (2d)
  10. deadite

    deadite Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend It's My Birthday

    Jun 17, 2004
    Likes Received:

    Yes, the KR client needs love. It needs major performance optimizations, even before they start tackling the large list of remaining bugs or missing features.

    I wish we'd get an update on future patches and KR milestones that they are shooting to hit. I just hate how we are always left in the dark when it comes to future plans and goals for UO. *sigh*

    Not to mention SA.
  11. Nobody told me. Knowing that it was optimized for 2d makes me feel only a little better. It makes sense to not push the KR client on players when it is only 75% working right.
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Here's the mention of 2d optimization.

    * This event is optimized for the 2D experience, please enable your sound option as well
    Event Schedule

    I would have helped you out some, but the character I've been playing can't rez.
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Also remember that KR was still far from even beta when the first stress test of the event occured. The Moonglow incident was long-delayed.