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Recomended leveling guide?

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by deadpoet4, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. deadpoet4

    deadpoet4 Guest

    Is there a recommended/suggested leveling guide?

    I'm at 42 (almost 43) now ... and since you guys in your infinite wisdom (serious, not sarcastic) made the solid suggestion that I do some leveling before I keep going with leatherworking, I need some suggestions on where to level.

    I've been killing stuff in Gadz.... and did some killing in Feralas as well... but I'd rather not have to grind my way the whole way there.

    I normally solo, so obviously that ruins my chances with some quests...

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as always.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well, I have a 45 who got there by doing quests in STV, quests in Dustwallow, quests in the Alterac Mountains, and quests in the Arathi Highlands. Oh, forgot Desolace. Yeah, some of the quests were green, and a few even gray. No biggie because I was having fun exploring and whatnot. I haven't even started down in Tanaris or Feralas.

    My current 42 is still working STV and hasn't even started Dustwallow yet.

    Eventually, when I get too many of those nuisance (elite) or (group) quests, I'll join a pug to clear them off, then move on. Or sometimes I wait until they're green or gray and see if I can solo them.
  3. Bo Riddler

    Bo Riddler Guest

    Cynewulf just gave you some great wisdom as to where to go. Also, from the main WoW site, they have a level map area where you can view the zones you should be adventuring in, compared to your level.

    If you need that link, let me know.

    Final thought from my experience. The 40's were by far the most dull levels for me to gain in. Once I hit 50 on my toons, the levels fly by. But those 40's are tough.

    Also, as far as groups, most quests are soloable. One trick I have learned, (the hard way), is to have a variety of quests on your list. Maybe 4 or 5 quests from 4 or 5 different zones, like what Cynewulf just said. He has them in numerous areas. But once I encounter one that I just can't do alone, I'll wait a few levels and come back to it when the quest is green, then I can noramlly do it alone or with the help of my wife.

    One quest that comes to mind is in the Arathi Highlands. You had to enter the Stromgard Keep and slay some very mean Ogre Lord Elites. Those guys kept stomping me into the ground. So I waited about 5 levels and came back around 44th and took care of em.

  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Here is Sawo's Ultimate Leveling Guide.


  5. deadpoet4

    deadpoet4 Guest

    I grinded most of my way to 42 because I needed the leathers so desperately, and also needed to farm a bit to save up for my mount.. I'm bored of it [​IMG]

    Although, it is a tried and true strategy.

    Interestingly enough, I found a type of deer/buck over in Aszhara that's a high enough level to give rugged leather at least occasionally... and then I goofed and hit its level 50 buddy, instead of the level 47 ones that I was succeeding against.

    Can you say "got trampled" ?

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone [​IMG]
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <font color=blue>&gt;&gt;Can you say "got trampled" ?</font color=blue>

    I saw this guy over there who looked like Beetle Bailey after the Sarge got done with him. So that was you, eh?

  7. deadpoet4

    deadpoet4 Guest

    That doesn't begin to describe it ...

    Think more like 300 women at a designer wedding dress store where there are 50 dresses for $49.99 each with me standing in the doorway to unlock the door.

    I'll take weeks for the hoof marks to get banged out of my armor, not to mention the gore marks from the antlers out of my ass.

  8. Bo Riddler

    Bo Riddler Guest

    Very good comparison. That is too funny.

    Sorry to hear your ego was critted.

  9. deadpoet4

    deadpoet4 Guest

    You think I've GOT an ego after that to speak of [​IMG]

    I will wait two more levels and go back there... those "bucks" (don't know what they're really called) will be a good source of rugged leather.

    The worn dragonscales that I need for the dragonscale quest -- well, we'll just have to forget about that for now.

    p.s. Bo -- I had the link you sent me for the WOW map in the other post.. definitely helpful... now I just have to find my way to the actual quest givers...