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reds and honor discussion

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Masumatek, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Masumatek

    Masumatek Guest

    I don't think this has been discussed before but I just thought while responding to a post in uhall:

    <u>"The true color for an honorable player (one who has PvP capabilities anyway) is red."</u>

    Somehow a random flash of Thoreau's "Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison" made me come up with this.

    Anyhow, it makes sense, no? How can one claim to be an honorable player if they engage in PvP, have those offensive skills with which to kill wrongdoers, and yet are blue? In today's UO and probably most if not all mmos, the "undesirable" players are the majority...griefers, cheaters, exploiters, scammers, and just general asshats. With the bad guys all over, and you possessing the means with which to dispose of them, how can you claim to be a "good guy" and "honorable" player if you remain blue (as you would no doubt eventually turn red by killing the dishonorable players as you should)?

    This is not to say of course that all reds are good and honorable. It is saying that there are no truly honorable blues who have PvP capabilities.

    So I guess, lol, "In an MMO where you possess the means with which to destroy unhonorable players, the honorable player will destroy unhonorable players." Cheesy I know but it was Thoreau's words that made me come up with "The true color for an honorable player is red."

    Just thinking...

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Mas...time to give that pretty little borg head of yours a rest I think. [​IMG]

  3. Masumatek

    Masumatek Guest

    Why? Does it not make sense? I was just thinking out loud but I think it makes perfect sense. PvP blues are just hiding behind the color for the advantages of it and have no place in claiming they are honorable.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Why? Does it not make sense? I was just thinking out loud but I think it makes perfect sense. PvP blues are just hiding behind the color for the advantages of it and have no place in claiming they are honorable.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Yes , it makes perfect sense ..

    I have had many discussions with the
    creator of FOV on this topic .

    We started this guild with that mind,
    when we did get to a point where we'd
    start killing reds we would become red.

    We went straight from NEW to making
    FOV . We had decided we wanted justice
    because of all the people that killed us
    when we were NEW, would kill more like us..

    So FOV was born, and at first I was like
    "No reds can join!" and Dr.House brought
    up your topic of how and why we'd be red
    one day too if we killed the Pkers &amp; evil doers.

    I always play with honor anyways because
    I would like to be treated the same way
    I have treated others in game ..

    But to date I haven't killed a red
    but my dragon has had his fill of some
    red flesh . LOL. Pvping with my dragon
    feels more like pvm to me so thats what
    I mostly do with it . So at that I am retraing Elf ,
    I don't need 2 mages. So I hope to pvp soon enough ... [​IMG]
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It would be nice if they would come up with something different for the outdated RED BLUE hue bs, it is archaic.

    I would like to see those whom, perhaps kill innocents, yet *burn off counts* to remain blue yet murderers all the same...to get a gump. First 4-5 they CAN burn off... yet their count remains on their chr. thus...when their kill number = 6 comes they are perma red period. That would eliminate them *hiding* behind use of burning off counts to stay blue. . yet offer them a one time burn off while they decide their ...calling in life. 6th murder they are red period no more burning off counts permitted.

    I also wish they had another way to hue *reds* for we can see the differences in say a Wyrm RED and a PyLethius RED ...yet one slays innocents and one slays the murderers thus making him red too..........but anyone that played here even briefly did know the difference between a red KSS and a red VMP. [​IMG] One Wyrm would label *false red* and others would call him...justice knight not think twice bout being *executioner of evil* even if that evil was a blue murderer hiding behind burning off counts. GAME labels both of them the same. *dorky system, labeling folks the *same* by hues it is a non working system way way.. out dated *

    Honor is also.......a matter of opinion/different concepts among peoples. There is *honor among thieves* there may be honor among a band of butchers with ..each other...thus to their assorted degrees they would question (honor) as well. A lynch mob ganking with no judicial system that executes someone they perceive as evil...without thinking without justice ...would not be acting honorably either. No trials here no jury...thus those with the capability TO execute the so called wrongs and wrong doers..........well every guild every alliance would perceive and does perceive others as ..........evil to rendor execution upon...is that justice or acting honorably.. ? It may just be thinking without thought and lynchings...neither of which is...honorable per say.
    We have seen time and time again even HERE on this forum one group of whomevers lashing out pointing the guilt finger and tossing the rocks at some one else some other group..etc...yet any form of sentancing and execution that runs like a lynchmob mentality is ........hardly honor working nor honorable. . regardless of hues.........too many are too quick to JUDGE without *justice* thus act without any honor..and if that is what they do..then it is not honorable.

    Unfortunately in game pixel world justice is one man or group's concept or opinions over another man or group's opinions, which may or may not be functioning with any justice nor honor at all.

    And those whom do not (play) the executioners ...........may be quite honorable but since they are not the hangman merely to label the hangmen red only as honorables seems to serve a disservice to many.. ie too much generalisation on hue motive and justice one man's justice is another man's injustice.

    The red blue hue-ing is outdated archaic and never works anyways in a make believe world where....... every tinker and carpenter should be able to craft andt o make the GALLOWS to hang the guilty upon, after the murderers get their fair trial ! [​IMG]

    *goes off to craft hangmans nooses and gallows and other instruments of Legislative/honorable forms of...in game....JUSTICE*


    I do fathom the concept though...pretty much any citizen here would label someone like Py as honorable with his red hue...and some blues whom burn off counts to use blueness to execute their murderers *or justice* ...may be hiding behind that blue hue, to get the bene's and the npcs to hug em..where as someone like Py other reds in that guild back then, said...ok Lord Brit's justice is wrong...I am oft left to be judge jury but with justice and honor, yet if I execute murderer be they red or blue, killers of the innocents, I do so honorably and with the entirety of repercussions of Lord British's foul rules upon red hues, even when they are/rpl justice, knights. So yes someone like he would be more labeled *Honorable* red..as opposed to a blue one keeping their blueness whilst playing judge jury and justice...cuz the hangman would not be *blue..in any land..he hung peeps tried and sentanced.......... thus the hangman is *a murderer* just doing his appointed .......job.
  6. <blockquote><hr>

    Why? Does it not make sense? I was just thinking out loud but I think it makes perfect sense. PvP blues are just hiding behind the color for the advantages of it and have no place in claiming they are honorable.

    [/ QUOTE ]


    It has always been my belief that there is much honor in being true to the concept of evil and wrongdoing and pvping and pking and accepting the scarlet color as a statement of fact and intent...

    I remember an all red guild once where the mates of that guild looked down upon the hypocracy of pvping blues and had much distain for the unfair advantages in game mechanics given them.... It was a unique guild until it too was corrupted through justifications for numbers and bad decisions.... And then became just like all the other guilds... no longer unique... [​IMG]