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Reflect Physical Damage ? Please help.

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Hopeful, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Hopeful

    Hopeful Guest

    I posted this in the crafters section but got little feedback (I still aprreciate it tho) Just hoping more people will read it here and give me some direction.
    Thanks again....
    This is how it is listed in the guide....

    Intensity Range: 1 - 15
    Maximum Attainable: 105
    Found On: Armor, Shields

    Reflect Physical Damage will reflect a percentage of any physical damage that is inflicted on you back onto the one who inflicted it.

    - Does this mean 105 % total?
    - Does it apply only to the area/item that is struck at 15% per?
    - I PvM full time. Is this more a PvP mod?
    My suit is all 70s with 96(%?) RPD and other mods. I want to start swaping out peices. Is it a mod worth the expense of others?
    I cant tell how much damage monsters cause to themselves because Im too busy getting hurt :). But I like when an Ogrelord takes that last BIG swing and takes himself out.
    If I have a set of sleeves with just an 8 stamina mod and a set with just 15%RPD.. which would benefit me more?
    - Is there an old FoF on this ?
    Thanks too all.
  2. Dermott of LS

    Dermott of LS UOEC Modder
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:

    From what I understand it reflects the total percentage based on the damage you take from something that is Physical (i.e. most melee damage).

    It's probably more of a PvM mod.

    I've tried a time or two to put together a RPD set, but haven't been able to make one worth it because either you reflect too little to make a difference, or take too much to make the reflect worthwhile (i.e. it doesn't PREVENT the damage you take, it just makes the thing that hit you take it too).

    I believe it is avoided in PvP because it's not that great of a mod (especially compared to mage-based mods and other effects) and because it seems to be part of a bug that allows someone to attack you and then guard whack you (or something of the like anyway).
  3. Jhym

    Jhym Guest

    The problem is that the reflected damage is dumped on the attacker BEFORE the damage hits YOU.

    Thus, you cannot use a reflect suit with HONOR, as reflect causes you to hit them first most of the time and it doesn't count as weapon damage.

    As for pvp (and npcvp), yes, you get attacked with reflect and you will be the agressor. It's a bug that has been around so long that the devs have built a shrine to it and occasionally walk by to leave tokens.

    I've only kept it on pieces that I didn't notice it (or the piece was otherwise perfect for the character.) Nowadays I specifically avoid them.