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Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by Dramora, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. Dramora

    Dramora Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
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    Dramora sat in her living room, feet tucked up under her in the chair, armor and weapons in the corner by the door. This was her favorite time of day. Evening. Safe within her small temporary home, where she didn’t have to worry about having her weapon at the ready. At the moment, only Aedon and Tobias knew where she lived, and they had promised to keep it that way.

    She had gone to the Rest specifically to speak with Aedon regarding his deplorable behavior at the leader meeting. He was SUPPOSED to support the contract between Yew and the Hand, yet he decided he had to irritate her by baiting her. She had no idea why he chose that course of action, however, if he didn’t watch his words he might just feel her sword at his neck. Her temper had been on a short fuse lately, and she was not sure just how long she’d put up with his antics before she snapped.

    She hadn’t heard from Tobias or his Rangers since the leader meeting. She was certain they were pretty annoyed with her for supporting Gillian’s contract with the Hand, however, the backing of House D’Amavir made this contract slightly better than the previous one Gillian had tried to make with them. Dramora just hoped Drevyn and his House would honor the promise they made to her. Time would tell.

    She had never felt so alone. She missed her home and the life she left behind. Being here without her sister was particularly difficult. But Leela couldn’t come here. If it wasn’t safe for Dramora, it was even less safe for Leela.

    One thing was certain from her chat with Aedon, he was right. She couldn’t leave yet. There were still things she needed to do, and the Hand still had to be watched. Dramora knew the Rangers and Guardians were very capable, but weren’t more eyes watching better than less?

    She just wished she could shake the feeling of impending doom.

    She re-read the note she had received just that afternoon.

    There was a problem back home. All Dramora could hope was that Leela could handle it on her own.

    Rummaging through the chest in front of her, she found a parchment and pen, and wrote a note back to Leela. She hoped Leela would stay home and not try to come find her.

    Mistress of Virtue
    Guardians of Virtue (GV)