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<Refugees> - Come join us on Ungrim! (Order)

Discussion in 'Warhammer Guild Recruitment' started by Imajicaan, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Imajicaan

    Imajicaan Guest

    Join Refugees - where you don't have to be hardcore, just an adult...


    Good day traveller, I am here to introduce you to our guild, Refugees. We have heard the call for all strong arms to take up their swords and spells and to join the battle here so that we might protect the Light that is represented by the forces of Order.

    We are a group of mature, like-minded individuals - professionals, homemakers, students - who came together to form what we believe to be a truly different kind of guild on February 7th, 2002. We are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, etc., leading very full lives outside of the realms of Warhammer as well as enjoying our time here. Do not mistake our 'anti-uber' call to arms to mean we do not work toward playing in the end-game of Warhammer or any other game we enter - quite the opposite. What it means is that we believe, strongly, that neither this game, nor any other we enter, is going to consume our lives.

    We believe that the word Honor is more than simply a word - it's a way of life. We believe that the players behind the ‘toons are what counts, not your max-level totally-specced out ubermensch Dwarven spoon-wielding Engineer, but YOU, the player behind both that max-level ‘toon AND the level 2 Human Witch Hunter you're dying to play but have neglected because you're too busy chasing that next big 'shiny thing'. Step away from the shiny thing, step away from neglecting your 'real life', and step into something truly different...

    We are Refugees from the very thinking that defines 'uber'. Some guilds call themselves 'family' - and then pressure you to show up and raid 3 times a week or lose your 'place in line' in the guild. Some people call you 'friend' - and then stop talking to you when you don't want to run raids until 4 a.m. every night of the week. We have a dedicated TeamSpeak server that we use in order to get to know the REAL YOU and not the ‘toon. We have fun, we cut-up, we dungeon-crawl, we craft, we adventure and we experience this virtual world and others - together. And, as you can see by simply reading our history, we've now been doing it for almost 7 years straight! Isn't it time you did yourself a favor, did your friends and family a favor, and found yourself a guild you can truly call 'home'? Somewhere that you truly feel like you're a part of something special? Where the guild leaders and officers don't look at you as a number? This is your invitation...your call to arms...your chance to truly embrace being something other than 'uber' and still enjoy the world of Warhammer alongside people who will be glad to see your ‘toon, happy to hear your voice, and who will miss you when you're not online, but will know it means you're doing something else even more important than staring at the pixels on your computer!

    Some who read this will laugh at the fact that a guild like ours even exists. Some may even go so far as to flame us for this post, or make fun of our name because they think it will somehow make them a 'bigger person'. Those are not the people this post is meant for. It's meant for all the others, the ones who yearn for something more, to be a part of something more than just themselves when they do log in to this world which we all like to escape to. To THOSE people I say, 'Welcome! Come on in, sit down and stay awhile, won't you? Check us out for yourself. Make up your own mind. We'll leave a fire burning in the hearth, and a tankard of ale on the table!'