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Rejoining the FFXI ranks

Discussion in 'FINAL FANTASY XI General Discussion' started by Mystan, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Mystan

    Mystan Guest

    Hi everyone my name is mystan a taru WHM on the Ramuh server. I just started the game not too long ago. I am only lv 4 at the moment but i have been getting used to playing on a laptop, since i just got a brand new one last night and its exciting to be playing on a 14.1" screen but its relaxing and easier to control in some ways than a full-size keyboard.

    Anyways i wanted to say hi and that i hope i can find a nice LS to settle into, and if i have to solo for awhile i dont mind, however i wonder what has changed since i played back in 2004 its nice having the 2008 collection to the game and i would love to be a SCH/WHM or a DNC/WHM but what i would love to be is a Summoner, but i have a ways to go before i think of anything like that lol.. i can walk ok but i am going to have to get used to groups in a smaller scaled computer. However, the computer i got now works much better than my desktop i had it had a Nvidia 6150le already built in and ran like crap even with 2GB upgraded memory ... This computer has 4GB and an ATI radeon 3100 and runs much smoother.

    Since i arrived on Ramuh i noticed the population to be scarce and i was hoping to meet some friends here because ive been away for over a few years and i used to play on Shiva but i thought playing on Ramuh would be good however i hope things have changed because i need sociality in this game and i dont want to be soloing for weeks on end just to come to a brick wall heh ...

    Well i am sorry if i am writing a novel but bottom line is i thought i would introduce myself and plant my feet in ramuh and try to figure out how im going to amass my millions all over again >< oh well im sure the economy is good as well.. Hope to see you all soon

    Mystan :scholar:

    PS. I hope dunes have improved >< sometimes i feel like a :loser: trying to get back into things knowing things will be dead sometimes :p
  2. tanls

    tanls Guest

    Welcome back! Looks like you picked a good time to come back. Hopefully, with the new level sync and greater exp for EP/DC mobs, the lower level scene will improve. Partying will hopefully be much better than it has been lately.