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Release 51 Postmortem Telethon – Mar. 2, 2018

Discussion in 'Shroud of the Avatar Discussion Hall' started by SotA Stratics, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. SotA Stratics

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    Feb 11, 2014
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    Greetings Avatars,

    The R51 Postmortem Telethon is coming up fast on March 2 from 3-7pm CT! Starr’s birthday is also coming up (March 12), so we’re celebrating with some Darkstarr themed stretch goals! We are also expiring a bunch of items with major changes to the store immediately after the telethon including changes to crown pricing, bundle pricing, and available inventory. See the forum announcement on these changes for more details.

    LIVESTREAM SCHEDULE (Central Time Zone)

    Telethons are livestreamed on Twitch and include answers to your gameplay questions, world building tours, prize giveaways, sales on items, and more! Here is the schedule:

    • 3PM: Introductions and Postmortem Q&A
    • 3:45PM: Deep Dive 1: Combat
    • 4:30PM: World Building Tour: New Scenes & Side Quests
    • 5:30PM: Deep Dive 2: Physical Goods
    • 6:15PM: Postmortem Q&A Continues
    • 7PM: Ending Announcements

    Schedule is subject to change. Check back here before the telethon begins!


    STRETCH GOALS (Darkstarr Themed!)

    As a special bonus, we are offering funding rewards to any backer that pledges a minimum of $5 for twelve hours during the day of the telethon, on March 2 from 12:00 PM to 11:59 PM CT (Spending Store Credit to make $5 minimum purchase does not apply) .

    [​IMG]NOTE: While the livestream ends at 7pm CT, everyone will have until 11:59 PM CT to spend $5 to get the stretch goals. We will announce the final total on the following day.

    • $10K: /mosh (The ultimate chaotic dance!)
    • $25K: Darkstarr Morningstar
    • $35K: Darkstarr Pavers: pavers with Darkstarr symbol
    • $50K: Darkstarr Throne
    • $65K: Darkstarr Clocktower (Darkstarr loves watches!)
    • $80K: Darkstarr Black Chain Armor: Special chain version of the custom armor in the Darkstarr Concept painting

    *Please keep in mind that stretch goal rewards take time to develop and will most likely not be available in-game until Release 53 at the earliest. We will keep you updated!


    [​IMG]For every $2,500 donated, all devs on camera have to dance, sing, or perform some other act of amazement.

    Additionally, we will be spinning the Wheel of Fortune! The wheel will have 12 different categories of sales plus the Lord British and Darkstarr wildcards where they get to choose any category! Each time a category comes up it will go on sale at approx. 20% off for 1 hour.



    • In-game items!
    • Bank Upgrades
    • COTOs
    • RelicsbyRild.com merchandise
    • and a bunch of items we will announce on the livestream!

    We will be giving prizes away on an hourly basis with many being given away multiple times. If you wish to win prizes during the event, be in Discord chat! We will be active on Twitch and YouTube chats as well, but they will not be our portal for prize giveaways.


    We will be answering questions throughout the livestream, so submit them in the comments section below or on Discord chat during the event.

    Please do NOT post questions containing:

    • More than 3 questions in total
    • Bugs or other problems best posted in the bug forums
    • “When is this coming” or anything related to schedule (for those answers please refer to our quarterly updates or our post release plans)
    • Questions with more than a couple of sentences. Please keep them brief! We will likely understand the context of your interest, so just ask the question and we’ll be able to respond.

    For bug reports and extra idea suggestions, please use the forums for this purpose.

    A Final Thought: We see a LOT of repeat questions and requests. Please consider reading one of the other missed question posts, watching one of the previous post mortems, reading one of the post mortem transcripts, and/or reading our Post Episode 1 plan post before posting a question. Your question might have already been answered.

    Keep an eye on @ShroudofAvatar for updates before, during, and after the livestream. See you on Twitch at 3:00 PM CT on March 2!

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