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Remembering Those of Sonoma...

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have come up with an idea that will insure that people of this shard that have done good things will be remebered. Personally i only play this game now for the pvp, i want to become the best so i can be remebered as one of the best. So i thought to myself why not make that happen not just for myself but for all those who have helped make sonoma what it is today.

    So i placed a house near the jhelom farms a few weeks ago, so i thought that would be a proper place to make sort of a shrine to the do gooders of Sonoma. When i started i didn't hang around haven bank or the banks i was out farming gold at the Britian Graveyard and begging for gold from people. Love Spirit has helped many people by giving out her time to help new players.

    Many pvpers have come and gone such as Flood, Wasp, Sly, Mr Wizard, Jenny CoCo, Jack Osiris, and many others. I think that all Sonomians should be remebered for what they have done. I want to be remebered and a lot of other people want to.

    So i creating a library filled with books and articles of the people being remebered, so that people can pay tribute to the people who have made Sonoma what it is today.

    But i need your help, meaning all Sonomian's. Just send me a private message or send me an icq. I will need a book (the purple ones which can be purchased at a provisiner), the name of the book will be the persons name which you are nominating for this sort of shrine to Sonoma's People, and a brief 2 or more sentences telling what this person did to make sonoma what it is today and how they helped you. If you can include an article of the person such as: Aos Clothing, crafted item by person or something that can be represented as what they did.

    Dor i wish for you help on this project because it will take long, at the moment i am thinking of alphabetzing the books so it can be used as a quick reference. Also people who played pre-aos would be a great help in giving names and submitting books to me with the nomination of the person. Thank You and if you have any suggestions or comments please let me know.

    -ScareKrow BoO
  2. Jenny CoCo and Flood. Flood was a cool guy, but neither existed as pvpers until powerscrolls and artifacts came out. They we're both bottom of the barrel targets before that. They nerfed 4/6 casting and both these guys vanished. I wish Flood still played but Jenny was trash.

    Wasp is still here.

    Sly and Jack sound like PkP names. Same old school Sly? If not then I can't comment.

    It's a good idea and something I wanted to do for a long time but my memory is shot and I barely remember things and nobody is around to refresh it. Dor if you pick this up you got like 100 people to go through before you get to the AoS superstars.
  3. Poo

    Poo The Grandest of the PooBah’s
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor 4H

    Sep 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    one day while in factions i came around a corner in mag near the COM base and there was Jenny COCO and Trammie II standing toe to toe blasting off spells.
    this was back before teh FC/FCR cap.

    these fellas were maxed out.
    it was so neat i called out on TS what i was watching and a few guildmates came, and we all just stood there and watched this toe to toe mage battle.
    it went on for a few minutes.... it just blew me away.
    the spells were flying so fast, and the heals were dropping like rain.
    i cant even remember who won but it was something to see i tell ya.

    then we killed the winner.
  4. Lady Vixen

    Lady Vixen Guest

    I remember [long time ago in OTE, pre AoS] being chas er chasing jenny COCO on Buc Den when OTE used to go red hunting. [​IMG]
  5. Heh...as far as PvPers go, the very first one that I remember was Orin Warrick. He was a god in '98. He was the first to GM Parry back then, as well as one of the (if not the) first to go with the 7xGM concept. Amazing guy, and absolute poetry in motion to watch. He put in a couple of appearances at Yew Cemetery during server wars, but most of the time reigned supreme in the dungeons. At the last, he was developing an interest in roleplaying, but never really got the time to pursue it, as he died in '99 in his early 20s, from a terminal, genetic illness.

    Then of course, there was Keys...har!

    But...you were asking after do-gooders, or PvPers, Scarekrow? Or both? I'd love to help you with it, but I am leaving town early Wednesday, on an 11-day trip. If you can keep the thought going, please remind me again on the 23rd. :)

    Thanks, and good luck!
  6. MKA

    MKA Guest

    LoL Orin was the man! I remember him! He trained in the Oasis Inn 2nd floor with an alt account! He was a cool guy.

    If we're looking for all around people on the shard I have a few names that might spark some memories. First I remember easily atleast 3 of the names from Oasis. Lord Jonas, Lady Rei, and Smitten w/ love. I believe there is a 4th, but I cant recall the name. Also, Kralen Pendragon, Necrolyte, Alexander, Kain Hellbane ( I think that was his name )

    I'm sure I'll remember a few others as time goes on but the founds of Oasis did terrific work bringing one of the first play run cities to life! Kralen was a great RPer as a tavern keep [​IMG] Bob Bowrest is another name I can recall, decorated many of the establishments back in the day as a carpenter.

    Theres more just gotta remember them all!!
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    All good people at the moment i am hearing about, you people who played pre-aos and such know these people where i don't so make a book around the people you remeber and then send me a private message so i can get around to collect the book.


    ScareKrow BoO
  8. MKA

    MKA Guest

    Don't have time to write a book but! you want PKs?

    ArKaiNe of SAS as well as all those SAS folks. I knew ArKaiNe through a mutual friend, and he helped me out alot in the tower outside of Trinny. I was such a newb but he helped me out!

    Maybe someone from SAS still hangs around and can give some more info on those guys. Great group and helped me a few times over at Oasis when I asked for help from ArK.

    Also there were a bunch of PKs in Oasis, i think an angry beaver was one of them who atleast my newbie self thought was pretty impressive *shrugs* But ArK helped me out bigtime atleast!
  9. Trinsauce

    Trinsauce Guest

    I've noticed some old school names... Allow me to throw out a few more...

    Pvpers-Ba Ba Booey, Phobos, Mesdoram Elmdor, Ziggy, Orion, Jove, Gohan, PhireHawk, Black Talon, Jaric Mondoran...

    My very first guild hunted with OCT... Very good guild although most people will associate them as a trammy guild even tho they were around pre trammel... We went to all the hang out spots and were anti pk's... Not sure if many people remember Triskin II, Maldran, Warlord, Joker, Amekusis, Sir Scott before he sold his account... These guys pretty much quit playing right after the pk guilds dwindled due to stat loss...
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Don't forget the original COP, with Warlord, Demento, Red Alert, Hunter Killer, White Knight etc etc etc... And and and and KOREAN POWER RED!!!!!!
  11. Threnody

    Threnody Guest

    If JennyCoCo is placed in the shrine I *might* has a piece of AOS something from that character though I am not sure if its the correct spelling or same person. (idoc loot and its either sandals or a rose if memory serves)
  12. A few names- Bomberman (most feared pk back in 99, biggest bounty)
    The Columbian, Triple H, Mestophelies (Mes), Sparhawk, Edge, Jinx, Drudicin, Myst, Parker, Pheonix,KoRn (loved to hate that guy) GM of C*D Demitri? or Demerious. Original Davy Havoc (Ministry) Hated that guy too :]. Blossom Dom, Others I could think of, I'd like to mention Bacci and Harmony, maybe not good PvPers, but dang good RP Thieves that PvPed.
  13. Lol, Just remembered Wario, hehe and PKGhOst and dont forget all the Red Bobs.
  14. These are all pre Trammel

    MasterJay and Angie of Silver Dragoon Knights (SDK)

    Original Black Dragons (BD)
    Jaqualine and Juda

    New Black Dragons (BD)
    Kain Hellbane

    In addition to the Oasis founders, some of the guards like BayHawk and Dyvim Slorm

    Korean Power RED and Sprite of (KKK, later KK)

    The people who invented pking Chaotic Horde (CH) and Company of the Damned (CotD)

    That group of transexuals that terrified all the newbie spawns Duality of Man (DOM)

    The guys who couldn't survive without UoE; Fires of Heaven (FoH)
    Wyn Spelljammer

    The F**kheads (F)

    The old school anti pk guilds Order of the Dark Octapus (OCT) and Brotherhood of Light (BoL)

    The Ceandryls who were hardcore roleplayers yet major grief players when on their alts.

    Sorry I can't remember more names for these guilds.

    Here's a couple good SAS roster shots.
  15. Suicidal Gnome

    Suicidal Gnome Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 18, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Any love for the original EFL guys? Quasar, Kobe'd, Mundayne...all those guys deserve some recognition, if not for any other reason besides they reshaped the way people pvp on Sonoma.

    Enigma Grey was a great pvper before the power scroll thing happened.

    Also Mandrake and Syrus Rane. No not Audi, the other Mandrake.

    All the LuT guys.

    Har anyone else remember when Balla used to own that small tower in bucs den? =D
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ok here's what I can think of...

    for other SAS and afilliats:
    Locke, of Mutilation, Shadow, Blood Crypt, Sir Radjin (formerly BD or something), Romeo, Aries, Goro, Grandelf (formerly COP), Nexus, Haties, Myst, Pagan, Ardiendo, Druidkin, Harlequin, Rostrax, PaLoudaq (aka Sweet Lou), Brianne, Jangsta, Grinch, Jodocast,TriX, Corn Pops, Corn Flakes, Dyn

    The OGD/DTM crew

    The most fun time in UO for me is a 3 way tie betwen the SAS/BLD war, all of sonoma going to Abyss and joining the bronze faction and pwning the rest of UO and the SAS/M alliance against KoC on that one random shard, mighta been abyss as well or something Garen remember the name of that shard?

    PS for a REAL history lesson go here: http://www.pusateri.org/blood/pictures.htm
  17. Yea, it was called "Cool Test Center" KoC was supposedly THE [censored] on one of those eastern shards. They had a run on Sonoma for a while and blamed their suckiness on undeveloped characters.

    Well we had like two battles with them on Test Center and after that they wouldn't come out of their house.

  18. Poo

    Poo The Grandest of the PooBah’s
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor 4H

    Sep 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    very first red guild on sonoma.

    i dont think they were actually a 'guild'
    but where a bunch of guys who all had the name SpAwN
    they were all archers.
    they use to swing into that nasty orc spawn maze that was below yew.
    that was in the begining.
    like nov 97 i can recall getting killed by them.

    and they they had that hack with the uzi bows.
    crap on a stick that was bad.
  19. Rapier

    Rapier Guest

    Let's not be forgetting the terror of the East Road, Prince Lysander. And one of the first hider PK's, of death, .. he gave me my only experience with "jail" because he once attacked me while I was asking a GM a question (yes, they once were helpful souls) and the GM whisked me to safety of jail. And Jerry Springer.. man I hated having him pop into Shame.
    For good guys.. I may be a bit opinionated here, but all the people that made up the guild War (not the first War, the last one). Always out numbered and out powered.. still they kept coming. Their glorious moment was when 409 moved in a few houses from War's GM's (Shea) house and spent all night trying unsuccessfully to overrun it. Next day War rallied and overran 409's tower, killing all within. What they lacked in strength and numbers they overcame with sheer determination.
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I've played longer than all those names. And I'm still the character everyone loves to hate. Love it.
  21. <blockquote><hr>

    very first red guild on sonoma.

    i dont think they were actually a 'guild'
    but where a bunch of guys who all had the name SpAwN
    they were all archers.
    they use to swing into that nasty orc spawn maze that was below yew.
    that was in the begining.
    like nov 97 i can recall getting killed by them.

    and they they had that hack with the uzi bows.
    crap on a stick that was bad.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    "SpAwN"s and later on the "Clone"s these were guys from CH, CotD and FoH. Totally forgot about them until you mentioned it.
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    heh, thought it was funny when people named chars the same thing, like the Hunter Killers.

    409 was kinda weak imho, and ah jerry springer used to live near me when I had my large forge.

    Also here's a name, Dark Purist, loser lol

    only survied so long because i fudged up and summoned a ham instead of paralyze
    PhireHawk likes this.
  24. Trinsauce

    Trinsauce Guest

    Ahhhh... Rivan of SAS... I do remember him... I dueled him once and won... I think he underestimated me but after that people were takin counts like mad even some of my friends and collecting a bounty from him... lol I loved it...

    Unsure if anyone remembers that guild MO... One of my good friends was in from the get go... Cloud...

    Nothing can beat the days of the past... That picture Garen posted speaks a million words... U won't find that [censored] anywhere anymore in any game... no horses, no running, juss an all out casting war...

    DOM island was always fun...

    And F... The F*ckheads... I joined them briefly upon my return to UO after a 6 month hiatus back in 99... The ability to go to any dungeon we wanted to and hide til a gate opened up and spilled forth 20+ pk's... we were all waiting talkin while hidden and then ebolts, blade spirits, fire fields filled up the crypt outside Wrong, the grass field outside Covetous, hallways inside Deceit... Constant non stop action from the time ya logged on til ya logged off...
  25. Flood

    Flood Guest

    Got sent a couple of ICQ's over this, so figured I would pop in and give a shout to the old schoolers I remember....

    From beta to Sonoma's rise a couple people followed...

    Some buddies of mine that moved from central to GL to napa to baja to sonoma (or which ever the order was they slowly came up in) as servers came up...Mriswith, shortest lived PvPer ever, Im sure. Voltron a.k.a. Deimos (took the grand archery tournament in oasis FN, almost destroyed Ziggy in the fight for the Invul Blue plate) was a good friend in the real world till time and distance did what it always does. Wang Rue Zei (scoundrel even within the guild) I still remember you stealing that very first set of full MATCHED gold plate when it was incredibly hard to get ahold of... prick. All the rest of the original members of Black Death. We tore up many a shard and lost our abbr (BD) when we arrived on the new front. Nothing like destroying dungeon after dungeon (especially covetoues) wearing full black plate. Anyone remember running and casting in plate and a mage hat? How about single hit kill fireballs or lightning bolts from behind a house because noone knew how to use a transparency circle (unknown uo.cfg feature at the time)

    Dark Purist who later went on to become an insane botanist with the introduction of gardening and got the priveledge of watching his old keep fall on Ice Isle. (Tried to save some of his toys that he hadn't seen in years.... I got a chair...) This guy was a blast just to listen to.

    Coca Cola... Your rants about people like Nicole cracked me up. Speediest PvPer around for the longest time. He managed to romp people even when he had 0/0 casting. I swear this guy was always on a sugar high.

    Booey... Half the time when you were showing people that you COULD time spells I could tell that people weren't really paying attention. Who the hell did you end up letting use the account anyway? Was that that midnight guy?

    Storm O'neil ... You know who you are and what you mean and have done. Look on with a smile.

    Magma, tore up the road to Vesper for the longest time.

    BoMbErMan, Hooked me up when I came back to UO after leaving for military school. Helped him maintain his huge bounty when I wasn't training in his tower. He had a thing for those god aweful holiday plants....

    Ziggy, helped me with my very first MAJOR scam in UO. When the first housing crisis came up, we aquired a keep for a few mil, and he helped us to scam a guild with it. Made a couple mil.

    Dame Judi. I suspect she may still be trudging along in the game. She helped almost every new player she ran into. I enjoyed her company way back in the day. Had long talks about random nonsense. More of an enemy when I came back to the game. Evidentally found a really big horse she liked to perch atop of.

    Kip. Nicest lady anyone could ever hope to meet. She will always hold a place, regardless. Has a nack for finding the pointless UO drama. It seems to swarm to her, poor lady.

    Garen. Had more than a couple run ins with this speed demon. Can't ask for much else than honest and to the point. I think he stopped hating me after awhile.

    Mesdoram Elmdor. Probably the ****iest player ever to romp in the game. Never admitted defeat, even as a ghost. Was a fun time when we actually ran together for a week. Who knew 2 people could kill so many in such a short time.

    Famine. The Best worst player ever. Between house hiding and nonsense cheating, her (or he) and it's ilk, warultima, trammie, and those others in that house near that gate were probably the most annoying liars ever to play. They were worth their salt when they were actually playing, but most of the time, they lost all respect for being whiners.

    Lefty... One of the biggest board talkers around. I remember when we were cool, but I am sure that your "UO Prowess" would be hurt to even imagine such things. I could tell some good stories on you, but Im sure it would result in more wonderful board talk that I won't read unless I get a ton of ICQs.

    Wasp... Loved to hate and hate to love this guy. Poor victim of one of the meanest things I have ever done in UO. Sorry about the hally... You're a super hero and you know it.

    Bellas and Ivy... The biggest fake couple anyone ever met. I've had more than a couple "personal" talks with both long before most people even knew them as the vendor powerhouses they soon became. Still remember almost killing Victrolla and being talked out of it by some friends. They were the victims of THE meanest thing I had ever done in UO. They quit because of it, and went on to haunt another game. I know you offered much to find out with proof, who did it even though you always knew. So here is the admittance. TO be honest, Ivy was to blame and I could tell a story or ten on her that would soon ease any ill feelings towards me Im sure. At any rate, loved you guys when you were cool.

    All of the Company of The Damned and the Chaotic Horde. They invented guild warfare as far as I am concerned. I've never seen so many people swarm in and just destroy an area so fast.

    EFL. You guys were my last blast with fun in UO. You caught me at a time when I hated everyone in the game for being nothing more than mouths without teeth. You actually made me feel bad for constantly raiding your spawns and I couldn't help but join your side. Sly is probably the most level headed guild leader I ever served. All the members who were there that didn't fall for the incoming propaganda... Loved you guys. When I finally owned everything that could be owned and had every character maxxed with every 120 and +25 possible, you guys gave me something to do that I enjoyed. Sorry for the drama that people brought to you because their dislike of me. Funny how dramatic PvPers can get. (I got hate messages from that mundayne dummy a YEAR after I quit... haha)

    Korian Kelfor... Funny guy. Crazy too. Sorry about stealing that blessed axe. If only you knew that later blessed items would be worthless, you probably wouldn't have been so nice trying to get it back. Nice of you to bring back my old name on your other char. Even funnier that you knew who I was when you did it.

    There are a TON more that evade me at this point. If nothing else, UO provided some ... different ... memories since its beta.

    To those who only knew one character of mine... Here is the list... This spans since the beta, and I have no Idea the time line....

    Bringer of Death
    Acid Reign
    Tiger Wylde
    Robbing Hood
    Mr.Sew'n Sew (back when I thought tailoring would make me rich.. later a bard)
    Canada (later became Insomnia)
    Purist armorer
    Tilly the Bum (thought I would use a pun to make a bank sitting rp char... pfft)

    There are a ton more that came and went till I ended up with my final lineup with the Flood account.

    At any rate, long trip on memory lane, gonna have to cut it short for now.
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Good to see you make a post my old friend, and let me say loud and clear Flood, I didnt care one bit about others whining and pancakes you never gave me trouble, you stood with me and died if need be. You may have made enemies and I know friends of mine are enemies of yours, but i have always said and always will. No matter what you think of Flood you only know a pixel, I know Flood. I miss you brother a lot wishing you well,
    Its amazing how the list of people I miss continues to grow
  27. Black Majick

    Black Majick Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 14, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I miss sly. Its a shame he cant login to TS with me.
  28. Rapier

    Rapier Guest


    Anyone remember running and casting in plate and a mage hat?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    OMG! Only 8 freakin years too late someone actually admits most of my newbie deaths were due to "improper play". I told GMs over and over and over that people were doing that... the defense was always "T1!". Stupid GM's had no tech background and there was no convincing them that pushing that small an amount of data could have that much effect.
    Bahhh.. cheats all! :)
  29. Flood

    Flood Guest

    At the point I am talking about, it was not illegal. You could run and cast at the same time. The thing that was most difficult for people was putting on plate. Something about a 60str base requirement.

    Also, some oldschoolers that I think still rock the UO ...

    Immortal Flow... Many a long trammie day hunting for the next uber toy... You were a blast in the most kooky of manners. You had a finger on the pulse of the UO market like no other and ALWAYS knew where all the goodies were, regardless of how new something was.

    Sly, the EFL I joined was a wide eyed group that had more heart than skill. Regardless of the opposition, they were always Johnny on the spot to fight. It was fun to be a part of that. It was like stepping into the past when I started in the beta and knew nothing about the game. (I remember one time in the beta, I was picking up everything I could find to sell, and became over encumbered and could not move. I had no idea why ... )People may say that their "glory" days were the best days, but I think my newbies days were my best. At that point it was still just a game. That is sorta of what EFL brought back so thank you and those members.

    Jonas Roland... Founder of Oasis (along withthat one heart something lady), the very first true player town. Even got support from GMs when noone else could. Actually got BT to come to an event. I remember raiding Oasis often as the official bad guys of the town. Even remember when there doors on the arenas that people had to walk though to get in. We piled on top of each other 10-15 deep all wearing white robes and orc helms shouting about the orc god Ulug. We held that ring for quite awhile till GMs took us away.

    To all of the early Asian players. Back in the day, they didn't even know what a PK was let along type out "don't kill me."

    I'm sure I will come up with more people as the day passes. I'll stop in now and again to give them the props they deserve.

    Some things I have realized since I left ...

    PVP contains the most dramatic group of people I have ever met. I know that the "trammie" players have their own forms of drama, but on these forums, it has always been the PvPers who were the worst whiners. The difference really was that PvPers whined at each other, while the "trammies" whined to devs and gms and anyone else they figured could help their plight. There was never any honor in the game, not even from the begining, but it has steadily gotten worse. Some things I would like to clear up though...

    Even when UO first went live, the people who were the best, were running broadband. Those are the ones who dominated in the early days. Those people were considered the best because, without a doubt, they could cast better, run better, and not lag for minutes at a stretch when crossing a boundary or entering a dungeon. Id wager to say that 99.9 percent of the UO populace during those times couldn't spell broadband let along know what it was. When UO became item based, everyone again complained. Many of the older players who had good connections but couldn't get the new toys became frustrated, and then they became the whiners. And so it goes. It is only natural to think that a persistant world would have a progression, or an evolution. Those who fail to evolve with the game died out and hid here in the forums to complain about those who had toys and to glorify the days when they were good. Keep in mind though, that at the time they were good, it was because they had an uber item... A connection. I always loved the progression of the game as it was always something new to do. Even though I bemoaned every patch and nerf and boon, I continued to play. Everyone has their time, but in EVERYONE's minds, it will never be as good as it "was" and those who are now, in anothers mind, will never be as good. And so it goes....
  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If I'm not mistaken, didn't you say in your post before last Flood, that you stole/scammed about 7 MAJOR times? Personally I'm glad you're gone. :You were no one before aos, and no one after. You gave props to people you didn't even know! hahaha AT ALL!
  31. Flood

    Flood Guest

    Stole? Yup, several items. 3 Blessed weapons. I also caused Bellas and Ivy to finally quit. Scammed? Yah, fake sold a keep with Ziggy acting as a broker from some major broker site. He made a char named Tiger something. That was way way way before trammel was even a gleam in a dev's eye. Hell, I think Designer Dragon was still lead dev when that happened. Thats all the truely dishonest stuff I can remember but who knows... maybe more? That isn't quite 7 and not really major in the grand scheme of things. But hey, you're allowed some room when exagerating to try and make a point.

    I didn't mention anyone I didn't know or didn't fight. So take it for what it is. I'm sure you will try to come back with some pithy remark or stupid question for proof, but think about it for a second, what do I have to gain or lose one way or another... I was told to read the thread and add some memories. So there you have it. The people I remember and thought made an impact in some way shape or form. Whether you are happy I am gone or not doesn't really matter now does it? And again, whether you think I was anyone or not still doesn't matter.

    Keep in mind, I quit a couple years ago, and yet, I am still in your sig.
  32. My Favorite Pre-Tram PK? Hmm would have to be Summer Love. So much so I bought her in an Auction, but that's another story. Never really liked Keys although he ran a pretty efficient PK guild.

    Rosa the PK in and around Vesper in early 98 was a regional terror. So many names so much time.. LOL..

    It would be hard to beat Bacci and Harmony for style points, although not true PKs, they was quite a grand pair and the introduction of the nerfs to thiefs and item based play, pushed Bacci out of the game, Harmony?? Maybe some day....

    Great Props to all of the folks who made the RP community work back in the pre-tram days. Yes there was a lot of Drama, however things were quite different and working togeather was required to thwart the PKs. Ironwood Still stands although I think all but TBL as guilds have been disolved.

    I will say that the change to item based PvP has pretty much spoiled it. This is of course in my opinion. Fel still had a lot of players and people came to fight in GM made armor and weapons. That was all anyone needed, that and your skill and every one was pretty much equal. Oh on occasion someone would use a Vanq item (a whopping +20% Dammage Increase) Spell resist actually resisted spells. People would stand and fight not run and house hide (well most people anyhow)

    No matter how much things change in UO it is and always has been the people that make the game enjoyable. "tips hat to the great folks I have had the priviledge of playing UO with over the years"
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    You're only in my sig cause I don't care enough about you to change it. And because its a sad but true statement about you and AOS pvp.
  34. "Lefty... One of the biggest board talkers around. I remember when we were cool, but I am sure that your "UO Prowess" would be hurt to even imagine such things. I could tell some good stories on you, but Im sure it would result in more wonderful board talk that I won't read unless I get a ton of ICQs."

    Flood back in the day Edge asked me on several occassions to make peace with you, but you wouldn't have it. You had a bad temper, thats what ruined it.

    As far as my UO Prowess. I have none. I get my butt handed to me daily with all these new features/exploits. You on the other hand left when Pub 25 hit nerfing your 5/6 casting. Funny how everyone hails you as a PvP god .

    As far as stories about me, go right ahead...Just be specific Pre Aos or Post Aos..
  35. Flood

    Flood Guest

    People will always say what they want to say about me, regardless. And as anyone in UO who actually knew me for any length of time, I did not have a temper, I just liked sticking it to people when they deserved it. And for the record, Edge and I were never friends. He would never have told you that, but I am sure you will argue it to thebitter end so I'll let you ride that UO drama as far as you wish. Even better, I bet you cannot name the char that I actually ran around on most of the time when you claim to have done such things to and for me. Im sure most people would agree though, youre a mighty board fighter.

    Don't let bitterness get you down. The fact of the matter is, and I have read your many wrong statements about my quitting, I quit many months after that publishas could be evidenced by the many kills I acquired on both Flood and Glacier, as well as all the neat-o minor artifacts I acquired and sold. I developed a new PvP character named Glacier that used the publish as was meant. (even make mesdoram's new publish character run. Smarter to run than die I guess. Speaking of which, I was offered several mil from several people for Glacier's wonky template) I died very little when on him. I continued to PK with Flood for quite some time. I even dueled Beerman in front of all of COP with Flood after that publish. He was on his new publish character and lost. That was the only honorable duel I had with him.

    Also, when you claim my dial up was 56k, you're wrong. Early on I ran 26.4 and boosted to 28.8 for a great part of my early days. I never experienced the "glory" of 56k. Which, as any net tech or current dial up user would know, makes it near impossible to be a "serverliner" as you claimed me to be. Also of note, I was known on Flood prior to that, while still on dialup, only getting broadband THE DAY OF the big OSI sponsored sonoma PvP tournament. Lets here it for wide open 4 mbit a second point to point wireless DSL. So, now you can come up with stories around those facts.

    But as I have said, WAY early on, before I even developed the Flood account, I did do some rather unscrupulous things. Speaking of which, it wasn't an axe I stole from korn, it was his blessed vanq war hammer which I used on Flood's first main PvP template. The only thing I ever denied doing (I never really denied, just didn't say anything which is close to the same) was what caused Bellas and Ivy to quit. But again, that was before the Flood account I believe. Hey, at least I can admit to all the things I have done. Never cheated by using UOE or its later bretheren. Never duped either. Though I will admit to macroing HORRENDOUSLY boring skills. Any PvPer who says they don't macro or didn't is a liar.

    But back to the point of this thread...

    Another name I remember which taught mesomething about ruthlessness...
    Thrasher. Im not sure if he was on Sonoma or if he was on an earlier shard. First person I remember dieing to. Thats not to say I never died prior, just the earliest one I can remember and the one that sorta stuck. I hopped aboard a boat that was seemingly abandoned, and was set to take off when he boarded and sought to use it to get across the river near minoc. He was the very first Journeyman I had ever seen. ( back when you could see titles like that, and skills were hard earned) So needless to say, he crossed the river regardless of my OoOoooo'ing.

    Phirehawk. Didn't really know him, but fought him. Taught me a bit about spell timing and mage mannerisms as I watched him.

    Kimo. I don't know how I could have forgetten him. This isn't the Kimo from EFL fame, this is the oldschool dial up Kimo whose character was actually his real name. Talk to him to this day. More than a character to say the least.

    Ivy/Winnowil. Lady knew a thing or two about getting the next dollar. Also one of the more rutheless people I have ever met. Im sure she has made more than a few grown men cry in her time in factions.

    TooL... Later took over my other account and played Insomnia. TooL was an amazing faction gimp in the begining becoming a crazy mage later on. Alot of early asian faction players feared his paralyzing spear and outrageous connection. Colt you're still the man.

    Bayhawk... Captain of the Oasis guard. I was moving into the final round of an Oasis FN archery comp when after winning the round, I teleportd out of the ring, lagging me for quite some time only to be greeted by half life and Bayhawk's alt laying spells into my backside. I lost a full archer set of Invul armor to a single looter who managed to loot and run taking only minor damage from the crowd. A rather hard set of armor to obtain in those days. Wonder if anyone even remembers what an Archer suit was...

    Again, I will have more thoughts for your library as I can remember them. Been awhile ya know.
  36. Flood, Did I say anything at all? Never said a dang thing did I? You dont have to justify nothing..

    I should have been more specific. You lost it one time in bucs den, thats when things went sour between You , me and Balla, over what I dont remember.
  37. Sadistica X

    Sadistica X Guest

    Although I'm not originally from Sonoma, and my visit to that shard only began in early 2004..there's still a few people I'd like to mention that left an impression.. whether or not they were members of an enemy guild, guildies, or solo-style savages..

    Callisto DOM, Wasp, Flood, Freeze, Mary Jane, Philos, Sterile, Suicidal Gnome, Duke, Paul &amp; Aragorn (love or hate them, they left their mark on the shard), Forbes, Mike Potato, Turk, Slave, Lawthorn, Genocide, Mandrake, Minion, Coca-cola, Maddox, KMS, SkullSniper, Andy, Beerman, Princess Ultima, Cerberus, Ol Dirty [censored], Tara, Daria Moonchild, Tremble.. and that's all I can remember for the time being.

    ..Oh, I almost forgot, Aquamonkey, Melody Trucido, Snoop, Devlin Darkmoore..
  38. Monster

    Monster Guest

    How about Hydro from first days of PSC's, and some of the old order/chaos guys, and all the old dueling stun/heal mages
  39. Rapier

    Rapier Guest


    Also, when you claim my dial up was 56k, you're wrong. Early on I ran 26.4 and boosted to 28.8 for a great part of my early days. I never experienced the "glory" of 56k. Which, as any net tech or current dial up user would know, makes it near impossible to be a "serverliner" as you claimed me to be. Also of note, I was known on Flood prior to that, while still on dialup, only getting broadband THE DAY OF the big OSI sponsored sonoma PvP tournament.

    [/ QUOTE ]
    Hey, I happen to be old school Internet Tech Support. I can promise you that nobody on a dialup modem ever actually achieved 56K. If you were getting 28.8 consistantly you were probably on pairgain and should took it up with your telco.
    By the way, the pair that won that PvP tourney... and I remember this well as my team was the first to fall to them... we playing on dialup... from Asia.
    Despite what anybody says, the packets were small and dialup was annoying but viable in those days.
    For the record, Prince Lysander played dialup on a laptop and did ok.
  40. Flood

    Flood Guest

    Noone ever got real 56k? Well, I was helping on tech then too, and people did in fact get it. Though, I must say many saw 36.6 which was a vast improvement over 26.4 and its slightly though not noticably speedier friend 28.8. Maybe in the sticks where old copper that was patched from home to home was it not possible (sorta where I used to live) , but most places were more than capable of 56k. Simple remote diagnostic tools provided by near every ISP showed true connections and even showed background latency. I saw many 56k and many that were damn near... connecting at something like 54 something.

    Also of note, Lysander said many times he was 56k. He certainly moved alot faster than I. Though, I will not defend it at this point since I am sure someone will say otherwise and again argue to the bitter end. If you were a tech then, you know what I am talking about and the arguement at that point is then over.

    Another important name in Sonoma history...

    Stormwynd. One of the tamers who initially held the spawn of Nightmares under his fingertip. When controlling the spawns and selling mares at his convenience he built quite the empire selling million gold Pure Blacks. Wish I could remember some of the other Tamers who were in on it. I first met him when they fixxed the spawns... (sorta) He wasn't too bad a guy. Knew his taming. And wasn't too bad of a combat tamer.

    Wish I could remember the name of that one crazy duper who had that tower by chaos. Using a counselor account to help amass great fortunes before being banned. When his tower fell, there was so little fighting because there was almost too much for people to loot. Though, I must say, someone's GM friend did help her... To those who know who I am talking about... Makes ya kinda wish you had a GM friend too huh? The things that girl could pull from IDOCs with his help ...

    Oh, and someone else mentioned Duke.

    Probably my favorite thief ever. Even helped me out of a few very sticky situations with a well timed EB or GH. That red skullcap should be enshrined in a museum somewhere.

    Oh, and Don Corleone. I think he still plays. Funniest non combatant ever. I am guilty of killing him a few times when he first showed up. After awhile he just got kinda left alone to do his thing. I remember he had some pet that all the ladies thought was so cute to watch him talk to. Crazy UO women ...

    Oh, anyone know where my gloves finally ended up at? Someone paid 500$ for them with the Flood bless deed on them. Was wondering if they finally disappeared for good.
  41. I remember my first introduction to Purist Armorer. He was in Delucia asking for help to tame a nightmare, and the fun began! I can't remember how many times we died in the pit at tera fort, and had to run back to Papua to get res'd! It was so funny. Flood, you taught me a lot about PvP, and you were a good friend to me as well. I have missed you, and it was really nice to read your posts!
  42. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *shakes fist*
    You all should be remembering me, dangit!

    *awaits the "Who are you?"*
  43. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Man I haven't been on these forums for a while.

    But anyway, I had the most fun with my closest UO buddies Ivan, Fenrir Songmoon, Makaiton and Wylfor.

    However mostly Ivan, me and him pretty much shared everything we had be it gold, regs, mounts, vet rewards and pretty much everything else that was going around during our stint. Fenrir played off and on, he was also Lich King for a while (was a stratics reporter for a bit) but his stays were fairly short in comparison to Ivan's.

    Wylfor was just all kinds of awesome. Very knowledgable with the game (as was I, I cant even begin to tell you how often I read about UO then I actually played it) and knew the ins and outs of pretty much everything. He was pretty funny also.

    And then pretty much everyone at the YMCA. I was never really apart of a massive guild, I kinda just ran solo or with a few people here and there.

    But at the Y there was Dor, Gypsy Queen, Balla, Gen, the hand of gods alt (I want to say Nug) and Sentri.

    I had alot of fun at the Y when I played. I never really shared any stories or anything of that nature but everyone was pretty awesome.

    See Gen, you were mentioned, even if it was a nobody.
  44. Gen,Gen I thought you were lost. Last time I seen you, you fell off Buc Dens Dock drunk. Balla and I presumed you drowned. We got over it pretty quickly though... :]
  45. AtomForce, Balla here :p Yeah I was mostly at the YMCA dueling Sentri, kingtoad, locke ebonysoul around that era. I made that my dueling spot outside of the farms. Was fun times then see the ground littered with well over 20 corpse of all us. Great times.
  46. Skaught

    Skaught Guest

    Funny how this list is primarily all PKs.

    Ill do the honors and throw out all the names I had the pleasure of running with from the anti-PK side of things. Memory willing.


    I know I am missing a ton of names. Guilds I remember the most back in those days from the anti-pk side of the ball were OCT, TK, F, BoL, OGD and BLD. Alot of us hunted PKs together.

    During all the [censored] talking, guild warring, I think the most impressive memory serves me as Garen running through the streets of Trinsic while about 5 or 6 of us chasing him down casting EB and FSs right and left....I swear to god he resisted everything. Fun times.

    Sir Scott
  47. kleptobyte

    kleptobyte Guest

    Little Darrel
    Little Suzy (the one who owned factions)
    and Gregor de Gar come to mind
    Dun forget the Chickens from KFC
  48. Lord Hunter

    Lord Hunter Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 18, 2001
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    Grager De Gar!

    I miss my fellow PvPing bard! We use to shred people in destard, and then when firehorns came out and did mass dmg to people I remember he and I going to a gate somewhere and killing a whole group of people standing around together talking, oh those were good times!
  49. Woodstock!

    Woodstock! Guest

    Chaz II
    Papa Poop
    The list goes on... Thats the list off the top of my head about people no longer around. Sorry anybody I forgot.
  50. I'll add my list to this...
    I know there's dozens more from the 'old' days.. but these are just off the top of my head (and I know I'm forgetting many, I will probably add more later)
    ---- and just the "PVP"rs --- though I hung out mostly with the RPrs back then, I was proud to call alot of these guys my friends.

    Orin Warrick, who took me under his wings in the beginning days of UO and taught me most of what I knew back then.

    Some of the best friends a girl could have:
    Necrolyte, Necromancer, Alexander, Kain Hellbane, Harlequin, Morgan la Fey, Griffyn, Cerberus, Rivan of SAS, MrGrimm of SAS, Deathclaw of SAS, Locke of SAS, Corn Pops &amp; Corn Flakes, Aries

    Damon Blackheart, Myrkul, Gara, Link, Callisto DOM, Ziggy, Magma, PhireHawk, Sparhawk, Garen, Myst, Jerry Springer

    I remember either running from, hiding from, or watching alot of these guys fight in the field or at the original Oasis Fight Nights.