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Reminder..PRAH Auction tonight at 8..after Deal or No Deal !

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by PRAH, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. PRAH

    PRAH Guest

    This will be a fairly short auction but there are some kickin' items..hope to see you there.

    120 Healing Scroll (500k)
    120 Stealth Scroll (500k)
    Sculpture from Dojo (R-9) (1mil)
    Strong Box (200k)
    300 Orange Petals (75000)
    EM Event Guards Sash (1mil)
    2 Obsidian Statues (250k)
    2 blackmoor (200k)
    Old Scrolls (500k)
    30+ Ninjitsu Jewel Set (50k)
    Ornament of the Magician (13m)
    Double Blessed Mask (1.5m)
    High End Group (2m)
    ** Frostbringer, Divine Count, TaskMaster+
    Ring/Brac/Cutlass (no min)
    47 SOS (50k)
    30+ Swords Jewels (50k)
    30+ HCI Jewels (50k)
    Plague Beast Statue (15mil)
    ** You have to see this!
    21 Green Fisthing Nets (15k)
    Fortune Telling Cow (4m)
    Glases of the Arts (500k)
    Marious ML Ingred (500k)
    **taint, scourge, griz bones ++
    Hat of the Magi! (5m)