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[General] REMINDER: This is not the forum for Inscription, Alchemy/Glassblowing or Cooking

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Basara, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Welcome to UO Craftsman Forum.

    This is the forum for the crafting skills that create WEAPONS, ARMOR and TOOLS (including house add-ons and furniture).

    Inscription is so intrinsically tied to Spellcasting that it is covered in the UO Spellcaster forum (several lines below Craftsman, in the list of forums).
    Why it's not in UO Craftsman: Not only is Inscription's day-to-day use primarily as a booster to Spell Damage increase, The actual spellcasting skills are needed at GM or higher (Legendary preferred) for optimum crafting of Spellbooks. There's no real overlap with the other crafting skills at all.

    Alchemy & Cooking are covered in the Botany & Nutrition forum (just above this one in the list). They both involve creating concoctions from materials for consumption for mundane purposes or magical bonuses, and have ties to the Botany non-skill profession. Glassblowing has minor connections here, but mostly in relation to Glass weapons.
    Why they are not in UO Craftsman:
    Cooking's only connections to the Craftsman skills is that Carpentry and Tinkering are required to create Cooking add-ons and tools.
    Alchemy has a stronger connection, via Glassblowing (which allows creation of glass weapons, and gets sand from mining) - but Glass weapons are an almost non-existent aspect of weapons crafting (no runics, so glass weapons would be imbued after creation or looted, when used, so most encounters would be to repair).

    What Subjects are on topic here for these skills:

    Some of these can be answered below, while others are more tangental.

    1. "Does Arms Lore affect Glass weapons if made exceptional?"
    2. "Can Glass weapons be unraveled for Imbuing?"
    3. "Can spell books, talismans, etc. be unraveled?"
    4. Do recipes stay with the character, go with the skill, or are lost, if a skill is soulstoned?"
    They stay with the character that learned them, even if the skill goes to 0 from use of a soulstone or other loss of skill.

    5. Template questions: If you're making a character that attempts to include one or more of these skills into a "crafter mule" (non-combat, all-crafting, template), feel free to ask in a template request post (new or existing, though we suggest checking the existing ones first).
    There are certain synergies that one might be useful, since Glassblowing has uses for Arms lore & Mining, and Cooking can turn those annoying small blackrock pieces into food for the event-related Bane Dragon mounts (if you acquire the rare recipe). But, these are really conditional on what you intend to use your skill for (someone never intending to make blackrock stew, for example, would never need small blackrock, an alchemist that never takes glassblowing won't need mining, and a glassblower that never intends to make glass weapons won't need arms lore).

    6. Runed Switches for recharging charge-based Talismans (don't work on other charge-based items currently) Require Inscription, Glassblowing and several of the on-topic skills here.

    If you can think of anything else, please ask.

    Other skills with crafting elements not covered here:
    Cartography (makes a wall map deco piece out of used treasure maps both DECODED & COMPLETED by the cartographer), and uses crafting normal maps as a means to gain skill.
    Fishing has stuff that can be used for crafting (white pearls for nearly all crafting skills, and rare fish for cooking). Strangely, because of the fishing line, Fishing poles take Carpentry and TAILORING to make.