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[report]meeting with nathan 27 may

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by teutates, May 28, 2010.

  1. teutates

    teutates Guest

    Ive was asked to right a little report after it happened.
    And because it was asked after the event i dont have screens with the people on it.
    And my logs are overwritten because my uo crashed and I reloged >_<
    So this is all my memory have to offer cant promise it will be that accurate sorry.
    Anyone who has there logs please help me make this a better report.

    We met with nathan.
    There where only a few present at this event.
    We first started about what happened yesterday at the mines.
    But about the new stuff.

    We talked about what the dark elves want.
    As far as we know they just want chaos and our corpses in general.

    One of us asked if it wouldn't be a option to go offensive like a siege if we would know where there village would be.
    Nathan said he had to discuss it with the queen.

    We heard form Ilian (please correct me if I have written your name wrong)
    that she has a partialy recipe to cure blackrock infection.
    She is looking for a person who is able to complete the recipe.
    She heard that a brotherhood of the rothe would be able to help them.

    they where order of monks formally living in empath abby
    and she have read a trinsic report that a few of them moved to the lost lands using the delucia passage.

    We are hoping to help the blackrock infected people still wandering skara bea.

    But the cure might be a drug to so after it has been made it should be properly stored.

    We also discussed about the intelligence of the dark elves.
    The ones who talked al agreed that because the breed dragons and use slaves to mine the blackrock they arn't certainly dumb but they are dangerous.

    A little after that ilian asked if the strange contraption in brit castle was also blackrock based.
    Nathan and the rest including me didnt really knew that contraption so we went there and it was there indeed.


    According to ilian it was a old building.
    But nathan didnt seem to remember it.
    One of us asked if it was only present in trammal.
    Nathan went and checked and after he came back he said it was only in trammal.

    We stood there and where disscusion what it was.
    According to ilian it was a torture device.
    To me it appeared more like a strange burried tower.

    Then nathan said he had to leave.
    And we said goodnight to each other
  2. R Traveler

    R Traveler Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 15, 2005
    Likes Received:
    this evening Skara Brae sitizens not infected anymore.

    we got a clue about passwords to other holes - they are different and can be crypred using other books, we don't know dark elves are smart or not

    cure infection potion have some side effects, so won't be released for anyone

    we can try to learn something new about dragons