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Reporting Life From the Script Cam

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Guest, May 1, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well so much for the recource randoming of Wood and ore.

    I was wandering around Trammel today and ran into this little Operation...

    This guy is running 6 !! accounts scripting Ore and Wood.

    in the last 30 minutes i am watching him he has acumilated over 100k worth of ore and Wood

    Dont belive me?

    Here you go:



  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Did the GM ever arrive? I'd love to know how this turns out! Its like a RL TV Drama!
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    As of right now the famous"GM" has not been sighted yet...

    Oh ...oh!! we got a message...i repeate we have a message !!!

    Well the EA Rep sent us a fax:

    They will review the accounts and take actions if warrented...

    We have Eye Witness accounts !!

    "i am still 6 in the Que"

    "this is unbelivable"

    Stay tuned for more !!
  4. Andrasta

    Andrasta Goodman's Rune Library
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Blue Crane Society

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Doesn't look like we are going to get a live response, just a canned message. I'm 6 in the que as well. There were too many to target for one page.
  5. I would not be a bit surprised if this is the heartwood fletching scripters wood operation that keeps his slave bots running 24/7 (at least last time I checked but I would not be surprised if they still there scripting away). If you go to look stealth because they sometimes take off when players are seen or they just stop. Believe me if its "who" I think it is then you can go back hours, days, weeks, months, years later and they are still there scripting away.

    I paged a GM once... GM showed and scripter disappeared for less than 24 hours. I know it was a temp ban because the char came back but it was also definitely a temp ban because the beetle went wild.
  6. Andrasta

    Andrasta Goodman's Rune Library
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Blue Crane Society

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I don't have much faith that we are going to see a GM today. It's been almost an hour and they are still working away. I have marked a rune to the house and have put it on the steps of Goodman's Library in Makuto (right side front steps). Come see the action for yourself and/or page.

    Lady Aalia won't let me block or lure a monster here. She says I must behave. So I invite you all to come see for yourself. Atlantic Shard. Very discouraging to say the least.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest


    update on how much the fella collected in the past 40 minutes
  8. ^Wolfie^

    ^Wolfie^ Visitor

    May 5, 2006
    Likes Received:

    I don't think I've personally seen more OBVIOUS scripting action going on than that!
    Please let us all know over the next few days how this all works out, this could be make/break point for some who still hold faith that the DEV team cares. [​IMG]
  9. what shard?...one of them andeoids looks like a recall scripter I've seen a million times now.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Atlantic , dear
  11. lol...my crafter has taken two counts from *rank* in the last week. i never would have guessed there was that many of them. i thought the one outside my house was enough! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    edit: i think another count is in order! *hides and waits!*
  12. thought so, thanks hon....
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well it got really quiet here ,wich means 1 of 2 things happened...


    he eather got put in macro jail or more likely seen his house featured on the front page of Stratics hehe

    I was hoping Draconi would put a bomb on it
  14. same here, burn it down and permaban the mutt.
  15. lolerz. i guess i can log off the red now *sighs*.
  16. I was thinking on going red, only because of this............
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thing is no matter how many houses Draconi burns down they are just going to start right back up again. Some even openly saying they are playing again even though they were banned.
    It really chaps my hide that these people are allowed to continue even when caught in the act. For months and months without consequence they continue while we get nerfs to things like bags of sending (things that regular average player uses) and still the scripting continues. ON and ON it goes while all of our friends get sick of it and quit.
    You can page till your arse is purple from sitting in your desk chair too long. The GMs cannot do anything about it. They send you their "thank you for paging" note and that's all they can do. Many people can give specific names of characters, could even show you where they live and their piles of wares.
    The faster they take action against these accounts the less the resources will be in circulation, but who on our dev team has the time to police all of this?
    So we continue to page the GMs begging that it will be stopped. Hoping another friend doesn't quit the darn game and move on. We get messages from Jeremy the likes of "We know it's frustrating but we can't talk about what we are going to do and tip off the bad guys, just trust us something is in the works." Well something has been in the works for quite some time now hasn't it? Since Wilki (one of the few devs in this game that EVER gave a darn) chartered the big gold bust of 2006 (was it '06? that was arbitrary) when all our hopes got boosted but there has been little done since. Draconi burned some houses down a few weeks ago, again boosting our hopes...but I believe that was one single operation (ok maybe 2... but they were the same guy on multiple shards all run the same way)... again our hopes were bolstered. Meh. Now we sit and wait again. Wishing Mythic would let our GMs do something. It's quite common sense when someone is using a script. Let our GMs use common sense. If they don't have any, lets hire some that do.

    No go tell your friends 'ole Flutter posted something that wasn't all pom poms and lollypops because it's a rare find and wont happen again in your lifetime.
    That is all.
    At least Draconi is trying to do something about the scripting of houses. Maybe now certain people wont be able to make a living with their UO housing sales.
  18. No rant, not even close......alot of us are frustrated. We take the time to be the good guys and these yahoo's show that cheating and being a bad guy,you can get away with it.

    Well, I don't believe in that. Where's Jeremy when you need her?

    (sets up the Jeremy light to beam up to the skies)
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It's the old argument --

    WHY should we play by the rules when it is SO obvious that EA does not lift a finger to stop cheaters?

    I mean, if EA doesn't care to stop them, then we are all fools for not cheating as well.

    EA has proved again and again (and once more with this example) that CHEATING IS OK.
  20. Masumatek

    Masumatek Guest

    Yah...too bad trammel doesn't let you kill people eh?
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Avenhar, will you email me with some more detail (names, etc)? jdalberg AT ea DOT com
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    oh ofc i will [​IMG]

    Thanks for taking the time to respond
  23. angelus aconitum

    angelus aconitum Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 10, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Two days ago I saw a player on the roof of Moonglow bank.
    He recalled in, then I saw something like an item flying for a fraction of a second beside his char and then he recalled out. After 2 seconds he recalled back onto the roof of Moonglow bank, same thing with the item happened and again in and out and in and out. I watched him for 35 minutes doing it every few seconds.
    Then I clicked on help and did the harrassment stuff.
    The standard message came that the help request was received by the staff ....

    I was number 6 in queue ......
    I was again number 6 in queue .....
    and again 6 in queue ....
    and again ....
    and again .....

    I was number six in queue for 2.5 hours without any response.

    Then I got again that message that my help request was received by the staff ......

    and again number 6 in queue.

    Then I aborted the help request, logged out, quit the game and restarted the client.

    Again I clicked the help button and asked them why they did not respond the first time.

    Now I was two times in the help queue. One time still number 6 in queue and one time number 10 in queue.

    And that char was still doing the same stuff.

    After quite some time that character recalled onto the roof of Moonglow bank again and maybe half a second later he was gone, so I think they caught him in action after all.
    This all took more than 4 hours. First no response and then the second time they did something. But 4 hours is far too long and if they do something they could have sent me a message that they look for him and cancel that message that I would be somewhere in a virtual queue.
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    oki i sent you all the information , we where watching them for about 1.5 hours and the pictures say everything else you need [​IMG]
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I would suggest do what you did and let the world know about it. The cheater will call you a griefer of course (because he is a hump) but you have to fight fire with fire because these days just calling a gm wont cut it. If you do expose them to as many people as possible and those people deem there cheating as well its more likly they might get action taken against them or at the very least it will stop the idiot cheater from crying and whining youre singling them out and youre griefing them and they will just run and hide and keep there mouths shut or they will bravely post on a newbie stratics name to tell you how legal and just they are and the rules are wrong and need to be changed.
  26. Theo_GL

    Theo_GL Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 2, 2003
    Likes Received:
    If they really wanted to stop resource scripting - they would simply log in a DB the number of Sacred Journey's and Recalls by character per hour and per day.

    Anyone with more than 60 per hour and 1000 in a day would go to the 'top of the list' and they could investigate them for scripting.

    Once they ban the ones that are scripting - rinse and repeat the next day.

    Have 1 GM dedicated to this.

    This would really cut down on the operations quickly. I'll bet if you tracked the number of players with 1,000 recalls per day per shard - you'd probably get about 20-30 per shard with 90% + that are scripters. I can't imagine playing enough in a day to recall 1000 times. However, scripters probably hit 3,000-4,000 a day if script runs all day.
  27. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ummm better not i would be on the top of the list hehe

    you know how many times i recall when i copy books for my vendors or marking new ones?

  28. That would be nice....track the recalling, not like it's invading privacy. It would be easier than having to watch for players real names when they sign for a new account or track CC#'s or debit account numbers.....

    man, 60 recalls in an hour, I couldn't stay parked that long. ouch!
  29. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am not going to go look up the TOS, But in RL most places have a, "We Reserve the Right" type of policy. If it is not in there TOS, then add it. Now give GM's the authorisation to act Quickly, to investigate. And, if by chance they just ran into a 18 an hour day UO addict, and no scripts or unattended macro's or anything, Then No harm done. That player only lost a little time in jail, and should understand that it was in the best interest of the game, upon his/her release.

    I once found both a Frostwood Tree in a bunch, and a Heartwood Tree's in a bunch. I could carry 220 logs at a time. Cut 220 frost, recall to bank, return, repeat, no more wood to chop. Recall to Heartwood, chop 220 logs, bank, repeat, no more wood to chop. 7 Min respawn timer has elapsed, return to frost trees, and so on. If a GM stopped me, and saw i was doing it by hand, at the PC, i would understand completely.

    It is easy to Prove you are at the keyboard. If, you can not prove it, you deserve whatever may happen to you.
  30. I remember this person when I was out IDOC hunting!! It was about a month back, but at that time they only had 3 chars doing it. I only observed them for a short while, then tried to get as much monsters as I can and led them to the place lol.
  31. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well, maybe he can sell me a heartwood fletching tool since the only way to get these things is with a ridiculous amount of online boredom or scripting or stupid amount of gold. NO! I'm not the person whose account this is, I'm just making a point.
  32. Happened to me, not too long ago....I discovered a val spot that refused to stop spawning val....I found myself hitting it almost all day, off and on of course.
    Reality has a habit of saying, remember me?

    But with val and frostwood as they are now, I had to go for it.

    Then, check this out, I bump into another miner....he approaches me....I stopped and said, "sup?"....he laughed and was amazed....he says" wow, a miner that's not a scripter!"....I agreed.....

    Bottom line, if you don't want to be accused, be friendly, it takes but a second.
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *is shocked*

    You mean monsters weren't brought in to assist you? If you ask them real nice, they will follow you to the location of the scripter and take care of them for you. Sometimes they will even loot those evil scripters and the monsters will give you their loot...la
  34. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am totally aware of the program he is running, and have done some study on it to see its flaws. Once I understood the program, I found that a ton of PvP'rs use it as well as unattended scripters. Once you understand it a little, you can play with these scripters. Often you can just make your font Red and type out GM Spada and watch as they log out, or instantly recall.

    I found that WoW also has unattended programs, which have similar flaws. In the WoW program you just need to follow them for a few minutes, and they log out... I wish it was that easy for Ultima.

    I am going to forgo the name of the program to respect the boards, but what I am confused about is this program is always outdated each time UO updates with a new publish. It simply will not work, and the creator of the program has to update his script running program each time UO updates. I checked his website where it sponsors over 1000 scripts to run, and it is still out of date.

    So if he is not using that program... what is he using?
  35. Guest

    Guest Guest

    acctually we didnt want to do nothing that would make him come back to the keyboard :p

    WE wanted him caught in the act.

    He didnt respond to us chatting thou.
  36. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Well it got really quiet here ,wich means 1 of 2 things happened...

    he eather got put in macro jail or more likely seen his house featured on the front page of Stratics hehe

    I was hoping Draconi would put a bomb on it

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Great job on this. [​IMG]

    You know, I find it sad, because of the dedicated players in UO, if they would work with us, we would help them git rid of most of the scirpers like this.
  37. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Thing is no matter how many houses Draconi burns down they are just going to start right back up again.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    It's impossible to stop scripting. Whenever they do something to "fight scripting" these days it usually just encourages even more scripting by creating yet more tedious tasks.

    The only way to make progress on the problem is by making things less tedious...so while people could still script them they don't really gain anything over the people who do it honestly.
  38. Emil Ispep

    Emil Ispep Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 23, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Hey guess what everyone? Heres a fix:

    No third party program usage allowed in UO.

    Now cry because you cant use UOA...

    All better? Ok then.

    As long as third party programs can run in the background, and interact with the UO client, scripting and unattended gameplay will always be a problem.

    Do you really need UOA to count your regs for you? Oh maybe to tell you what Corp Por means (because you haven't seen it enough?)

    Say no to steroids &amp; baseball.
  39. Coranthe

    Coranthe Guest

    This reply has nothing to do with the subject pro or con, but rather to call attention to the fact the moderators here are allowing you to post the character names and shard of the accused player against the rules of Stratics. The same offense that would get any other thread locked or moved. Just another case of moderators applying rules at their own whim.

    ps. To whichever moderator sees this and decides to ban me, I did notify you via the means you have requested a few hours ago and several moderators have been on since and failed to take action.
  40. Garaba

    Garaba Guest

    If you look at the screen shots a certain way you might see a name. Otherwise I believe it does not violate the rules.

    *attaches a 'Garaba Seal of Approval' to the thread*
  41. Guest

    Guest Guest

  42. Coranthe

    Coranthe Guest

    OK, fine for those that can't see the names a "certain way" they are 'array' and 'rank'. Rank was even called out by one of the other posters.

    I'm all for player justice, but I'd also like to see the moderators here apply their precious rules to everyone equally.
  43. JoyousGard

    JoyousGard Guest

    That is so awesome though too... I mean... six dudes just doing that one guy's bidding. Look at them all recall at the same time. WHOOSH! Reminds of Warcraft: "My Liege. My Liege. Yes, my lord."

    Who is with me? Even though it is scripting and cheating, that is still pretty darn cool. 6 chars doing one master's bidding.

    Scripting stinks, but that guy is going to be able to pleasure himself tonight.

    EA should let us hire NPC wood choppers that do exactly that. Seriously, they should sell systems like that.
  44. Guest

    Guest Guest

    You have absolutely no clue, do you?

    Saying no 3rd party programs at all will have no affect on scripting.

    Just like anyone that thinks that there is no scripting client for KR is deluding themselves.
  45. Guest

    Guest Guest

    OK, stop trying to get the topic locked/deleted to cover up your business... [​IMG] Just kidding, but seriously, if people want to show scripting operations on Stratics, let them, aren't we all always talking about how scripters ruined UO?
  46. <blockquote><hr>

    OK, fine for those that can't see the names a "certain way" they are 'array' and 'rank'. Rank was even called out by one of the other posters.

    I'm all for player justice, but I'd also like to see the moderators here apply their precious rules to everyone equally.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    ORLY? Seems you just mentioned them too. *pulls out the bannhammer*
  47. After all the changes with the ore, the wood, and the bags of sending the scripters are still out there Winning while us honest players suffer now [​IMG] [​IMG]
  48. Guest

    Guest Guest

    "EA should let us hire NPC wood choppers that do exactly that. Seriously, they should sell systems like that."

    Darkfall will do that. But not like you can leave them ungaurded, considering there is NO Safe Zones in Darkfall. Which will also make scripting in Darkfall not widespread. A scripter will just be killed repeatedly. Scripter won't be getting the resources himself, (We'll just loot it from there bodies when we kill them, Full Loot FTW!) so won't be profitable for them to script.
  49. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I got a GREAT Campaign if they ever decide to allow a UO player to become the CEO of EA.

    Hrm hrm. *Clears Throat*

    Scripting/Cheating will not be tolerated! Any scripter that is found, will be publicly executed at New Magincia by a GM in an Executioner's Hood that will conceal the GM's identity. A group of GMs will appear in a circle around there storage facility and all will simultaneously cast the Armageddon Ritual, thus utterly obliterating the house and it's contents. Any speedhacker that is found will be permanently Paralyzed, while a GM pops down and insta kills them with a Hally Whack. Platoons of GMs WILL be seen marching through Heartwood and will be arresting any unnattended scripter they find.
    *Throws out Peace Signs*