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reporting scriptors

Discussion in 'UHall' started by burnttrees, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. burnttrees

    burnttrees Guest

    so i was mining and for the i dont know how long i have seen a player who recalls into the mine and then recalls to another location i can at time watch him recall around the cave i mine in and i am wondering how i should report him IE. the in game system under help looks odd as it says harassment (exploit) just like that in KR and almost all the line that are links to external sights for explanations are for harassment according to uo/ea/mythic policies

    also i am wondering if in fact this is worth it to bring to there attention as i can not tell if in fact the player is afk while doing this or not i know there are programs that do the exact same behavior

    and when i do, do i need to have him on screen when i report as he is recalling to allot of different spots both inside the cave and elsewhere
  2. Vexxed

    Vexxed Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Harassment then choose Physical Harassment. I usually go with the option of typing in the players name because if you choose to select them from the list they aren't always on the list and you have to do it all over again. At that point I usually go park my butt in luna with the UOA "show incoming players" option toggled on so that I won't log out and come back in an hour or so to see if the GM has gotten around to my page yet... Not quite sure what happens if you log out while waiting on a page.
  3. Same thing that happens when you don't log off... Nothing lol :p
  4. burnttrees

    burnttrees Guest

    ok i tried to report it in KR and found a nice bug that i reported and then switched to 2d

    at this point is the only way to report the player by way of using the physical harassment option? as when i read this it seems basically states the gm will not do anything unless there is proof of "Physical Harassment"
  5. Fink

    Fink Guest

    The "Verbal Harassment" option means they'll look at your journal for further evidence.. don't know if that's any use in this situation, but in the past I've been encouraged to use that option for some reason.

    What's idiotic is they have the target option thing come up after you've written your complaint; usually they're long gone/recalled by that time.
  6. burnttrees

    burnttrees Guest

    yeah i cought the target option in KR and decided to wait i mean he is a scriptor so he comes back to give me another chance :loser: ohh well i will try it in 2d and see what happens maybe my computer will explode into laughter at my naive attempt
  7. burnttrees

    burnttrees Guest

    ok apparently i am not supposed to report this player as the report crashed in 2d when i went to hit submit and to top it off they are multiplying as there was a second one wow this is just not my day i think i am going to go play psp some nice grand theft auto sounds good have fun and thank you everyone for answering my questions
  8. GarthGrey

    GarthGrey Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I would show you my stack of canned response emails I"ve received after paging on scripters, but I used them to wallpaper my house, my neighbors house, his neighbors house..................................................................
  9. Inspector

    Inspector Guest

    Just go buy some bag balls and put them on his recall spot, problem *somewhat* solved.
  10. burnttrees

    burnttrees Guest

    i was thinking about grabbing my fighter and dealing with it that way

    also i have heard of probs in the past because people call gm's for blocking recall spots sad fact in that
  11. Inspector

    Inspector Guest

    Yeah, killing him would probably be the best bet, but you could block just a few of the spots, hide, and then see if he continues without removing the bag's if he does he's almost for sure afk. Either way the GM's aren't going to be of much help.
  12. Kral

    Kral Guest

    It is legal to block recall spots in Felucca.

    From the UO Kbase (Felucca rules quoted):
    I only see these bot miners in Felucca, so you can block them.
    I just set my shovel to mine granite, and drop the granite on the recall spots.

  13. burnttrees

    burnttrees Guest

    thx Kral thats a good idea as i only mine in fel and am tired of seeing them plus being a tight stingy a## makes me think the granite would be best i have on a couple ocasions thought about just trying to steal his ore except he dosnt have a fire beatle and the other just has a blue beatle to bad there is insurance (sad i am saying this) or i would steal his shield
  14. Eslake

    Eslake Guest

    Oh yes, just read the headlines about the dupe bans.
    They say they won't tolerate duping/scripting/cheating.

    But if you believe that, you haven't been playing UO lately.

    I could log in this very minute, and take you to at least 4 scripters. I could tell you the names of the scripters before we ever left town. They are always on doing the same things in the same places.

    Paging on them daily for 2 months now has accomplished nothing.

    And if they really gave a crap, don't you think there would be a specific option in the Page menu for reporting them?

    Perhaps one that took into consideration the fact that you cannot reveal the hidding scripters in Trammel - so neither targetting them nor typing their name is an option.

    I haven't been in shame for over a week, but I would wager on LS shame at the gazer booths there is a scripter hidding with a cu named "A Pink Sidhe" farming artifacts unattended.
  15. Priam_Sonoma

    Priam_Sonoma Guest

    Honestly, with recent events as they are, I would let it go. Or you yourself may end up banned.
  16. burnttrees

    burnttrees Guest

    nice to see your still at it Eslake sad in a way but nice to see you have spirit :popcorn:

    Priam_Sonoma i mean no disrespect but i am not sue who your statement is towards
  17. arkanos

    arkanos Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Now I know this has prolly been asked before but since I have rarely ever seen scripters (or at least could say 100% that someone is running a script) I havenĀ“t really followed the discussion.

    I have just met a guy who is recalling to his tram keep non stop to a chest with close to 3 Million stones, loading off, etc... doesnt respond, hides. when i stand on recall spot (not illegal i hope?) he recalls to a spot next to me.

    I would say this is scripting (or could it be anything else?).

    Are there any legal things i can do to prevent him from doing so?
    I think blocking with massive objects is illegal and taming and releasing dangerous pets is forbidden. Same prolly goes for luring something to his keep.

    You are prolly going to say: report him. Call me stupid but how do I report someone?
    Only thing I find under the help button is harassement. This doesnt apply here.
    Or do i use the same option that i would use if I need ingame assistance?
    And if so what should I put in the note? Sextant coordinates? Name of the player?
    And have I got to be there when/if GM comes? Or do i just write the message and continue playing?

    Anything would help, thanks.

    Hephaistos of Europa
  18. Radun

    Radun Guest

    I don't know what the official method is, but I report them for Harrassment - Physical Harrassment - just type in short message that you suspect [name] of unattended macroing - target player.

    i hope that helps. i don't know if I've ever actually gotten anyone's account actioned.
  19. I would definatly tame and release a greater dragon at his house, thats just me tho, i'm mean.. besides whats he ganna do, page and say he was scripting and someone released a pet to get him killed? Lol, doubtful... anyways, when you page on someone for scripting you do page under harassement.. physical! That way they it saves a copy of your journal!
  20. Blesh

    Blesh Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I remember once had several t-maps for one small island area where there were two small houses. both had scripters in them. I made it a point every day to do one of those chests and not kill the monsters, becuase well, I dont have to.

    It took about a week before the scripters moved house.
  21. therogon

    therogon Guest

    That's funny, but it's not going to help the problem of scripters. I've looked at some of these programs just to see what the heck people were getting into. They're crazy. I never knew scripts could be so complex as to get a character around between storage and resources and such. I feel guilty having a program to click the mouse for me so I don't get carpel tunnels or something when I'm doing tailoring, but even then I have to be there because my sewing kits only run up to 100 uses and I can't stand the thought of leaving oil cloths lying around. (one time I decorated the bank and got yelled at... lol. I didnt think about it but so much stuff can run down some ppl's machines.) Plus, I never have to worry about bandaids (thank you salvage bag!). But I can see how unattended scripting is serious, besides that it ruins the economy of UO. If you don't think so go around Heartwood and look at all the bags lying around. Some people are still so bold as to do it at BOB. It makes me upset, because it's the reason everyone is running around with craptons of gold and highend rares and everything else under the sun.
    Anyway, my point is you COULD release a tamed dragon or whatever but thats not going to get them to stop doing it. I suppose the best thing to do is what you did, ask someone or let everyone know.
    I say report it. If you do it, and you know its wrong, then you should know you could get caught. But if you catch someone else, then you're the only thing that stands between them and justice. And if nobody gets punished, why would anyone obey the law?
  22. love2winalot

    love2winalot Guest

    In the ol days nothing set back an unattended macroer than stealing his stuff. Allow stealing again in Trammel and we would all welcome the scripters with open arms...hehehe:D
  23. RenaLynne

    RenaLynne Guest

    Pretty sure you click physical harassment, then it will ask you to target player/players involved. May or may not take care of the problem, but I wouldnt risk doing something that you yourself could be paged on for.
  24. Kral

    Kral Guest

    Yea, we have a 24x7 scripter farming the Elder Gazers in shame with a cu on my shard tram side.

    Nothing can be done about him / her.