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Requiem for a Rainbow.

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It has been a long run frought with peril, laughs, loves and losses. I shall always remember those of you who made escaping so memorable and filled with the mixed bag my beautiful best freind says is life. It's time to hang up my wand and see things while my leaves are still green. I bid you a fond loving farewell, wishing you many enemies to slay, freinds to share with and a poem I rather like, sad perhaps, but so very apt. Those of you who mean something to me know who you are, and how I cherish you.

    Requiem for a Rainbow
    By Midget

    Move on they say,as if they know you,
    like theres a choice involved,
    they dont know you like I do,
    this equation not so easily solved.

    It's been very fun this life we've lead,
    yet somethings missing soon,
    I silently scream,til my face is red,
    who will ever see? ever know?
    my impotent rage,my endless dread.

    Only you know what runs through my mind,
    rich full laughter at lifes endless rhymes
    Bittersweet memories of you and our time,
    The laughs the loves,beautiful you going,
    I pretend for you,but I wont be left behind.

    So I smile and laugh, hiding my pain,
    easing your time,loving your courage,
    tears flow so easy,an indelible stain.
    every second treasured,tempered by knowledge,
    that only those who've seen rains sad glow,
    can truly love a rainbow.


    I am CKC's last post.