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Resign from the "tutorial" quest

Discussion in 'UO Resources' started by JPDefault, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. JPDefault

    JPDefault Guest

    I created a new character, and now he's stuck in the "closed" Old Haven area.
    I have a window with that tutorial lady telling me to left click "next" to conitnue, but nothing happens when I click the button or close the window.
    The Quests window shows nothing, and I'm basically stuck there! Help!!! :cursing:
  2. Wulf2k

    Wulf2k Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Crusader of Chaos

    Feb 27, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Can you help/stuck to somewhere else?
  3. JPDefault

    JPDefault Guest

    I must say I went to the lenghty and painful installation of the classic client thing, and of course logging in with the character who was in the Enhanced Client tutorial had him lifted and magically transported to New Haven.
    Then I could return to the Enhanced Client and play normally.
    BUT every time I create a new char, I get stuck the same way and have to log in from the classic to skip the tutorial.
  4. UOKaiser

    UOKaiser Guest

    Have you completed the tutorial before?
  5. JPDefault

    JPDefault Guest

    Sure! And I wondered why did I have to complete it again with my other characters, but oh well, it started normally, until I equipped that katana and the lady said: "left click next to continue".
  6. UOKaiser

    UOKaiser Guest

    Try to do what it usualy ask you from the quest like it expects you to die so make sure you die killing zombies and rez from the healer then get your body. Before that expects you to kill a skeleton then before that expects you to mark that katana as a quest item.
  7. JPDefault

    JPDefault Guest

    If clicking "next" worked, it would then ask me to go to the next highlighted spot: the iron gate for the skeleton area. But there's no highlighted area, the gate won't open and it won't teleport me.
    I don't care much about this anyway: I'm just skipping the whole thing. Other newbs may find it annoying, tho'.