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Resource spawning

Discussion in 'SWG General Discussion' started by ClanBeviin2, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. ClanBeviin2

    ClanBeviin2 Guest

    Does anyone know of a list of the resources with the longest times between spawns? Is this even possible to do? It seems like some of the resources - Duralloy Steel, for example - have months in between spawns, while others, are only weeks or days. Is there a list of the rarest ones?
  2. BadgerSmaker

    BadgerSmaker Guest

    Check out www.swgcraft.co.uk

    Depending on how active the crafters on your server are, this should be updated with all current and past resource spawns.

    The resource spawning system is very dynamic, with a few fixed resources.

    Here is a guide to the resource spawning system: .

    Also handy to know is the highest density you can expect a resource to spawn with:

    - High and Plentiful: JTL resources (see list below), Chemicals and Inert Gas (Up to 99% and can easily find spots in the 90s)

    Conductive Borcarbitic Copper
    Crystallized Bicorbantium Steel
    Fermionic Siliclastic Ore
    Gravitonic Fiberplast
    Hardened Arveshium Steel
    High Grade Polymetric Radioactive
    Perovskitic Aluminum
    Unstable Organometallic Reactive Gas

    - Medium: Non-JTL Minerals except Ore, Non-JTL Reactive Gas and Flora. (Up to the 90s as well, but normally have to settle for the 80s or even the high 70s)

    - Low and Rare: Non-JTL Ore, Water, Wind Energy and Solar Energy (Up to the 70s, but often have to settle for the 60s or even the 50s)