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Rest in peace Storm Force / Whisper of Death

Discussion in 'UO Player Memorial Forum' started by Marie, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. Marie

    Marie Guest

    Storm Force aka Whisper of Death was tragically killed on saturday afternoon as a result of a car crash . I just wanted to make a post to let those who knew him know of this sad news . We had only been together for 3 months but in that time I knew him to be a very kind , thoughtful , generous and loving person . I was lucky to be able to say goodbye to Chris before he left us and I know he would have wanted me to say goodbye to people who knew him through UO . There are 3 people in particular who he talked about qute a lot and they are DanJ , Znowflake and Damacles ( hope I got the names right ) Chris was fond of these 3 and always had good things to say about them so if anyone knows these 3 can you please let them know the news .
    Chris also talked about his guild and how much fun he had with them at champ hunts etc. but unfortunately I do not know how to contact them so if anyone knows C~E guild could you please direct them to this post as it would be much appreciated .
    I really dont know what to do with his account so if you see any of his characters in game then it will be me as Chris quite often let me use his account so I could understand the world in which he spent many hours ( which inevitably led to us being late for meals etc !! ) it doesnt seem right to delete the account so I may keep it or even sell it then donate the money to his favourite charity .
  2. Hemisphere

    Hemisphere Always Present
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 21, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Storm Force the legendary tailor? I saw him around a few times, we chatted a bit, probably made a couple of trades at some point.. from what I remember he was a very nice guy, I remember repecting him for being one of the first legendary tailors I saw.

    It's always sad to see a member of the Europa community go like this, especially for me when it's someone I knew, my thoughts go out to all his family and friends in this time, which must be so hard for them.

    Just one thing I have to say though, without meaning to cause offense, I think it would be quite disrespectful to play his characters, or worse, to sell them to some eBayer who will play them himself.. it could also hurt people who knew him well if they saw his characters running about, and wouldn't do much good to help the grieving process. I know you mean well, but I think you should definitely consider what you might be letting yourself in for. Sorry if you don't agree with this, although I do like the idea of selling the contents of his account and giving the proceeds to his favourite charity, the account itself I think should be left alone, and the characters sent to rest with their master.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Dead god... this is sad.

    I knew of him, but I didnt ever meet him. I know DanJ (well, through other mates, and we spoke on the phone before) so I have just told him /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif

    Don't sell the account. Keep it. Or suspend it. If you sell it, someone else will go around as him. That *seems* terrible, as its takes everything out of his character and leaves his character as an empty shell to play with, and not what he put into it (well maybe you know what I mean)

    I dont know how much you know about the UO community, but a lot of people are extremely against the idea of accounts being sold. Think, would he sell the account himself after all he put in?

    My condolences are with you. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  4. Marie

    Marie Guest

    yes Storm was a legendary tailor often seen riding a fire steed but I must clarify something that I forgot to mention . He sold the account which contained Storm to a guild friend so he could concentrate on his other account .
    I thank you for your kind words Hemisphere and I have taken note about me or someone else playing his account and I think that you may be right . I have spoken to his younger sister and she has asked for his account as she loved to watch him play so I might pay for a name change on his characters so she can play .
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Im sure everyone would like to join me in wishing you our condolences, our thoughts are with you and the rest of storm's family during what must be a very hard time.
  6. DanJ

    DanJ Guest

    I've been sitting here for an hour in shock, I don't know what to say. Thanks to everyone who messaged me.

    Chris was a great guy, friend to everyone and would go out of his way to do the best he could for you. He truly is a loss to this world.

    Marie please pass on my highest regards to his family. If you or they need anything don't hesitate to ask. If you feel up to it please drop me an email or ICQ just to let me know how you are doing.

    I've been trying to get hold of Znowie and Damacles, if anyone is able to let them know before I see them please let them know I'm here if they want to talk.

    I don't know what else to say, I'm too shocked so I'll leave it there. Thanks to everyone who's left their regards to a good friend.
  7. hopfull

    hopfull Guest

    Ahh this is sad news indeed.I cant say i new him(by sounds of him i wish i had met him tho).
    And credit to you for thinking of his freinds in what must be a desperate time for youself(and as everyone has allready said our thoughts go out to you and his family).

    There is nothing i can say really,if there is ever somit you want to ask/talk about just send me a PM.Sometimes is easier to talk to folk you dont know....

    My thoughts go out to you.
  8. Crest Lavender

    Crest Lavender Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I dont know what to say really, just can repeat waht Hopfull said.
    I feel sad to hear this and my thoughts are with the people who knew, loved and cared about him.

    Sincere condolences.

  9. Can't say I knew him but my condolences go out to those who did.

    Sad, sad news.
  10. EveningKiss

    EveningKiss Guest

    I'm so sorry. It's always terrible when a player, friend and great person is taken from us so suddenly. I just hope his sister will carry his loving memory for all of us whom will miss him terrbily.
  11. Elv'eng

    Elv'eng Guest

    I'll just follow what Shaz said. But always sad to hear such things happening to fellow UO players.
  12. Conquester

    Conquester Guest

    I am so sorry to hear of this Marie. I worked with Chris for over 3 years and am absolutlely devastated by this loss. It was only a couple of weeks ago he posted here saying he was returning to UO, and to hear of this in such a way is unbelievable.

    There is little I can say to in anyway ease the pain those of us knew him are feeling right now. I am trying to contact Damacles as you read this and I am sure he will be able to contact all the others who knew Chris.

    Right now I just don't know what to say but I thank you for letting us all know. That must have been a very hard thing to do and my thanks go out to you.

    To you Chris, wherever you are mate, I am sorry and god's speed to you...
  13. gardengoth

    gardengoth Guest

    My sincere sympathies to Chris' family and loved ones, and everyone who'll miss him.

    All I can really say about Storm Force is that I met him in game on a few occasions, and was just in awe. If you can have virtual charisma, he did.
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I only saw him a few times in game, but I heard a lot of good things about him... My heartfelt condolences to you and his family...
  15. Sad, Did not know him but saw his characters around, just echo what others have said.
    If something is going to be done in game please keep us posted.
  16. Merel

    Merel Guest

    From reading everyones replies its obvioulsy a pity I never got to meet Storm Force.

    Even so, I wish his family, his girlfriend and those who cared for him all the strength they need to come to terms with this.

    Always sad to hear of someone being taken away too soon.
  17. Blue Fin

    Blue Fin Guest

    I used to see Storm Force training tailoring about the banks. I didn't get to speak much to him, but know that the World will be a poorer place for his passing.
  18. Halo 14

    Halo 14 Guest

    *bows head*
  19. DanJ

    DanJ Guest

    I've spoken to Znowflake about Chris, she wants you to know how sorry she is for your loss, she doesn't feel she is able to speak to anyone about it just yet. A loss like this is never easy on anyone especially when it's someone so young, so kind and so caring. Chris was a dear friend to us both and helped us both on any number of occasions. He is a dear friend who will be missed greatly.

    If you want me to pass any messages on to her or to get in contact with her then please let me know and I'll do all I can. If there's anything I can do please let me know, I'd like to do something if I can.
  20. Vampiress

    Vampiress Guest

    Chris was a very special guy he will be missed a lot.
    I used to role play with him somtimes when I was still on Europa, I am so sorry for your loss.
  21. Tah Murda

    Tah Murda Guest

    hi im the GM of C~E, i really cant actually believe this has happened Whisper was a Good mate and will be missed by all im sure, i havent ever had a bad word to say about the guy, he was always nice and everyone thought the same also, my regards to any of whispers friends and family who im sure this woulda hit a lot worse, dunno what to say really still in a state of shock apart from Rest in Peace Bro you will be missed /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  22. Marie

    Marie Guest

    Hi Ben yes Chris did mention you quite often and its my fault I forgot to mention you in my original post . I am trying to ICQ you from Chris' ICQ but it keeps disconectiong itself every time I try to log into into it /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  23. Marie

    Marie Guest

    Hi Danj I m trying to contact you through Chris' ICQ but I am having problems connecting so I might just reinstall it and contact you asap as I would like to talk to you . Thank you for contacting Znowflake its much appreciated
  24. Marie

    Marie Guest

    Hi Tah Murda - thak you for your kind words they are much appreciated . I know Chris thoroughly enjoyed the time he spent with your guild doing champ hunts etc. and he never had a bad word to sa about anyone from your guild . Chris said that joining your guild opened up a whole new aspect of UO that he really enjoyed so thanks for making him happy /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  25. Tah Murda

    Tah Murda Guest

    no problem, whisper will always been remembered as one of the good guys /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  26. Marie

    Marie Guest

    I would like to say a big thank you to all of the kind words that people have said about Chris - his family and I didnt realise he was so liked in the game and it is heart warming to hear of so many nice things said about him .His little sister wants to play his account for a while so if you see Whisper then you know who is playing him . The people who have sent me private messages thank you very much your words are very comforting . Chris will be cremated as soon as the inquest has been completed and I know that his wish was for his ashes to be scattered in the sea and I have decided as it was one of his wishes to go to the USA to scatter them in the sea somewhere in America .
  27. Conquester

    Conquester Guest

    Marie, thank you so much for keeping in touch I can't imagine how hard this must all be for you. My thoughts are truly with you and Chris's family especially his sister who I know he loved so dearly that it was truly inspirational whenever he talked of her.

    Chris really was the gentle giant of men, and nothing can take that from those of us who had the privelidge of knowing him. To be honest Marie my head is still spinning from the tragic loss and in some small way at least here I can share that with you and hopefully his family. I truly hope they will get to visit this board and see for themselves just how much love and genuine passion his friends have for him.

    There is still so much grieving and so many memories flashing within all of our hearts right now and I know that no matter what he lives with us all still. Through thick and thin there is nothing than can stop us remembering those times he shared with us. The smiles, the fights, the absolute determination he had that was his own personality and his own self-belief. I don't think anyone will ever know a man quite like him, and no tragedy in my own life can compare to this. I can only thank you for allowing us all the opportunity to face the reality of this incomprehensible loss.

    My head is running with memories, good and bad alike and they all just make no sense at all. Its just too unreal right now, my soul and my prayers reach out to you and his loved ones.

    You just take it a step at a time Marie, to have known him for so fleeting a time and to know how amazing he was is something you should treasure forever. Those times you spent with him will surely last you a lifetime and that is something you should feel blessed to have experienced. He truly was one in a million, and I am truly happy he found someone like you to share his life with.

    Together, in all of us, he will live on in our hearts our minds and our souls....
  28. TB Cookie

    TB Cookie Guest

    Hi Marie,

    It's lovely to hear from you, thank-you very much for informing us of what has happened to our friend, even though in such sad circumstances.

    C~E is TB's & .M.'s blue guild for pvming and having fun without factioners attacking us. Chris joined up from these boards, and he never looked back with us. A very friendly, lovely, helpful guy to have on the uoam, a guy I knew I could trust.

    I was pretty upset hearing this news, but he will live on in our memories and we will all remember the fun we had and the part he played in our lives.

    Finally, best wishes to yourself, and his family, I hope that time helps heal such a tragedy and you can carry on and enjoy life, as I know Chris would want you to.

    / Mark Cooke.
  29. Conquester

    Conquester Guest

    Tonight is possibly the worst night to be suggesting this Marie, because I know there is just so much we are all thinking of right now, but I will try to explain as best I can...

    I really believe your wish to take Chris to America is just a perfect farewell for him and I hope you can PM/ICQ to let me know if I can help on that in some way. For those of his friends who never knew him in RL and face to face I would like to think maybe they could all get together in the game to allow them a chance to say goodbye themselves. That of course I understand could be very hard for his family and yourself should they see what was in truth just a computer screen of pixels. But if they would give their permission, and your blessing too then please consider that as an opportunity for those friends of his who won't now ever get to meet him for real to have a moment of their own to remember him by.

    Its a huge decision I know but maybe for some it would help to have something like that to really accept what has happened, a time and a memory not just of a man but of an amazing contributor to these artificial worlds.

    Please no-one here wants a reply right now, its just a thought that I think Chris would have been happy to see suggested. He loved UO as you know, and it would be nice to have a small UO splinter of time when every one of his friends could meet up and give their love to him and to his loved ones.

    Please take care Marie, and my love goes to you all...
  30. Conquester

    Conquester Guest

    Afternoon Marie and everyone else viewing this thread. I am very sorry but I can't have this post dropping off the front board so soon as I would dearly like to see it eventually posted on the Memorial Forum here on Stratics.

    I know a lot of the people who have been contacted in the past 24 hours have been unable to activate new accounts and/or just don't know how to post on these boards. So for those people who have contacted me with their love and wishes this post is for you. Theres been a lot of people e-mailing and ICQ'ing their thoughts to you and Chris's family Marie and I hope you know just how vast the network of people who knew and loved Chris actually was.

    Take care, our thoughts are with you...
  31. Tah Murda

    Tah Murda Guest

    since i seem to be chris's last gm and how he enjoyed C~E so much im gonna try get in contact with osi for a memorial plaque or something to go on front of the guild house, not quite sure what it would say best ive come up with so far is, In Loving Memory Of Whisper Of Death/Stormforce The Legendary Friend. do u think osi would go for it?
  32. Conquester

    Conquester Guest

    Hi Tah, and my condolences to you and all of the members of C~E. I think your idea is a fantastic one but I am afraid that OSI will only have one reply to that, albeit I am sure they will pass on their love to those of us who are grieving right now. I would heartily support your idea in any way I can however and it is certainly something you could try.

    I have asked Stratics to allow us to post on the Europa News and also to eventually have this thread locked and preserved for all time on the Memorial Forum. There just seems so little anyone can actually do right now, but hopefully we can all at least support Chris's family and loved ones and let them know they are not alone in this time of true tragedy.

    Many thanks to all of you are still sending messages of love and support...
  33. Tah Murda

    Tah Murda Guest

    i sent a email to them but i reckon i will get sent around the whole uo office b4 i actually get the correct email address to send these sorta things to :/
  34. Tah Murda

    Tah Murda Guest

    his other Acc btw is used to by Evan James from TB and .M. however i think he has actually quit uo himself.
  35. Conquester

    Conquester Guest

    I don't know how everybody would feel about this but Tah has actually given me an idea which at least we could all help make a reality. I have a small home in Trammel which is rarely used and quite secluded that maybe if nobody minds could be converted into a Memorial for Chris. I could perhaps make a simple conversion and everybody would then be welcome to place books/items of memory in there. This way we would at least have a permanent place of rememberance in the game for Chris and somewhere we could all share in honour of his name.

    This is something I would very much like to do, but please if you Marie or Chris' family would rather do something like this yourselves then please that would be absolutely no problem at all.

    If everyone would agree to this idea then I would appreciate some ideas and suggestions on what exactly you would like to see in such a house, the more input we can get from his friends and loved ones the more real and personal we could make this. I myself would be particularly interested in maybe placing some clothes that Chris himself made with Storm Force in the house and other such pieces of his history could really make it a true memorial home.

    I know this is still very early on for many of us, but at least by doing something constructive we are probably doing exactly what Chris would want us all to do - to carry on with our lives and make the simplest promise of all, to never forget him...
  36. Dhran

    Dhran Guest

    Dear Marie,
    I donĀ“t think I can put all my feelings in words, but Storm has been a great friend to us. The message from his death was so unbelievable, so irreal, it took me a whole day to understand what it really means to all of us.
    I knew him just from the game, we played hours and hours ,we created VSS, our first guild, we laughed and protected eachother , we were a team and had so much fun. But I can say he was a real friend, not just an pixle , a friend who cared and who made us laugh when we were sad .
    I want to say Thank You to You Marie, thx for this board, thx for sharing with us , its the only way we can show Storm and his family how much we loved him.
    I m sending You my deepest condolences, I know he is with us in these days .

    We will miss You Chris and never forget You !!!!

    Your Dhran
  37. DamaclesUo

    DamaclesUo Guest

    Marie - Chris was a great friend of mind, Unfortunately i never had the chance to meet the man behind Lord Storm Force and Whisper of Death however i did still feel like he was a great close friend of mine. We met on my first weeks on Ultima Online, when we were both young in the game. That is almost 2 years ago now, tho i can still rember it like it was yesterday, he gave me one of my first set of armour and my first sword in the would of Ultima. We laughed and joked for at some time hours apon hours, He was indeed a great man.

    It sadens me to think of what has happened to him and all those in his Rl life, what you are going through is unimaginable. He made such an impression on me and those who he met on online gaming that even tho we never realy knew him in Rl, we still, i still feel deaply saddend by the taught of never seeing him in game ever again, never talking to him on icq or my email. Towards the last phew months he was on Ultima, he spoke of just how happy he felt in Rl and in Uo. I am sure you and the people around him made that so, and for that i thank you.

    When we last spoke he was thinking of comming back to Uo, this news made me wonderfully happy, we used to so ofted duel around the bank of haven with old fiends of both mine and his, Lord Holy Whisper and Lady Dhran and of cause Thagor. I rember such happy times with them all, but most of all with Chris. He introduced me to the lands of Felucca and the champ spwans and for this and so many things i will Greatly rember him as a truly great and inspiring man who could make me LAUGH so lound and so long in Rl even on my most depressing days.

    He will never be forgoten by me. nor so by the people around him in the world or ULTIMA ONLINE.

    P.S sorry i did not post this message earlyer, i couldent work out how to use this stratics form. Chris useally helped me out with such things.
  38. Tah Murda

    Tah Murda Guest

    i have a really good idea on how it could be decorated and design feel free to icq me on 96411065.
  39. Vampiress

    Vampiress Guest

    This is a great Idea if u need any help putting it together please contact me icq. It was great to see you again Holy even though it was under such sad circumstances.I will miss Chris I can't get my head around this happening, but I am glad I had the chance to know him he was a great guy and made me smile often on icq. My heart goes out to his family at this time.
  40. Conquester

    Conquester Guest

    Its been another long night for all of us, my thanks to Dam and Flame who have helped to talk enough to push one's mind from the pain. The memorial house concept is now set and created. My thanks to dhran and Damacles for their help in this and I ask only that you Marie can give us the blessing to make it public.

    I know that Crom and Tadian would both very much like to post here and yet I am not sure they have been successful in their efforts. I am sure you would all like to know they have both passed on their kindest of regards and best wishes to Chris's family and loved ones. Crom himself has been a long time UO bud of Chris's and has surely sipped a pint in memory of his friend by now.

    There is not going to be a day without more love flooding in here, remember Chris and remember his friends, he was and always will be here to stay...
  41. Marie

    Marie Guest

    Hi Ben - you knew Chris a lot better than me so whatever you feel will be a fitting memorial is fine by his family and me . I am still trying to get his ICQ to work so I can contact you but it will not stay connected /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  42. Marie

    Marie Guest

    Hi Damacles - thank you for your kind words they are very comforting . Chris held you in high regards as he considered you one of his closest friends in UO as he said you were always there for him and would drop whatever you were doing to help him without hesitation . It would be nice if you could always remember him as he used to be - full of life , always joking etc. as he would prefer that rather than be sad that he has gone . His sister Amy will be using his account at some stage so please dont be alarmed if you see his character around .
  43. Marie

    Marie Guest

    Hi Dhran thank you for your support /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Chris told me tales of how he and Holy met a lady called Dhran who took them both on a tour of UO when they first started and how he was impressed about how nice and kind you were . He used to joke about how you called him a "lucky mushroom" /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif as he always had lots of luck in game and he told me all about the boring sunday afternoon when you and Holy and Chris created VSS - I know you and several others made his UO days happy days and thats why he spent so much time in the game .
  44. Marie

    Marie Guest

    Hi Cookie - thanks for your kind words . I know he thought a lot of you as he said you were always willing to help him in any way you could and its people like you who made the game so enjoyable for him . When he quit for a while he kept wondering how the guild was if they had done any successful champ hunts etc. and he said he had had the most fun since joining UO when he joined C~E so I thank you and all of C~E and .M. for making his days happy days /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  45. Marie

    Marie Guest

    Hi again Ben - I have just accessed Chris' account and I have noticed that on the roof of his house locked down is the sword and shield that his first character used - I presume the character is Rumour as the sword is blessed for Rumour . Do you think that would be good to put in the memorial house ?
  46. Conquester

    Conquester Guest

    Hi there Marie, thank you yet again for taking the time to come here. Your words mean so much to us right now, and I know that Chris would have been really proud of you posting here as it surely cannot be an easy thing to do.

    I would dearly love to link up with you in the game so that we could show you the house, as without your blessing it really should not remain. As for that sword and shield, if they are the ones that Chris used to use with Rumour I can think of no more fitting tribute to him. I remember dearly when he came in to work one Tuesday morning with the biggest grin on his face. I had not seen him much in the game the night before and wondered what he had been up to, and as soon as I saw that smile I knew something was up. Right bang slap in the middle of the canteen he blurted out "Rumour is a millionaire, well he was anyway." I swear I nearly choked on my coffee at that news because we had only been playing with those characters for about 2 weeks and I think the most we had ever saved was about 25,000gp. Apparently he had bumped into a character called Lord Faust (I think thats how its spelt for alas I heve never met the man myself) who had struck up a conversation with Chris and shown him his house and some amazing stuff he had lying about on his vendors. Its a perfect example of just how easy it was to get to know Chris because when Faust departed that night he gave Chris a check for 1 million gold, purely as a gift. Chris apparently sat there trembling over this amount of money and only when he had it banked did it really sink in. Now the funniest part of all this was he ended up going on a shopping spree later on and came across a marvel of a Verite Katana. Chris spent ages looking at and wondering whether or not he should splash out so soon in his UO life, but at 80,000 gp he eventually bought it. I tell you Marie I laughed so bloody hard when he told me he bought it and only as he accepted the deal did he suddenly notice the extra zero at the end. Boom, Chris was the proud owner of the best sword any of us had ever seen back then, but he had paid 800,000 gold for it. Now THAT was a funny tale when he first told me about it but he never looked back because he was that annoyed at having spent so much cash he decided to make that sword pay for itself. I think he spent about a month chopping up earth elementals in Ilshanar, and everytime me and Dhran were in the game it was never hard to find him in those caves. Actually a lot of people who knew Chris back then will remember we named those caves after him, Rumour's Caves. Simple I know but we all knew exactly where we meant.

    There are just so many amazing memories I am sure we can all remember about Chris, and in some way sharing them does help a little. I know for one that I miss him one hell of a lot, but my thoughts are with you and his family as always Marie, take care and my highest regards...

  47. Tah Murda

    Tah Murda Guest

    do u play uo yourself marie?
  48. DamaclesUo

    DamaclesUo Guest

    Marie - it truly means alot to us all here in Uo that knew and loved chirs that you have taken the time to post these messages and reply to them, for this thank you, chirs was a great friend and he will never be forgoten by me, and now thanks to you, he will never be forgoten by alot of people who dident even know him. you have a air about you that reminds me of chris /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif i know he would proberly hate all this fuss and attention but er...your gonna get it anyway mate. We will realy miss you, i will realy miss you, it is impossible for me to think of a time we spent together that did not end up in my Bursting out with laughter or chuckling in my sleep, every memory i have of chris is a great and powering one, one that will not be forgotten however wil be one that is dreadfully missed. He was honestly one of a kind.

    I would also like to Thank one increadible man, who with out him there would not be a Rumour or a storm force nor even a whisper of death,in the world on Ultima, this one man has braught so much into the world of ultima and indeed into my life not only on Uo but my Rl also, he truly deserves a hudge applaud and a massive hug, without this man Uo wouldent be the same for me and so many othes in the game. To Ben (conquester) i thank you, you are a true friend a true hero and will always be in my heart. For all you have done and are doing, cheers bud /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  49. Marie

    Marie Guest

    I have played several times on Chris' account and was considering opening up my own account but dont know what to do now
  50. Dhran

    Dhran Guest

    Indeed Damacles, your so right ... A Big thanks for all goes to Ben, he cares so much and helps us to go through this hard time.
    Thanks hun !! *hugs and kisses*