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EM Event Retaliatory Sprit

Discussion in 'Arirang EM Forum' started by EM Hanarin, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. EM Hanarin

    EM Hanarin UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator UO Event Moderator

    Dec 28, 2013
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    The day of Yew starts just like an ordinary days. Children running and playing in the forest, their fathers making the famous wines of Britannia and cutting some woods, and their mothers cooking some breads for lunch or doing some houseworks. Young Kaitlyn loves running around the forest like the other children. But her mother restrained her to go far more than her sight. She always said to her that there are some bad people who trying to do bad thing to our family but she thought there's no such people here. She thought she made up a story to make her to stay at home.

    Even her father always told her that she must be careful. Her father was esteemed Member of Council of Minoc. However, her father get into some sort of bad trouble so they had to move to Yew. That's why she must be careful with other people even if they are friendly. But she thought why would they after us we are no riches. Her father always left home for two or three days. And he was not home today.

    One day, she followed her parents to downtown in Yew. Long time ago, suddenly Elves appears in Yew and the city was in panic because of them but soon, everything back to normal and people starts made an exchange with them. She could saw wonderful and mystic crafted wares all over the places. She wants to see those things once again.

    Actually, she saw extraordinary things when she lived in Minoc. Especially Valena the Minoc's famous tinker made lots of amazing things. Even she made young Kaitlyn to dreamed of tinker someday. However, the Elve's stuffs are something different. Although they are not complicated and elaborated but they look something beautiful and elegant when she see it.

    So she starts practice with small knife. In the morning, she left to the forest and collects some branches. Her mother keep saying that in order to be a good person like her father, she must read books and study but she wouldn't stop her practicing. She was on way home after collecting some branches like the other days.

    She could heard some yelling from her mother. She felt something is wrong because her mother always don't yell in front of people even if she doesn't like them. Soon she couldn't hear any yelling at all. Finally she arrived at home, she could see three man who wearing chain mails with black cloak. She thought, there's must be something wrong or three guards won't came here.

    Young Kaitlyn asked.

    "Mr. Guard! What did my mother do?"

    And then the man who has lots of beard laughed and asked. "Child, you live in this house?"

    She rolls eyes and frowned at him.

    "You are guards, aren't you? My father used to tell me if there's something wrong, I should talk to you but didn't you heard anything from my father?"

    The man pressing his hand to his forehead and said "Ouch!"

    "Well, you are the daughter of famous Jackery, aren't you? And that's your mother, right?"

    His finger points out her mother. It is quiet strange that she was lying down on a floor. And her beautiful dress was smeared with bloods. Kaitlyn was not a fool. She realized that they are the one who her parents warned. She tried to reach her mother but the man stopped her with his rough hands. And he picked his dagger from his chest.

    "Damn it, they never told us that there's a kid here. Child, blame your father. Well, you'll see him soon anyway."

    The place where they visit is now cleaned up. However, their 'message' still remains. And when her father came back, what he saw was two cold blood bodies. The silent day of Yew broken by the father's painful cry.

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    Meeting Place: Trinsic Paladin Guildhouse (A gate will be provided at Britain EM Hall)

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