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Returning again

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Tant, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. Tant

    Tant Guest

    Well I am returning again (I have been quitting since 1997). Though I don't recognize many/any of the faces on this board, so I had best introduce myself again.

    The short form. I first started playing UO in december of '97 and moved to Sonoma in January of '98. In the beginning I was in a red in a guild run by the Nazguls. We ran around the orc fort south of Cove and the lands between there and Covetous. After that I was somewhat active in Oasis and had a small house there for awhile. Since 2000 or so I have been in and out of UO. Always getting drawn back in for some reason or another.

    My characters (all of who were made in '98) in case anyone whom might recognize me is around still:

    - Tanthalas
    - Il-Kalith
    - Sauron
    - Whysper of Death
    - Tant

    I have a few questions for those of you who still frequent Sonoma:

    - Where is everybody these days? What city or cities see alot of traffic? What are the popular hunting spots? Are there any good areas or communities to place a house where I will actually run into neighbors?

    - I don't seem to see many people running around on my little forays, is Sonoma dead? Are any of the other shards still heavily populated?

    - What are the fun things to do in this new huge and empty world of Sosaria?

    - Is ICQ still the communication tool of choice for the UO community?

    As I run around for UO again, after an extended absence, I am filled with a strong since of nostalgia and I am also saddened to see all of the changes and the emptiness. I have so many fun and exciting memories from the first years of this game that at times I struggle to reconcile this new UO with the old. I am kind of conflicted as to whether or not I should jump back in fully.

    As always I am searching for my old friends so if any of you are out there or if anyone knows these people please get ahold of me ([email protected]):

    - Either of the 2 original Nazgul
    - Enigma
    - Softy
    - Ghost
    - Barak
    - Vincent
    - Volton
    - Hellkat
    - hmm my memory is failing me, i know there are more so I will try and add to this list later.

    Edited to add

    - Demise, how could I have forgotten him?
  2. Trinsauce

    Trinsauce Guest

    I remember some of those names... I use to actually have many tussles with them and every other pk guild out there... Under a different name of course...

    I use to run with TK (later united with my guild and reformed as LoS), and OCT back then...

    Welcome back... The only 3 cities I can think of that has any interaction would be Luna, Moonglow somewhat (both aforementioned are tram based), and Nu'jelm has PAS from time to time...

    Hunting spots in fel are always around spawn locations... in tram I couldn't tell ya...