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[Treasure Hunting] Returning Bard/T-Hunter Looking for some basic info

Discussion in 'UO Fishing and Treasure Hunting' started by Mazulat, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Mazulat

    Mazulat Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 26, 2004
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    I've been back in UO for a few months now and I've missed treasure hunting quite a bit. I'm going to begin doing maps again this week, as soon as I retrieve my lost soulstone with GM Cart from the soul stone graveyard on LS. Long story short, the last time I had to take a break from the game, my keep fell and a number of my soul stones poof'd, including the ones with 120 provo, 100 cartog, and 100 lock pick. I've finally retrained some skills, rebuilt my suit, and fixed my template, I think, and I'm just waiting for one of our EM's to return my Cartography stone to me.

    But it's been at least a year or two since I last did a map. Lev 6's were the toughest available then and I solo'd them on a regular basis but due to changes in the mining requirement, my template is now too tight to keep 4x 120 bard skills, so I have to drop either peace, provo, or discord. I chose peace and was hoping some other bard /t-hunters can give me any tips or ideas to be able to solo my maps as I used to. Not having my peacemaking pause button worries me a bit , especially when I have had the poor luck to pop multiple AW's more often than not while doing 6's.

    Really, any info you have that will help me get back into the swing of things will be greatly appreciated.
    #1 Mazulat, Oct 28, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2012
  2. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
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    My advice:

    Mark a rune 4-5 screens from the chest location, before digging. When digging, cast recall instead of invisibility, and target the rune as the guardians spawn. That allows you to work back in the direction of the chest, trying to get 2 spawn at a time where they can be discoed and provoed, or 1 spawn that you can take down with barding skill and summons.
    If some of the spawn got target lock on you with this method, this will often be to your benefit as it will result in spawn being strung out in a line between you and the chest, so you don't risk having all of them in a bunch seeing you at the same time. Or, you can just invis with your first spell after the recall, before heading back in.
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  3. greenwolf

    greenwolf Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 9, 2005
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    Honestly only template the really can consistently solo T-maps at any lvl would be the tamer. Although others will say that a mystic can do it with a RC (rising colossus) it just comes down to, do you really wanna re-summon the the darn thing after that GD or AW just dispelled it for the 3rd or 4th time.

    What i did although its not considered soloing, but it still gets the job done and i get all the rewards, was have 2 accounts one with a Bard/Tamer and a T-Hunter on the other. I would just run to the maps on my T-Hunter pop a gate when i found the spot for the tamer, and would set him 4-5 screens away with the GD. I'd pop the map and pull the monsters towards the tamer once i had 2-3 monsters i would just have the tamer discord everything and rinse and repeat hardest thing was the initial pop. This sounds more difficult than it really is but its all about the tamer and the GD tanking the spawn not the actual T-hunter hes just there to heal the GD and loot the chest. (which looting the chest is 100 times easier in EC than CC)

    This works for me i just hate having my RC get dispelled every 10 seconds. We all play the way we want just hope this helps you :)
  4. startle

    startle Siege... Where the fun begins.
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Gilfane

    Feb 29, 2004
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    I have a Tamer with a kick-a*s GD, but prefer to take my Bard on T-Hunts. I also use 2 clients. One client is the Carto/Mining/Lockpicking treasur hunter that also carrys Magery and Hiding. He uses the recall method to get out when the spawn comes, and almost always it works. My Bard is a screen away and "pulls" 2 or 3 of the top level spawn monsters a ways away and has them go at each other... Been using this combo for years, and haven't had it fail to satisfy...