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Returning Player Needs Tamer Suit and Template Help

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Zannette, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Zannette

    Zannette Guest

    Hello everyone,

    I came back to UO few months ago but i haven't played my tamer since Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge in 2002.

    I read up on lots of guides and posts on template and suit building but i am not familiar with new Dungeons and new bosses so i am having a bit of trouble wrapping my brain with new tamer tactics.

    I have a good grasp of new imbuing changes and how easy it is to get that perfect suit (compared to a decade ago LOL i am getting old).

    Looking at new pets it looks like 110/110 is all i need for 99% control so i am thinking about following two templates:

    110 - Taming
    110 - Lore
    100 - Veterinary
    120 - Magery
    120 - Evaluate Intelligence
    120 - Meditation


    110 - Taming
    110 - Lore
    100 - Veterinary
    120 - Magery
    120 - Music
    120 - Discord

    I am a casual player so i would like to go after "small game" like Paragon Balrons and Succubus'.

    For suit i am thinking following:

    100% LRC
    30-40% LMC
    All 70s (or very close to it)
    2/4 - FC/FCR - At least
    10 MR
    And as much extra Manna and Luck I can add

    Please let me know what you think about this build and what should i change.

  2. Aibal

    Aibal Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I use both those templates, as well as a weaver/mage tamer and a mystic/weaver/tamer. All are effective, you just need to work within the limitations of each template. I play the mage tamer or weaver tamer far more than the others though, as they are my preference. You have a good grasp on the suit, though I would make sure you get 40% LMC, 2/6 fc/fcr, and honestly, with imbuing, I wouldn't settle for less than 14-16MR. My tamer suits have a minimum of 16, and as much as 21. Can never have enough mana on either a mage or weaver tamer lol.
  3. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    1st going after paragons I would advise the discord set up as paragons are notorious for target switching but if you feel comfortable with the whole walk dont run policy around paragons using the eval mage can be quite fun. Make sure you have proper slayers, either instruments or spellbooks or both.

    The next thing to note on the suit, you might consider if your planing on using greater dragons exclusively and you are not a gargoyle is, wearing a pair of midnight bracers. They give 20 necromancy. That will allow you to hold wraith form. Since you are already on foot, being a wraith/banshee wont be a problem and give you free mana leech from any attack including spells. If you have a proper slayer equipped and enough eval, you will leech at least an even amount of mana to what you expend for each spell cast even without any spiritspeak skill. Just to note, if you are human the JoaT bonus is enough without the bracers to hold the form although swapping in about 40 skill just to cast wraith form would be recommended. Items that can help, necromancer grimoire, bloodwood spirit, midnight bracers, 15/15/ring/bracelet, then swap back to your regular setup once in wraith. The next thing to consider is MR from items.

    MR from items is now under diminishing returns. That means anything over 12 mr really is meaningless without both med and focus skills. I play with 8 and it really is way more then I need as a wraith. With that I will say MR of 10 is a nice goal but should be considered last after max HPI(25) then LMC(40) and MI(no cap) and of course LRC is your 1st consideration.

    The other thing here is SDI. Spell damage increase is one of the most overlooked mods in PvM. While there is no cap for PvM it is not entirely easy to get alot of it on a suit. This is the other end of mage artis. There are quite a few SDI artis but most of them do not have LRC attached making it a toss up between LRC and SDI. The main item I suggest is the Kasa of the Rajin. It has great resist and 12 sdi but no LRC. Working out the details while making your suit is gona be tough but altogether possible to reach 100 lrc 40 lmc 53 sdi(no book) 25 hpi and 8 or more mr and some MI or better with an investment in the proper artis.