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Returning player questions..

Discussion in 'UHall' started by accessdenied, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. accessdenied

    accessdenied Guest

    Actually its just one question. I have only started walking around looking for idocs and such and have noticed someone unattended in their house collecting resources (logs). The house is in such a design as to allow for this. I opted not to page on him the first time, but rather brought the matter up with a couple red solens, who seemed extremely upset at him.

    Now, I noticed I was 13 in que when I finally did decide to page the next day. Nothing happened, no one came, and today I find him there again.... I page again. I am 13 in que yet again. Is this problem still going on, as it used to be when I took my leave.

    And onto my actual question..... Will a gm ever come to see this or am I just wasting my time by harrassing this poor player?

  2. How do you know they are unattended? Perhaps they are busy collecting logs fully attended. Perhaps the GM came and they confirmed they were attended, maybe that's why they are there today. Because maybe they are just a lumberjack collecting logs and you are luring monsters onto them and playing cop when you could be playing the game?
  3. accessdenied

    accessdenied Guest

    You're probably right. Most likely he is fully attended, doesn't run off when attacked, and his ghost doesn't move when killed, and has been harvesting wood from his house for nearly three straight days, as he has been on every time I log on throughout the last days. How could I ever IMAGINE that he is unattended.

    Thank you for your response though. I should always assume that someone is actually at their computer regardless of all the signs that would show that they're not.

    Perhaps, and this is only a thought from me, that blindly thinking the way you do is part of the reason that people are able to do this and a larger reason why its able to have gone on for as long as it has.
  4. You included no such examples in your first post that would indicate he was unattended. That is why my FIRST sentence said "How do you know they are unattended?"

    So get off your snark train -- we were not there, we are not mind readers. Perhaps include some more proof in your 1st post next time rather than just being a ****.

    Or just keep paying your monthly subscription to be a player-cop, rather than, you know, actually PLAYING THE GAME.
  5. accessdenied

    accessdenied Guest

    You know, I don't really think you actually care. You called me a player cop in your first post, in which you accused me of falsely claiming he was attended and after going into more detail, you still called me the same thing. If you don't care, then don't bother. Some ppl like to be unattended. Thats just how some ppl enjoy this game.

    I only want an answer to my question. We could go back and forth about unattended players forever. Its been beat over the head for years now, but I really could care less. If you don't have an answer then don't waste your time posting to me either, besides... aren't you now complaining about what I do in game now also? So heed your own advice...Don't worry about what others (me) do in game. Pay your monthly subscription and go on playing your game. :)
  6. Gellor

    Gellor Guest

    Hi there Access.

    In general, unless you have SEVERAL hours of time to wait, don't expect a GM. I wasted 3 hours on a call the other day to get my resists fixed and no GM showed up. I paged the next day and STILL waited another 2 hours;)

    And if you are a playing on Pac again, please leave my unattended lumberjacker alone or I'll sick Kiss on you:thumbsup:

    *disclaimer* I don't unattend. I poke fun at old guild mates.
  7. Whinemaker

    Whinemaker Guest

    Don't really see anything wrong with playing player-cop. If someone's doing something that seems suspicious I don't see any harm in getting a GM to have a look at it. The system is made so that this is the only way to get the cheaters and the potential cheaters removed anyway.

    I said in another post a while back, all you have to do is tag them, then move on to do your stuff, play your game, do whatever, and what happens afterwards, whether the person is taken away or not is between the GM and that person and it'll be none of my business. Just how I see it.

    They all say they would... although "when" is a better question hehe. And like I said, just tag whoever you suspect of cheating and then move on. You don't have to sit and wait for a GM to come like in the old days.
  8. Your question was:"Will a gm ever come to see this or am I just wasting my time by harrassing this poor player?"

    Yeah, it's basically harrassment to do it repeatedly.

    What you (and so many others) don't seem to understand is that GMs do not appear and tell you "We got him!!! THANKS *HIGH FIVE*"

    They query him to see if he responds. They do not tell you about this. That's why I said maybe he responded. They have no magic powers to search his heart and his harddrive to see if he is running an illegal macro program. All they can do is query if he is there.

    If is responded to the GM, then it may *look* to you like the GMs are doing nothing when in fact they are following their policy. They will not discuss it with you whether or not he responded or not. That is why you often see people say "I PAGED DA GM YESTERDAY BUT THE SCRIPTOR HE IS BACK AGAIN TODAYS! WHY??!!?"

    I find the whole thing ironic from an IDOCer who is basically looking for free stuff to fall from the sky (often the scripter's very wood and ingots!) to be such a player-cop. But maybe that's why you want him banned -- so you can camp his house and take his stuff. Are you really any better than the scripter?
  9. Sarsmi

    Sarsmi Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 25, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Uh yes, idocers who don't use scripts are better than scripters. Please try to not offend a segment of the population trying to make your point, Foolio.

    To the OP: scripting is of course illegal, but it is currently a 100% foolproof method of cheating as long as one is attended and doesn't mind that they are a dirty cheating cheater-head. So if you page a GM on someone who appears to be scripting, nothing may ever happen to them if they do it attended because there is currently no way to bust them. It's not a wasted exercise since some players get lazy and do stuff unattended (farm tots all night while sleeping for example), but for the most part you can page on someone every day for a month and never see them move. It can be really frustrating which is why a lot of us don't even bother anymore.