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Returning player, totem question.

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by Hwarang, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. Hwarang

    Hwarang Guest

    Not sure exactly how the totems work. I understand they give bonuses, etc. My question is about the charges. I've seen totems that have "Mage Killer," or give damage bonuses on creatures, defense against creatures, bonuses to skills and exceptional crafting bonuses, etc. But I've seen some with.. and some without, charges. Where do the charges come into play?
  2. Frarc

    Frarc Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Some Talisman remove curses or summon bandages. If you click on them they use up the charges.
  3. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
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    The types of properties:

    1. Primary Property - This can be one of the following:
    • (specific creature) summoning. Summons one of that creature type for 600 seconds (10 minutes) or until killed. Timer runs 1800 seconds before it can be used again. Note that removing the talisman (including removal via death) insta-dispels the creature, and resets the timer to 1800 seconds, if not in a fully charged state already.
    • Talisman of Creatures. As above, but is a random creature each time, from the possible list. Note that for these summoners, the creature might be as useless as a bullfrog, or as competant as a Doppleganger, Ant Lion, or Banshee. Creature will only attack other creatures that you are in melee with (rarely, distant creatures you click on in war mode that are on their way to kill you), or that attack it directly.
    • Ingots Summoning, Board Summoning or Clean Bandage Summoning. Summons 10 of said normal item, with a 60 second timer. Items function normally, but there is a chance of the Bandage talisman to be a reversed (former semi-rare) bandage summoner, that a normal bandage macro won't use (set up a manual macro for these).
    • Ward Removal. Removes "beneficial" magics such as bless, magic reflect, reactive armor, protection, etc. including variants thereof. Typically used offensively on others. Has a cooldown timer.
    • Curse Removal. Removes harmful magics such as the curses, some necro spells, and some special move effects. Has a cooldown timer.
    • Damage Removal. Removes most special move effects from the target. Has a cooldown timer.
    • Wildfire Removal. Does absolutely nothing, as the Wildfire spell was changed (for balance issues) before the release of Mondain's legacy to where it no longer has the lasting effect that the talisman was to remove in Beta.
    • "Talisman". Some Talismans have no primary property, which sucks.
    • Charges: Some Talismans have charges, meaning that when they reach zero charges, you have to use a specially-crafted runed switch to charge it (that requires carpentry, glassblowing, inscription, and Tinker skill to make the components for, and GM lumberjack to get the basic switch from). On the other hand, all these talismans can occur WITHOUT a "Charges" listing, which means the only limit to their use is the cooldown timer, and they never have to be recharged.
    2. & 3. Crafting Bonus abilities - these can be not present at all, a normal crafting bonus, an exceptional crafting bonus, or both types present. If both types present, then they will always be for the same skill.
    • Normal Bonuses apply ONLY to the chance to normally craft, after the chance to craft items is determined normally. You must be able to craft the item, without the talisman (even if only at 0.2%) for the Talisman bonus applies.
    • Exceptional Bonuses apply to the chance to make exceptional, after the chance to craft items is determined normally. UNLIKE the normal bonus, it is applied to the "real" chance to make an item normally, which for 95 crafting skill or less is the chance to make normally MINUS 60%. For GM+ skill, when applicable, the chance is Normal MINUS 45%. (it gets weird, as exceptional chance increments 2.5 times normal rate, from 95 to 100 skill, as a relic of the pre-Powerscroll era). So, if a person is at 50% chance to make an item, they would normally be -10% (displayed as 0%) to make exceptional, but a +20% Exceptional Talisman for the skill would raise that to a positive 10% (-10% +20% = 10%).
    • Talisman crafting bonuses are random, 10+1D20 (11% to 30%) when the item is spawned.
    • The following skills have talismans, but some don't have exceptional bonuses. Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Bowcraft/Fletching, Carpentry, Cartography, Cooking, Glassblowing, Inscription, Masonry, Tinkering, Tailoring.
    4. "Killer" Property - acts as a slayer for ONE EXACT TYPE of Creature. For example, a Ratman killer ONLY works on Ratmen, not Ratman Mages/Shamans, or Ratman Archers. Can go up to 100% intensity.

    5. "Protection" Property - acts as Damage Reduction for WEAPONS ONLY from that EXACT (limitations as KILLER) creature type. Has intensity up to 60%. Can be, but usually isn't, the same creature type as Killer, of both on the same Talisman.

    6. "Slayer" property - Functions as the Weapon Slayer types, for a set of creatures of that attribute. With the exception of the Undead Slayer talisman from Halloween 2008, these slayer families are NOT the ones from weapons (though the Bovine slayer is available on a crafted weapon meant for easing leather gathering). Mage slayers give extra damage to certain creatures given a "mage" attribute. "Ice", "Fire", Beetle, Bear, Bovine, and "Vermin" are examples of these. Search the various web sites for creatures these affect, because not all of the creatures have been fully cataloged as to which vulnerability, if any, is present. These do stack with the weapon slayers, but the caps on DI means that doubling the slayer types for that creature make some of the other DI boosters (enemy of One, certain special moves and Bushido powers) unnecessary. Only works with weapons.

    7. "Owned By" property - Get this one on a Talisman with good other properties, and you are set. Acts as a Personal Bless Deed, making it ONLY wearable by the first person to put it on. Such a Talisman that hasn't yet been claimed will be "Owned by No One". No, you can't get a GM to change or remove the "owned By" property, once set.