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Returning player w/ Q's on templates.

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by STZC, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. STZC

    STZC Guest

    Hey all! I recently returned to the game after a few years break and am not sure about what to do with these couple of mages I have here. The first is a fencer/mage whose skills are currently: 110 Eval/Mage/Med, 70 Chiv, 95 Anat, 96.5 Tacs, 106.5 Fencing and 70 Str 70 Dex 100 Int. Should I keep going on the fencing? Use jewelry for that? Is this even a decent template? Im mostly interested in PvM I doubt ill ever worry about doing any PvP again. The other guy is an alchemist/mage/rogue? I think? Lol im not sure where I was going with this guy...his skills are as follows: 110 eval, 100 mage/med/hiding/focus, 90 stealth, 70 alchemy, 30 poisoning with 105 str, 10 dex, 115 int. Again I wanna be able to do everything that PvM/PvE has to offer. What should I do/change? I especially want to do something cool with the second, less developed character, as it would be easy to drop alchemy/poisoning for something else. Please help me out with some advice or maybe a template of your own design that you think I could turn one of these guys into. Thanks in advance all hope to hear back soon! :)
  2. Obsidian

    Obsidian Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    May 21, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Welcome back to UO!

    I think the first thing you need to decide is exactly what PvM you want to target for your chars. There is a big difference between a Fel Champ Spawner and a Peerless Fighter.

    The second thing I would do is look at posts in this forum and the Warrior forum. See what is possible. Take a special look at suits people are running. Imbuing opened a new "realm of the possible" by allowing you to create a maximized suit for your needs.

    Ok, with that,I think the 2 chars you described there are really 3. No, the templates as they are will not function well for today's PvM. If I were you, I would buy a Legacy Token from UOGameCodes.com and get a Full Soulstone. With the soulstone, you can move skills from one char to another. I think that would be most beneficial for you. You'll need a few 110 scrolls, but most of those are cheap except magery (provided you can find them).

    I think you really have 2 mages and a stealth fencer. For Mage 1 (existing char), consider turning him into a Necro-Mage or Mystic-Mage. Take off the fencing, tactics, chivalry, and anaotmy and put those on a new char. For Mage 2 (existing char), just leave him be until you get more experience back. Take the hiding and Stealth and put them on the new fencer.

    A stealth-fencer isn't really a PvM build (it is a PvP build), but that is what I saw immediately when I read your description on your two chars. I would start out playing your newly modified mage mostly. If you want to try a necro, shoot for 120s in all 6 skills (magery, eval, med, resist, necro, ss). For a mystic, try 120s in magery, eval, resist, med, myst, and focus. You can do a hybrid, but it takes a suit with high mana regen (MR).

    That is what I would try first. You can play both of those temps above with 110s to get started in PvM. Eventually you can move onto things like a disco-mystic, necro-tamer, etc. Lots of options.

  3. STZC

    STZC Guest

    Cool man thanks for the info. I had a feeling that they were both pretty much gimps lol. However, gettting a soulstone is not an option for me...I refuse to buy any "game tokens", as I have managed to play MMO's for 13 years straight without buying any in-game gold/items with my hard earned money, and im not about to start now! :) I would rather just turn one of my skills down and start learning something else from scratch (GM hiding/stealth was pretty f'in easy to get to). I'll probably work with both characters evenly trying to balance them out more, acquiring 110/120 scrolls as I come by them/as I can afford them. As far as Peerless/Champ Spawn, im not even sure what that means lol. By PvM I meant like being able to clear Destard in the blink of an eye like I used to be able to do 11 years ago hehe. Anyway thanks for the help I will take your advice into consideration. I hope to hear some more input, as I am really interested in what to do with the second character, who has good magery skills and could easily drop stealth/hiding/alch/poisoning and have over 300 skill points free to play with. Thanks again all looking forward to some more advice! Peace!