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Returning questions and opinions please

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Fin of LS, May 30, 2010.

  1. Fin of LS

    Fin of LS Guest

    I played on LS from November 97 to 2000, then off and on until 2003. I was at one time a member and leader of the 5th largest Anti guild in UO--which like all guilds eventually imploded and we all went our seperate ways. I have played most MMO's and frankly, nothing captures the magic of UO, as old and antiquated as it is in many ways.
    Customer Service tells me my old account is still available, sadly my old community is long gone so as I contemplate a return, probably to Atlantic--I have questions. BTW the preamble was designed to provide the folks who answer my questions ( hopefully) a frame of reference.


    1. Stygian Abyss--and the Classic Client ( what I am used to ) or the enhanced client? ( I build my own gaming rigs so the hardware will handle anything) looking for a recommendation here for smooth play--I am familiar with UO lag problems.

    2. UOAssist ( which I always used in the past) and UOAM--still worth having? Has the game UI improved to the point where UOAssist is no longer needed?

    3. Inflation? The most daunting aspect for returning players is (imho) the fact that nothing has prepared us for sticker shock and prices. I was considered very wealthy by game standards when I left ( sadly all weath is still on LS) but even if I had it--doubt it could touch what I see for housing etc.

    4. Not going to bother about questions like "whats the best toon to play" and pvm vs pvp questions but--how active is Atlantic as a shard and particularily are there guilds still recruiting? Does a new player have to expect to go it alone?

    5. Does anyone use Ventrillo as a matter of requirement in a guild? I shudder to think of returning to ICQ after years of VOIP and all the advantages that brings whether PvP or PvM. I simply do not see many of the guilds I have looked at on the various sites using it.

    6. Learning curve--considering how long it has been, how much of a challenge do I face. Time is limited in that I do work, have a family and recognize the Sun when I see it. Thinking 2-3 hours a night and weekends--and no macroing artificial help--as I believe that is still frowned upon.

    7. Now --recommendations for a first character to get my feet wet? PvM initially. In the past I played Dexxer, Mage/Bard and Archer--but those skills will all have to be relearned.

    Thank you for your answers and recommendations--I will no doubt have more questions as time goes by.
  2. Taylor

    Taylor Former Stratics CEO (2011-2014)
    VIP Stratics Veteran Supporter Alumni Campaign Benefactor Alumni

    Oct 21, 2008
    Likes Received:
    1. Classic Client and Enhanced Client both have advantages and drawbacks. Don't think either is any more laggy than the other. This comes down to a matter of personal preference.

    2. UOA still works, but only with the Classic Client. UOAutoMap no longer works, but has been replaced by UOCartographer: http://www.uocartographer.com/. Personally, I still use the Classic Client and UOA, but some folks have abandoned it for the Enhanced Client.

    3. Just start farming/selling resources from the Abyss. You can make quite a bit selling essences in Luna. Also, you'll occasionally earn artifact drops, which is more money in the bank.

    4. Atlantic is the most populated/active shard. Lots of good guilds here. What type of guild are you looking for? PvP, PvM, mixed, RP, small, large, specialty (spawning, taming, etc.), etc.?

    5. Lots of guilds use Vent or Teamspeak. A few require it, but most don't. Most folks still use ICQ as a backup medium, though.

    6. I wouldn't worry about the learning curve. After a week or two, you'll be as comfortable with your controls/macros as you used to be. Then it's just a matter of familiarizing yourself with the new content.

    7. Depends on your favorite character to play: melee, archer, mage, or tamer. Top PvM characters (imo) are as follows:

    Melee - sampire (dexxer with necromancy; casts vampiric embrace, which converts the damage you deal into health)

    Archer - ABC archer (archery, bushido, chivalry)

    Mage - necro/mage/weaver

    Tamer - mage/weaver/tamer, necro/mage/tamer, archer/chiv/tamer, bard/mage/tamer, or straight mage/tamer all seem to work pretty well

    If you aren't familiar with the templates mentioned above, a quick search in Stratics forums will unveil countless threads on each. Good luck and welcome back.
  3. Tazar

    Tazar Guest

    If you have played most other MMO's, the Enhanced Client interface should be relatively familiar.

    There are also "Character Transfer Tokens" now that you can buy from EA that will move a character, backpack, bankbox, stable and following packies to a new shard of your choice. For a small fee, you could get items from LS and a pre-trained character to give you a small boost. You'd still need to upgrade equipment. You may have a few old (rare and valuable) items tucked away on the old account.
  4. soulstoner

    soulstoner Guest

    I like your Avatar :)
    Welcome back - nice to hear the magic capture reference - I think it still remains.

    *attention span low atm :drool: but looks like you've received some super answers* ...many, many use Vent within guilds & outside of guilds across the board within broader comradeship - luv it! Set up your own server to be sure if $6.00/mo is doable.
  5. Assia Penryn

    Assia Penryn The Sleeping Dragon
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 20, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Welcome back!
  6. Tiny Dancer

    Tiny Dancer Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 19, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Welcome back to UO Fin! An extra warm welcome to the Atlantic Shard :D

    My first suggestion would be to get linked up with a guild. If you are interested in PvM to start with there are several very good guilds on our shard who make getting started a lot easier. UWF and TWT are two that I know of right of the bat who are filled with wonderful, helpful people.

    Prices are very high on Atlantic if you don't know where to go. I would suggest staying out of Luna because you will see huge inflation there. There are many wonderful shops outside of Luna that you can get your basics from. I would definately hit Yew gate (TRAM!), Rachel's Runes, The Bookstore, Mystic Garden and Goodman's Library. If you need a lift to these places send me an icq (226-052-592) and I would be happy to escort you around.

    As far as housing goes, you can generally run around and find a decent sized plot where you can place. It might not be max storage, but something big enough to store your loot is totally reachable.

    Even with just a few hours a day you can train any of those temps you listed. Archers are usually a good choice because they are very versatile. You can use them in a lot of situations. Mages are great as well, and an LRC suit isn't that expensive anymore ( I may be able to help you out with this one)

    Best of luck to you with starting out and please feel free to drop me a line for escorting you around!
  7. Caldwin_DDP

    Caldwin_DDP Guest

    The news is good. First, many of your LS brethren have migrated to Atlantic. Was there a sanity issue over there?

    Not only does UOAssist still run but they have a utility to recover your old seed.

    If you return with the Stygian upgrade why not roll the dice and do something crazy? (After all, you are from LS) Start a mage with the new Mysticism magic. Mages are work horses to mark runes for all your new toons and just explore in general. And there will be a lot for you to explore!

    Some guilds require voice server participation while some don't. It is fairly common.

    If you'd like help in game feel free to contact me at The Dungeon Dweller Project.

  8. Fin of LS

    Fin of LS Guest

    Thank you all for these informative responses; I see that Atlantic does , indeed, have a solid community.