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Returning Samurai Needs Template help

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Guest, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm wondeirng if someone could help me with my template. I've been away from UO for about a month again, I played for a year before that, and prior to that played from the begining until 3-4 years ago, i.e. an on and off player. Anyway the last time I was playing UO this Character ROCKED! Now it seems to be extremely weak. I used to be able to solo Swoop and have him down and out in 3-5 minutes, if memory servers, it was quick whatever it was. I have some really good weps and an almost completely 70's resist suit. My main wep is a Rune Blade with 50% mana leach and high % Hit lightning don't remember exact I can get the details on this stuff tonight. I have soul seeker and one of the Raidiant Schmiters that I have seen referenced as well as other good weapons. Anyway on to my template, he seems to be VERY weak.

    Swords 110 Current
    Bushido 110 Current
    Anatomy 106.5 current(going up to 110)
    Tactics 103.7 currently(going up to 110)
    PArrying 94.6 Going up SLOW - Have jewlery that makes this 110 if memory serves
    Healing 89.7 going up slowly
    Chiv 60.7 not sure about this one(Mid 70's with Jewlery)

    I have a 710 cap as the account I am playing on is 2 year vet, wish I'd kept my original account [​IMG]

    Anyway Please give me your suggestions, I see a lot of posts about Necro but I don't have a 70's LRC suit or anything so that wouldn't be easy. I have never had a Necro character and would consider it but would like to hear other options. I don't have much GP to buy new equipment although I'm working on it with my tamer.

    I use Chiv to travel and EoO and Devine fury.

    What would you guys recommend. I have been playing my Bard/Tamer as I can't figure out what to do with this char, I used to be able to kick butt and made a lot of GP with him but since returning can't seem to do anything but die. [​IMG]
  2. First: Swoop did undergo a makeover in the last several months. He's tough as nails now, and thus a bad judge of how much tail you can kick.

    Second: Your template is fine. If you can find a boat load of +necromancy items (+15 bracelet and ring, +20 midnight bracers, +5 talisman, +10 mark of Travesty), then adding 35 or 45 points of necromancy (I don't have the mark) can do wonders, just by giving you vampire form. This makes you immune to low levels of poison and gives you high health leech properties, at the low low cost of a lot of fire resistance. You only have to recast vampire form every time you die, so your necromancy items can usually sit in the bank and reagents aren't needed.

    But your character, as is, should do very well in most situations. I just took my non-necro samurai into the Citadel and did very well. I didn't do Travesty on account of lack of time, but I still got all the keys without a problem.