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Returning Tamer Questions - Template & Hunting

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Guest, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello Everyone, Atlantic Tamer/Bard here.(Emphasis on Tamer although if recommended for my template that could change)

    So, I posted in the Rune Beetle post but feel that my other questions would be better served in their own topic. I am trying to build up my GP reserves to buy some better armor, and other things, currently on very bad resists 100% LRC armor. 50% of the LRC is via Boom stick and Pendant of the Magii, the rest is on my suit leaving the head/Ring & breaclet slots open. I have a FC/FCR helmet, the winged one. I am then able to swap my jewlery as needed for high skills.

    Anyway my question is what are the best things to hunt and using what. I have been hunting Oni's with my Cu and doing well but dying some, probably realistically not doing much more than 50% over breaking even. Main reason being they changed bags of sending. I used to do this and make good GP sending it to the bank when I had a full pack. Now I always have to run to the bank and drop it off and every couple runs I end up dying somewhere in the process, normally while trying to loot.

    112 Peace - pasively working on this one
    107 Lore
    103 Vet
    102.4 Music
    100 Magery
    90 taming - working on this one
    65 Discord - working on this one

    I have a lot of really good jewlery that was given to me or bought for cheap. I can take my taming to 114/ lore to 115, seperate to that I can take Peace to 120 and Taming to 110/lore still 115.

    So how should I tweak this template. I have Meditation soul stoned and notice I regen fairly quickly without it so may leave it soul stoned, my suit is only in the 30's for resists though. I just started picking up Discord for pet training and hunting. I can't afford anything else much right now hence my farming question. I've almost depleated my reserves from when I last played.

    So what would I be best off making GP and yet staying alive, what pet single or combo should I use, I have Cu/Rune Beetle/Unicorn/SuperDrag(bonds tomorrow)/(should I get a Nightmare and/or Bake)? And what is the solution to FREQUENT bank runs? I hate that part, I spend a quarter to half my time running to the bank! WHY did they change this... [​IMG] Probably for a different topic but I very much dislike it. Should I be looking for Arties/Marties rather than gold now? And if so what should I be going against and with what? [​IMG]

    BTW Props to the tamer on Atlantic, don't know if she/he visits here or not that took pitty on my dying like 10 times and tamed a Super Drag for me. That was a great feeling! Even though I didn't do it myself I am very appriciative and felt that I had accomplished something even if it wasn't much. This is what the game was about when I REALLY enjoyed it years ago.

    I just want to have fun, make friends and GP.
  2. JoyousGard

    JoyousGard Guest

    The BOS change stinks to be sure but you shouldn't even think about it as something that existed. Just forget about it.

    But anyway. Fight something else. Fight Tsuki Wolves with a greater dragon and that makes GP. It is still annoying to have to leave but it is pretty easy and fills you up quick.

    If you are feeling like taking a risk then collect GP in large amounts that you can carry. For me it is 14000 GP. I put that 14000 in a sack on the ground near where I am acquiring GP and then get another 14000 and put that in the sack. Then I don't have to stop what I am doing. When I get a bunch of it in the sack in these 14000 GP increments, I switch from fighting to recall mode and recall back and forth to collect the individual 14000 gp increments. This way you are not switching between what you are doing as much.

    Or just kill harpies and sell feathers. That is the king money maker.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks for the reply!

    Any idea why they changed BOS?

    Feathers? Who do you sell them to? If to other players what is the going rate on Atlantic? Any other tips along these lines?

    How should I complete my template is the Disco/Peace Tamer a really good route?

    I have quite a few soul stones as I left my account open during my last hiatous and claimed all my 1 & 2 year Vet rewards as soul stones, so what else might you recommend that would work well in conjunction with what I have?

    I love your 14k piles of gold idea, are you meaning put them inside of a bag preferabbly slightly hidden so they aren't just laying out for passers by?

    Do you or anyone else have similar ideas for making GP easily or other similar tips/tricks for a returning player?

    Keep the good ideas rolling [​IMG]
  4. Llewen

    Llewen Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Mar 3, 2006
    Likes Received:
    There are still plenty of ways to make good gold. I like multi tasking. Good bakes are always a great find so I farm bake kitsunes with a cu sidhe and loot them for their gold. The items on them aren't that great so I just grab the gold.

    I make myself a rune to the area and I have a bank location on a hot key, so recalling to the bank and back is just a matter of a couple of key combinations and a click - almost as fast as a bag of sending used to be.

    If you happen to find a great bake, pull it's bar, run off a short way, mark a rune for that location, dump your puppy at the stable, come back and tame yourself the fox. A good bake can tank a greater dragon.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have never tamed a Bake is there any trick to it?

    Second, what is the trick to "Lead" taming? I have heard it referenced a lot, like everyone knows how to do it. I have tried what I thought would be considered lead taming, i.e. trying to stay out of the way of it's attack while still staying close enough to tame but I always seem to get hit anyway. I have only been good at taming when using Honor, which is a pain to build up.

    Third for taming Cu's for example does area peace stop them from attacking? If so would it be beneficial to set up a UO assist macro, if I can figure out lead taming with some help, to begin tame attempt on target, pause as long as needed to be able to use another skill, then area peace? Or is there a better way to do this?

    Thanks for the replies.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I like my templet
    120 lore
    120 vet
    115 taming
    100 magery
    100 lockpicking
    100 carto
    100 fishing
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I have never tamed a Bake is there any trick to it?

    Second, what is the trick to "Lead" taming? I have heard it referenced a lot, like everyone knows how to do it. I have tried what I thought would be considered lead taming, i.e. trying to stay out of the way of it's attack while still staying close enough to tame but I always seem to get hit anyway. I have only been good at taming when using Honor, which is a pain to build up.

    Third for taming Cu's for example does area peace stop them from attacking? If so would it be beneficial to set up a UO assist macro, if I can figure out lead taming with some help, to begin tame attempt on target, pause as long as needed to be able to use another skill, then area peace? Or is there a better way to do this?

    Thanks for the replies.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    The trick to bakes is they like to polymorph into humans. I find alot of times once I have agro with them and hide/invis they will make the change and once they are in human form they no longer cast spells. Then lead tame as normal.

    As for lead taming you have the concept correct you just need practice. When lead taming your best defence is and good suit of armor. You want to max out the type of resist for the damage output for the critter you are working. To lead tame you need to be within 3 tiles to get the taming attempt then once you get the taming message you can open that distance up to 6-8 tiles away. Just watch for the "you are too far away to continue taming" message and adjust accordingly. Practice, practice, practice. You will eventually get the feel and timing down as this differs from person to person and your connection also plays a part as well.
  8. Llewen

    Llewen Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Mar 3, 2006
    Likes Received:
    If you have high eval int para taming also works very well for bakes. Yes they lose a bit more in skills after taming, but because they will train up to gm on all skills it doesn't affect them long term.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello Again,

    I got my first Bake yesterday! I LOVE Peacing!!! Not only does it let you get into and through bad situations, it also lets you tame things without an taming attempt anger attack. I actually tamed 3-4 of them they were easy. The first 3 scored 2.4-3.0 on the Pet calc so I got rid of them, the 4th was a 3.4-3.6. Not as good as I really want but should do for a while.

    I thought you could ride Bake Kitsunes, but apparently not.

    1. Is Barding Difficulty a good estimation of a pets post tame resists/stats/skills? I understand resists are the most important with a mix of stats/skills as well. My real question is what is the quick way to learn what is a good pet versus a bad one for each type of pet. I am fairly familar with Cu Sidhes however that took a LONG time, I would like to learn more quickly what a good Bake, or Greater Drag, or... is than the time I have spent on Cu's as I don't have that kind of time to spend on every single pet. Basically is there a trick to it or is there only the hard way of getting to know what is good for each resist/stat/skill for a pet, pre-tame, to know what it will be post tame?

    I've never liked the idea of losing stats/skills hence why I took up peacing, I have never Para-tamed and don't plan to unless I have no other option, I do appreciate the suggestion, I just don't want a slightly damaged pet. It is hard enough to find a REALLY good pet without taking a hit for Para-taming. No offense meant, to each their own, but I am prejudiced against that personally.

    I'm also finding that I love Discord. It is becoming hard to train though, been working on it for about 15-20 hours total so far and I'm just now at approx. 70. I was using Gaman but stopped getting gains at a reasonable rate at around 68, and I even dropped my music to 100 even from 102, and still nothing... My Cu can take down something in 2 chomps that was 4 or 5 pre-discord. I can't keep up with him *BIG GRINS*... Anyway I think I need to read up/possible post in the Bard forums to find out more. I should be moving on to something other than Gaman I think considering trying it out on Unicorns, we'll see...

    2. So just to make sure I understand a previous poster, the best combo for MOST difficult beasties/monsters is Rune Beetle/Bake Kitsune, both fully trained? Better than a Nightmare or Unicorn, and Rune Beetle.

    3. My Super Drag is rather disappointing. He bonded yesterday, not sure on his pet calc status but it took him about 3-4 times as long as my Rune Beetle/Unicorn combo to take down a Swoop. I know they buff'd up the swoop but, 3-4x as long as a Rune/Uni combo? Maybe fully trained it would get better but my Rune Beetle &amp; Unicorn are both less than half trained, the Rune is only 2xGm &amp; 1x Legendary and the Uni is in the mid-80's on everything. Do I just have a weak Super Drag or are they really not as deadly for a lot of the bigger beasties?

    Thats enough for now, THANK YOU again to everyone responding! I'm really enjoying my re-entry into the world of UO.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    When it comes to picking the best pets for your hunts, it's a case of matching the pets damage and resists to those of your foes. So there's a place for most beasts in your stables, and tbh it's great to have a change!

    The best idea is to lore monsters, get a feel for what their strengths and weaknesses are, and with some experience you'll know how get the best out of your pets. Some tamers will take the pet of the moment everywhere, but the best ones know exactly what to pull out of the stable for a given hunt.

  11. joblackjon

    joblackjon Guest

    I vowed to never stable a pet that scored less than 4.0 on Taming Calculator. Imho, Cus were the easiest to find and Kits the absolute worst. I must have killed Kits for 30 hours to find 2 4.0 Kits! Btw, when using the calculator on newly tamed magic caster with less that 125 Dex and Int, always enter 125 for both Dex and Int. The calculator doesn't take into account that magic casters will gain to 125 in Dex and Int.

    I don't think Barding or Taming difficullty relates at all to pet quality. I keep a little 3x5 spiral notebook and each page lists the Max stats, resists and skills for every tameable I might want to tame. The data comes from Stratic's Hunter's Guide. My prime rule is no resist can be more than 6 points short of perfection. Everything else is a trade-off.

    I to am a confirmed Peace/Disco Tamer. Wait until you see 120 Disco drop the target's resists and stats by 28%!

    If you're comfortable taming Cus, you should read Poo's Disco Training manual in the Bard forum. The most important thing is to Disco the right creature at your level. The second most important thing is to have a lot creatures to Disco so you don't waste searching.

    Kits are awesome battlers and decent tanks. They kill very quickly and a Kit has 75 more mana (read ammunition!) than a Mare and Uni added together. Mare has the best Str. Kit has the best overall Resists. I still marvel at how fast my 4.1 and 4.3 fully trained Kits kill stuff.

    Can't comment on SuperDrags but the Rune's amor ignore and poison make it a fomidable foe. As well two casters deliver a lot more fire power than one.
  12. DrDolittle

    DrDolittle Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 7, 2002
    Likes Received:
    I have a bunch of different tamers on Atlantic.

    Dr Dolittle was my first UO character and is still is my “main” character. Doc started with the standard tamer template and evolved into a kind of warrior/healer/tamer character with GM swords/tactis and parry with GM healing/anatomy and about 85 in taming. A friend gave me a Ki-rin so I started working the taming more seriously. Today Doc is a tamer/mage with 110 taming/lore and 120 vet (I could not resist the title of “Dr Dolittle Legendary Veterinarian”. ;-) Doc has 110 magery/eval and 100 meditation. The rest is in chivalry so I can remove curse from my pets.

    Next is Verity who is my tamer/bard. Verity has 120 taming, 110 lore and 100 vet all real skills. She has 120 music, peace and discord. The rest is in magery. Verity is an elf so she can tame anything and I mostly use her for taming new critters and some pet training.

    I have a tamer/archer/paladin named Sorrow. Sorrow has 110 taming and lore with 100 vet. 120 archery, 110 tactics and anatomy. Sorrow has 90 chivalry. This character is my most heavily geared character using a ring with 15 taming and 15 archery as well as the arms of tactical excellence and some other pieces increase skills. With a pet, this template has incredible offensive capability but is somewhat light on defense.

    I have a stealth tamer named Shadow Dragon. This character has 110 taming and lore with 100 vet (which is pretty much my base requirement for a tamer character). The character has 100 hiding, 80 stealth and 100 magery. The rest is in eval and med.

    I have another tamer character named Ahkilleus. The original concept for this character was to fight with a pair of fire steeds named Balious and Xanthos. I have the basic tamer skills completed on the character but have never gotten around to completing the rest of his skills.

    I have a tamer/warrior version of Dr Dolittle on Europa and several other tamer-in-progress character scattered about. Yes, I have a bad case of MTS (Multiple Tamer Syndrome) but that is a good thing. ;-)

    I would say that your template is going in the right direction. With a template like that magery is more of a support skill. With no eval magery would not be very effective as a direct offensive skill anyway so you don’t need a lot of meditation. Get a bit of mana regen on your gear and you should be fine. Verity is my closest character to your template. I carry 125 strength on that character for maximum hit points and currently wear a suit with 70/70/70/70/75 resists. That way, when some big bad dragon takes issue with the suggestion that it would be a good idea to join forces with a mere two-leg, she has a fighting chance of avoiding a dirt nap.

    Once your super dragon has bonded you should be all set to farm as much gold as you want. I am amazed at how tough these things can be in battle even without bard skills backing them up. The greater dragon I have been working with Verity is named Chimera. Chimera only has 797 hit points but has pretty good resists; 84/88/48/59/66. During one battle in the Blood Dungeon in Ilshenar we defeated three paragon balrons in a row (they much have been on sale) without undue effort. If you can get a discord in on the enemy the battle is really easy. If not, you just need to vet a bit more. In Distard we have prevailed in battles against three or more other dragons. In that case, area peace came in handy to slow the pace of the battle so I could catch up on vetting. I was surprised that we were able to prevail against multiple wild greater dragons even though Chimera is not yet fully trained.

    Bottom line to all that is your template can be very effective. One little trick you can use to stretch your skill points is what I call multiple use templates. Templates with multiple fairly high level skills that you don’t routinely need to use at the same time. Like maybe peace, discord and magery for example. Scroll the skills to whatever you can afford but work them up to a lower level. Then have different jewelry sets to top off the different skills individually. So, if you need to discord an enemy in battle, pop on your discord set. If you need to gate or rez a ghost. Pop on your mage set.

    I used to have a store at my house with 10 vendors filled with free gear - and not junk either. A year or so back someone took most everything off of all the vendors, I also started a new job and was out of town for months so most of the vendors fell. I have never really gotten around to putting the free-store back together but I do have a lot of extra gear setting around the house. Drop me a PM and let me know what kind of stuff you need and I’ll see what I can find. ;-)

    Good luck on Atlantic…