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returning vet pre aos

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by BrennenMcSteak, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. BrennenMcSteak

    BrennenMcSteak Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    ok last night i just rejoined the uo addiction once again.. i have a few questions and prolly noob questions but for a pre aos vet this is overwelming

    1. i was killing in the graveyard and the loot is just confusing. Which is good to keep and what is junk.. remembering the vanq days...or silver vanq

    2. whats a good restarting chr template to build for pvm hunting...

    3. remembering in the day where rares was the money makers and i just seen a post where someone was blowing 150 mill just to find a (scapper) what is this and how do i earn money like that lol most i had was 3 mil and i got that cause i was lucky and found a server rare on a house idoc.. any advice on making money in bulk is needed

    3. currently playing atlantic. but seems to me there is hardly anyone at brit bank where did everyone go
  2. Lady_Rachel

    Lady_Rachel Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Dec 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Last question first...Brit bank on Atlantic is usually the gathering place.
    Right now...we are all in the Graveyards!...no no..just seems that way.
    When the Crimson Dragon and company are found to be invading a town, the bank is pretty bare. So if you are not finding many folks at the bank just hang..they will be back once it is defeated.

    A Scrapper is a spellbook made by a scribe that can have modifications on it that are highly sought after..depending on the type of slayer it may turn out to be. The are rare to make so fetch a high price.

    You may not be up to taking on the Skeletal Lich in the graveyards, but the other spawn that comes with him can drop bats. The prices are going down on them but they still fetch some good gold. Check out the legacy dungeons also. There are now artifact drops in Despise for instance that can also be sold for a nice bit of coin. Humility Armor pieces, luck statues, anhk necklaces. Not sure the Map of the World sells well at this time. You could build up your fighting skills and if the gods smile upon you have an artifact drop in your backpack. Collect the leather too and sell it when you can. There are alot of ways to make gold. Don't get discouraged. You don't need tons of it to have fun.

    Armor is a puzzle. Your goal is to get all 70's in resists with added little bonuses depending on the type of character you are playing. Warriors may want Hit Point regen, Hit point increase, stamina regen and increase, Mana regen and increase. Mages tend towards Lower Reagent cost items, lower mana cost items in addition to the increases and regens. Starting out aim for getting armor that will get your resists as close to 70's that you can. Then work from there.
    As for weapons you want fast...a slayer will do double damage to that monster type, leeches will aide you in gaining back life etc when used..check out the other forums too for more details about Warrior templates, armor and weapons.

    Oops..skipped one..Starting character..hmm.
    It depends on what you are comfortable with I guess. A Bushido Swordman or a Pally Swordman does very well and the gains come pretty fast. Mages, Necromancers and Archers and Tamers rock too..they just take a bit longer to build. Tamers especially.

    I hope that answered some of your questions.

    Welcome back to Sosaria!
    May you have many grand adventures.