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Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Zelda of Zed, May 2, 2011.

  1. Zelda of Zed

    Zelda of Zed Guest

    [SHE] Auction House Info/Rules/Suggestions
    Moving into its 7th year of service to the Chesapeake Shard.
    61k+ Visitors served & counting!

    Because of time change, and a few adjusted notes, I needed to repost this message. Please pass this page on to anyone you know that comes to the {SHE} Auction, but does not read the forums.
    Please and Thank you.

    NEW - NOTE!!!!
    On Nights when there is a EM event, our auction will run from 6:00pm est, until 8:45pm est. This will give folks a chance to do both events. We will do our very best to get through as many items as we can in that time frame we have that night!

    Thanks to the Chesapeake EM's!

    Special thanks to The [SHE] Auction house sponsor, UORESOURCES!
    These guys rock!!!! They make sure we have MILLIONS in gold prizes every week to hand out. Tell them you heard about them from The [SHE] Auction!

    And a Big thanks to all of you, who have made The [SHE] Auction house,
    their place to stop on Saturday nights,
    and even through the week, and you way to the Abyss!

    A Little Info:
    If you are new to the shard, or never been to one of our auctions, you are missing out on lots of fun, super deals on popular items and free gold prizes! Our Auctions have been running since 2004 , and our auction starts at 6:00pm est..

    Auction House Perks:
    Full set of public dye tubs with dyes provided, community hub to many locations including the Abyss passage. Mall with just about everything you need. (don’t see something just yell) Weekly auction with super prizes & lotto’s with millions given away each weekend!

    Over the years we have had several folks that have put in their time to keep the auction house going.

    They are always there when we need them!
    Special thanks to Auction house Staff
    Rivi & Lotto Boy Daktari & Shelra
    Demon Slayer & Sundina.

    Thanks also to Clair, Taming, Maint, Cordie & Oz!!!!!

    (Love you guys!)

    How long does it take to set up the auction:
    We have been asked this one a lot, each week it takes 6-10 hours to set up the auction. This is setting the gold grab bags, or the [SHE] auction house original ‘Pop Up Vendors!’ Getting checks for the ATM vendors, or setting up the lotto’s. There is more to list.. but you get it.. It takes time!

    What do we do with that 10% we charge;
    That does not go in our pocket, the 10% we charge goes into a guild fund that pays for the events we have been a part of in the past. Fishing contests, other player run events and our annual birthday bash that is held in September of each year. And our fan favorite, the ever sadistic Icy Maze.

    Why do we do this every week for the last 6 ½ years?:
    We keep asking ourselves that too, well Rivi keeps asking me!! Then we know it’s a labor of love for our home shard and the community we care about so much!. (and i make Rivi be there every week) We have become one of the most respected, and visited houses on the shard. In fact, last week received our 61k visitor, not bad for a house sitting out in the middle of no where… huh? We have also had the honor as part of the last two Raresfest on Chesapeake.

    Auction house rules:

    Please know we are working to make a better and fun auction for all of you.
    These rules are only for the [SHE] auction, and do not reflect the views of any other auction house other then [SHE]. [Other auction houses are welcome to adopt these rules if they like]

    Auction items do’s & don’t’:

    Because we keep filling up so quick, we have spoken between the staff, and come to these decisions, we will now only take ‘20’ items/lots per person. This way everyone has a chance to drop something off. If we find that we are still filling up fast, we will moved this down to 15.
    (i quoted a few players 15 on Sat, and im sorry, I was wrong., forgot my own notes)

    Make sure there is no vendor penalty on the item/items. (Why should someone pay that, plus the cost of the item. J )

    Commodity Deeds:
    Common commodities - Wood/Arrows/Bandies/Leather/Ore/Feathers ECT, if you can deed it, must be 5000 count or better.

    Mining Gems/ Abyss imbuing ingredients must be a 100 count or better.

    We will no longer accept food/drink items of more then 5 in a lot. We must be able to drop them on the table. If we do as a barrel item, they can be eaten over the counter. We want your items to be safe, and not lost.

    Doing your Books and Bags;
    When doing your books for opening prices, all opening bids must be even numbers…

    i.e. open 1k 5k 10k 50k 100k 500k 1 mil 5 mil ect.
    Please no 1500 gp, or 5500 gp, 300000, 500000 ECT. Please use the K, or if in millions Mil. i.e. 1mil 1.5 mil.. 1.550mil ECT! . We don’t want to open something at 500k when you meant 50k or 5 mil. (The 0’s do get pesky at times)

    Bidding rules remain the same.
    If an item opens at 1k, guests may bid in 1k increments until the item reaches 50k.
    At 50k the bids become 5k bids… i.e. 55k 60k 65k ECT.
    When an item reaches 1 mil, bids become 50k bids… i.e. 1.050 mil, 1.100 mil 1.150 mil

    We take price boosting/bidding on your own item seriously, and it is not allowed. If we find out someone<s> are doing this, we will no longer take items from that person, and they could be banned.

    Paying for items:
    All items must be paid for as soon as they are won. We have ATM vendors that have from 1k to 1mil on them.

    Lotto’s/Grab Bags/& Pop up Vendors…

    Lotto rule books can be found around the house please read them. There are 2 lotto’s, you are not required to buy lotto to attend the auction, and these are for fun, just like any lotto. Take your chance you could win! (rumors abound when lotto’s sell out Rivi has the right to kill Zelda, this can not be confirmed nor denied since it only happened one time, in the last few months.)

    Grab Bags:
    These are little round bags can be found all over the auction house. From time to time, Zelda will let these bags go grab them up they have gold prizes in them.

    Pop-Up Vendors:
    The [SHE] Auction house original! These vendors will pop up when you least expect it. They will have free gold on them.

    Please be fair… only go after 2 prizes… to give everyone a chance!!!!

    Good rules of thumb when making your bags for auction!
    (These are suggestions from Zelda….)

    Always make sure to double check your book and bag before you give it to the item taker.
    We need your name, icq or email/ and OPEN BID! <--wish i could make that one flash!

    If the item you want to sell needs repair, then repair!!! It looks better, and wont get the nasty little side comments!

    Keep in mind it is an auction, folks are looking to get a deal, not pay over inflated prices! We all want to get the best price, but don’t go over board on you opening prices. So many times, there are no bites, because the open price is far too high! Again this is an Auction!!!!!! How bad do you want to sell it?

    Just because something is worth 900k does not mean you should start it at 895k. Many times, I start my items at 5k 50k or 100k even a good item, I sell far more quicker then asking 900k for a 1 mil item. If your open bid is fair, it could start a bidding war. It then it becomes a case of ‘Who wants it more”!, and you will sell far quicker with a good ending price, then getting only one bid, or none at all.

    I.E. I know that an item is going for around 5 mil every where, but I want to get rid of it fast, I will make my open bid around 2 to 2.5 mil. This gives me leeway to get the bids going, and a chance to make a profit on the item, and in some cases, I get more then luna price. If I know that there are a lot of those 5 mil items, then I will start it at the lower prices, This works very well when selling clicker items.

    Bundle like Items…. IE… If you have pinks and blues, make them a set or matching sets, Or a bulk bag of them. Doing 20 individual same like items, is far to time consuming, and loses folks at the auction, if it’s the same thing, bag after bag. You will get a far better price, and your item is/are more likely to sell. Now there is always the rare pink or blue… like taming, fishing or mage skills and so on, that will fetch a good price, and that we do understand.

    We At the [SHE] Auction house want everyone to have fun, and just like in real life, you are a guest in someone’s home, please act according. If you would not say it in front of Grandma, please don’t say it at all, leave your nastiest at the door.
    Be warned - The auction staff will only put up with so much before you are banned.

    Please no hiding, stealthing, spitting, or snotting allowed...

    Also, if you have a lot of macros set up, we do ask you put your spell book in a sub bag. Things move fast, and hard sometime for the auctioneer to keep up, if there is a lot of spam.

    Thanks for your time and for passing this along. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

  2. Zelda of Zed

    Zelda of Zed Guest

    NEW - NOTE!!!!
    On Nights when there is a EM event, our auction will run from 6:00pm est, until 8:45pm est. This will give folks a chance to do both events. We will do our very best to get through as many items as we can in that time frame we have that night!

    I was asked about this one, as to stop time, let me say we will do it this way, what ever time the em event starts, we will stop auction 15 mins before.
    IE.. according to the notes next Sat EM event will be the 28th of May and will start at 9:30pm est, so auction will end at 9:15pm est.
    I hope that clears that up.