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NEWS Riddle Masters

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by Tamais, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Tamais

    Tamais Reporting for Lake Austin since April 2014
    Reporter Professional Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Editor Campaign Patron

    May 13, 2008
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    Entering the hall, Catalyst saw small groups of people whispering. The groups, puzzled, as he was. Who sent the strange unsigned message. Going to sit down in front of the hall, he was surprised to see the Fiery Lady. "Greetings My Lady." he said bowing. "Was it you who summoned us?"
    Hearing his greeting, people quietly sat down. Never had he heard the hall so silent.


    "Good evening," the Fiery Lady answered looking around. "So quiet, did a minion of Minax cast a spell freezing you?"

    "No, we are just surprised to see you." replied Catalyst.

    The Fiery Lady nodded. "I feared that you would not come if you knew I had summoned you. "I have found one who can help defeat Minax. But I need you help."

    "We are at your service." someone in the crowd declared. While most nodded in agreement, a few, not trusting her, shook their heads no. The fiery lady took note of their reluctance.

    "I hope you enjoy games." the Fiery lady smiled wickedly. "As I have a riddle game for you. Solve the riddles to find the three secret words. Those words will take you to our new ally."
    Catalyst felt all eyes on him. He was known to be a riddle master. "I will play your game my lady. Ask your riddles." The Fiery Lady smiled at him.


    "The first riddle is... I move only across land, and though you can reach me by ship, if you try you will never catch me. For I move from the frozen world to a lush green world, my path hidden beneath stone. By the time you have sailed to me you will have lost me. Where is it that I am?"

    "Solve the riddle to find me." The Fiery Lady said leaving in a flash of fire.

    "Hum... a place reached by land and sea. A Frozen land and a lush green world and a path underground" Catalyst thought out loud.

    "Dagger Island," Nikli suggested. "It is a frozen land reached by sea. Moonglow could be the green world."

    "No, you have to also reach it by land." replied Tamais. "

    "That is true" Niklie agreed.

    Catalyst nodded to his self. " Ice Dungeon, that is where we need to go." and he opened a gate. Arriving at Ice, they found a strange white teleport. Stepping on it, the party arrived in
    the frozen north of the lost lands. The Fiery Lady was waiting impatient. "It is about time riddle master. I hate the cold. Shivering she gave the second riddle and quickly left leaving a scroll with the word "Elodus". Writing down the word, the work began on the second riddle.


    "You will find me in between two moons. For there is a secret I share that I cannot bear to part with. Oh how they would look at me if they knew... and oh how it makes me feel."


    "Hum... harder then the first." Catalyst observed, "Lets see the first part... between two moons.

    "It could mean the moons of Soraria." Kanalit suggested. "We use to have to use the moonstones to travel between Trammel and Felucca."

    Catalyst shook his head, "I don't think it is the moons... Kanalit! you just solved the first part. The place is between two moon gates." Catalyst clapped Kanalit on the shoulder. " Now for the next part. A secret she doesn't want to share and the feeling she would feel if people knew. "

    "If people found out a secret I wanted to keep, I'd be mad or angry." Tamias stated.

    Catalyst thought about that, "The part of wanting to cower doesn't make it seem that angry would be the emotion."

    "It says people would look strangely at her if they knew the secret." Grim of Sosaria said thoughtfully. "What if it is a secret that would embarrass her. Wouldn't she feel shame?"

    "The Fiery Lady seems to be using dungeons." Tamais reasoned, "The dungeon Shame could be the place. But Shame doesn't have a waterfall.

    "I know, the Blighted Grove waterfall !" Vyxen shouted excitedly leading the way to the corrupt waterfall. Stepping on another white teleport, they sound themselves on a giant tree branch above the waterfall.

    The Fiery Lady was waiting. "Ah very good. Only one more riddle to go. Then our little game is over." Frowning, she mumbled to herself, "You evil little thing...they will find you for me. This is your last riddle."

    "I purchase goods from all the lands. If I wanted I could load almost a dozen ships all at once.When I sleep at night the world is always swaying beneath."

    A poof of smoke and she was gone. Where she had been standing was a scroll with the word "Aracais".


    "That is an easy one, Neptune laughed opening a gate. "It is the Fish Market. Luckily my ship is anchored close to there." Sailing to the docks, we found the Fiery Lady.

    With out a word, she began walking down the docks. "Why would that strange little creature want fish?" Scowling when she slipped on a pile of seaweed, she stopped in front of the bank. "Find some thing fast so we can leave!" she demanded. "Ugh... the smell of fish." she wrinkled her nose. "You are too slow hurry."

    Just then a shout came out of a small building, "I've found another teleport." Neptune showed her.

    Continued...Into a Trap.​

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